Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, July 22, 2007

22 Jul 2007 - Jerlene can "tripod" sit liao!

This morning before Jerlene wakes up, Tracy and myself started moving things around to prepare Jerlene's new play room. Think it'll take us another one month to revamp our ex study room into Jerlene's playing room.

Today, Jerlene learned a new trick and the PD called it the "tripod" sit. In other words, with her hand supporting her front, Jerlene can sit up by herself. And she can stay in this position for several minutes. I think she can now sit in baby chair while we have meals outside liao. She seems to enjoy sitting very much! Look at her smile heart "melt" liao..... :-)
I went for bowling once again this afternoon and my scores were quite consistent. There are a few teams whereby hitting above 200 is no big deal. Sigh.......these players are from a different league.........

21 Jul 2007 - Jerlene's third Jab

Today, we took Jerlene to her PD for a third jab. This is the 3rd six-in-one jab and after this, the next jab will be after her one year old. When I put Jerlene down on the cushion in front of the PD's desk, she started showing off her tricks that she had learned for the past few days. And she succeeded making the PD says, "Wow.....that's fast, normally babies will only do these tricks around 7 months". Our only concern about Jerlene is really her size as she is now only at the 25 percentile. But the PD assured us that it is not a problem. Different babies grow differently and as long as she eat well and grow steadily, no need to concern so much.

After the jab, as Jerlene was looking fine, we brought her to Suntec City to meet up with my mom and dad. They have not seen Jerlene for two weeks and were so happy when Jerlene smiles at them. We then went for coffee and shopped in Carrefour before heading home.

That night, Jerlene had slight fever (probably due to the jab which we have expected). We gave her paractemol before she slept and next morning, her fever was gone.

20 Jul 2007 - The "Rocking" Baby

Now that Jerlene can get into "crawling" position liao, she began to "rock" herself forward and backward. It's really cute to see her do that. I call her "the rocking baby". Reading from some articles and it seems like this is the beginning of her "crawling" days. Let's see when she starts to make her first few crawling steps.

19 Jul 2007 - Jerlene in "Crawling" position

Jerlene is now strong enough to use her hand to push whole body up. And she also know how to stuck in her leg to a crawling position. With this "achievement", I believe she will be crawling very soon. Jerlene, Jerlene, GO GO GO!

17 Jul 2007 - Jerlene can turn and crawl a bit

These few days were fantastic for Jerlene. She had made tremendous improvement in her physique. Now she can use her hand and leg to push herself forward a bit. She can also turn her body around with her hand while on her tummy. Furthermore, she started to reach out for things that she like. It's really fun to see her "showing" us new tricks every other day.

16 Jul 2007 - Jerlene just cannot stop flipping

Jerlene just keep flipping and flipping all the time. The moment we put her down, she immediately tries to flip. Even diaper changing time she also difficult to clean her up nowadays. And she can flip real fast now. Like a worm........

15 Jul 2007 - First time to bowling alley

This year is SIA's 60 tears anniversary. There are many events being organized by the committee and inter division bowling competition is one of them. Of course I participated, why not, every Sun got 3 free games to play. This is the first time Jerlene went to a bowling alley. Although it's quite noisy in the bowling alley, Jerlene had no problem sleeping there. With Jerlene's and Tracy's support, my scores weren't that bad at all, second highest in my team. And because of that, the team captain wanted me to come and play every Sun.

Sad to say, Jerlene had recovered from her flu but seemed to have passed down the virus to Tracy. Tracy had been sneezing her way half way through my games. Let's hope both the queen and the princess dun pass the virus to and fro. After taking the flu tablet, Tracy rested quite early and I had to take care of Jerlene all by myself that night but that's not an issue at all. My greatest wish is for all of us to stay healthy.

14 Jul 2007 - Jerlene attracted attention at dinner

Today my company division had organized an amazing race and I was one of the team leader. As Jerlene was feeling better today, we brought her to my MIL place early in the morning and quickly rushed down to the meeting place. The race kicked off at about 9:45am and ended at 6pm. My team did better than last year and reached the destination at about 5:25pm. However, all the teams seemed to be doing very well and we were the 15th team to reach the landing point.

The race was followed by a buffet dinner at "The Square", Furama Riverfront. As my MIL had wedding dinner in a nearby hotel, we asked her to bring Jerlene to us on her way to her wedding dinner. The moment we brought Jerlene into the restaurant, one of my team mate "Tina" immediately "chiong" to us and carried Jerlene away. She carried Jerlene and paraded the whole "Square". Tracy and I had a relax dinner because Jerlene had so many babysitters. Even my boss, boss's boss, my colleague's boss all take turns to carry her. Of course, how can anyone resist such an adorable baby, right (hao lian.....haha.....)? As usual, everyone saw Jerlene will comment, "Wah, so much hair!!!!!!". She's definitely the STAR of the dinner.
After dinner, we went to another of my team mate's (Ronald) house for some mahjong, just like last year. Tracy and me took turns to play and coax Jerlene to sleep. She did not sleep well as it's quite warm, the place is too big for the aircon to cool the whole room. Anyway we played 4 rounds and call it a day. Once Jerlene reached home, we finally got to sleep comfortably.

13 Jul 2007 - Jerlene is not feeling well

Jerlene has been a strong girl so far till today (fri the 13th).......she's having flu, running nose and cough. Tracy and I took half day leave this morning to bring Jerlene to see doctor. We did a search on the internet for baby clinic around our area. First we found "Babybear Children Clinic" which is very near to our place. However, when we reached there, it's closed. We tried calling the Clinic HQ and was told it was opened. Very weird....maybe that doctor go "eat snake". So no choice we went to another one at Marsiling called "Angelin's Baby Clinic". I only know it's somewhere around that area but not the exact location. After we walked down the stairs from the carpark, the clinic is right in front of us. Think we are fated to go there. As there is no other patient at that time, we did not wait for long to see the PD. After checking Jerlene, she said nothing to be worried about and it's just normal baby flu. We asked whether Jerlene is considered small size and she said YES, and probably because she follows daddy........hmm.......... After a quick lunch, we brought Jerlene home and gave her the medicine. I had to rush back to office while Tracy decided to take full day leave to take care of Jerlene. Although I was in office, my heart was at home with Jerlene. Get well soon.........

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7 Jul 2007 - Jerlene becoming more lady-like

After I bath Jerlene this morning, Tracy decided to comb her hair to make her more lady like. Reason being in the past, quite a number of people mistaken her as a boy. Dunno whether is it because she seldom wear pink. Anyway this is how Jerlene looked this morning. Does she look more lady-like?

In the afternoon, we went to attend Tracy's colleague church wedding. She caught quite a lot of people's attention and fortunately, no one mistaken her as a boy this time. There was this man who came over and ask how old Jerlene is. When I told him five months, he was very shocked and told me that he also got a five months old baby but hardly got any hair. During the reception, she was being passed around from one hand to another, which is good so that we can eat our food. :-)

5 Jul 2007 - 刀疤琳

Jerlene is getting more and more violent each day. For the past few days, she has been scratching her own face and left some small scars on it. However, baby really can recover very fast. The scars will normally fade away in 2-3 days. If it happens on me, I think the scars 2 weeks also cannot go away. So recently, we gave Jerlene a new nick name "刀疤琳". Haha.......