Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, August 30, 2007

30 Aug 2007 - Milestones Charts

Tracy found the below charts from babycenter website which shows what babies can achieve at the different months. Jerlene seems to have achieved quite a number of the skills in advance of most babies.

29 Aug 2007 - Feb 07 Princes and Princesses

One of the mommies in the motherhood forum created a collage of the babies borned around the same time. Quite nicely done. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

26 Aug 2007 - Brushing Jerlene's teeth

Jerlene's teeth is growing well and I think it's time to "maintain" them. We bought a baby's first tooth cleaner sometimes back. The way to use it is to stuck my index finger into it, put it into Jerlene's mouth and go over her teeth and gum in a circular motion. Whenever I stuck it into her mouth, she will try to bite and suck my finger. Very funny feeling........

Saturday, August 25, 2007

25 Aug 2007 - MRT trip and Passport Collection

First of all, today is Jerlene's 7th months birthday. Happy 7th months birthday, Jerlene!!!!

I sent my car for servicing this morning. As it will take a few hours, we took a MRT to lavendar, ICA building to collect both Jerlene's and Tracy's passport. This is the first time we had a ride with Jerlene on a MRT.

ICA building was a horrible place and it was crowded like hell. After taking our queue number, we were told to wait for at least 2 hours. We decided to walk to beach road market for breakfast instead of waiting in that terrible place. When we returned to ICA building after an hour plus, thank god we only have to wait about half an hour. Finally Jerlene has her own passport.

After that, we went back to collect my car before heading to Suntec for some shopping. In the evening, we went to my sister's place. My parents were there as well. We put Jerlene down on the mattress and she crawled around like nobody's business to grab her toy. Everyone was amazed by her quick learning but nobody believes me when I told them Jerlene can stand by herself with support. Wait till they see my earlier post on Jerlene's standing.........

Jerlene and her mischievious look.....

19 Aug 2007 - Jerlene successfully stood up by herself

Today, both Tracy and myself almost scared to death when Jerlene suddenly stood up in her cot all by herself. Half her body is above the cot and I cannot imagine if we were not around. To think that Jerlene is still less than 7 months old and she managed such a feat, I think it's another great achievement. But now that Jerlene becomes more and more mobile, we have to be extra careful now. Here is a pic of Jerlene standing.

Monday, August 20, 2007

18 Aug 2007 - Jerlene's hair cut

This evening, we went to VivoCity to shop around. Of course, the shops that we went to are mainly selling baby stuff. Toys-R-Us is one of them and we walked around to see if there is any toys that Jerlene is interested in. There is a stall right next to the entrance of Toys-R-Us that does hair cut for babies and kids. It's similar to the one at Suntec City but that place is always having a very long queue. Since there is no queue for this one, we decided to cut Jerlene's hair here. I let Jerlene sits in front of me while the stylist trims Jerlene's hair. I have to try all sort of ways and make all kinds of sounds so that Jerlene will not to move so much. There is an older boy also having his hair cut beside Jerlene but I think Jerlene got more hair than him.

Half way through the hair cut, I looked up into the mirror and suddenly realized there is a crowd standing behind me. Initially I thought they were queueing but then cannot be, they are not kids and they dun carry any babies. Then I started hearing feedback like "Very cute leh...", "So much hair...", "Pretty baby girl hor....". With these comments, I knew they were actually looking at Jerlene. Jerlene seems to know people were looking at her and she kept smiling and smiling into the mirror. After the hair cut, Jerlene looks a bit different. Tracy and I started calling her "傻妹". No matter what, she is still my pretty princess. :-)

Let's have a look at the before and after.........

After the haircut, we brought her to the playground and she's having so much fun there. It's a great day today!

16 Aug 2007 - Jerlene's achievement so far

Jerlene can maneuver herself from one position to another quite easily now. One moment you see her lying, next moment she is already sitted up. Then after a while she will be on her "four" legs. And when she got something to hold onto, she can easily kneel up. To be able to achieve all these in less than 7 months, I'm really proud of her. I believe she can stand in about one month time.

15 Aug 2007 - Applying Passport for Jerlene

Tracy and I are planning to attend our friend (Pauline) wedding in Sydney sometimes around end Sep 07. Initially we are still deciding whether to bring Jerlene there. Our final decision is YES, Jerlene will be going to Sydney with us. We simply cannot bear to leave Jerlene in Singapore while we enjoy in Sydney. In fact, I dun think we can even enjoy without Jerlene with us. I really cannot imagine a day without seeing Jerlene. As such, we have to quickly apply for a passport for Jerlene. To do that online, we have to take a passport photo with all the necessary requirement. We went around our house to see which is the best spot with white background to take the photo. I took quite a few pictures of Jerlene and below is what we will be using for her passport.

14 Aug 2007 - Jerlene eating biscuit

We started giving baby biscuit to Jerlene about a week ago. She really enjoys it and keep wanting it. Now Jerlene can actually hold the biscuit in her hand and put it into her mouth all by herself. And one thing, with her one tooth on her lower gum, we can hear her biting onto the biscuit.....hehe...... Here is a video of her eating a biscuit.

13 Aug 2007 - Auntie Jerlene

Just to post a very cute pic of "Auntie Jerlene". I swear that is definitely not wig....... :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

12 Aug 2007 - Jerlene starts to kneel

Today I was almost scared to death by Jerlene. Know what she did? See this.....Yes.....she almost managed to climb out of her cot!!!! If Tracy and I did not notice her, she would have fallen out of her cot. That will definitely be more serious than the previous fall because it's so much higher. I put her back in lying position so that she can demonstrate to us how she did it. First she'll flipped, then she'll pushed herself back into a sitting position. After which she will grab onto the edge of her cot and move into a kneeling position. Finally, she may try to "stand" by pushing her legs away......... Jialat liao, guess I have to lower down the platform of her cot already before any "accident" happens.........

10 Aug 2007 - Pom Pom Pom (Bathing)

Bathing Jerlene is fun. She will sit like a "big boss" and let you splash water on her. However at the ending part of the bath, she will normally splash the water back at you....hahaha..... Most of the time, I will be equally wet after bathing her.

9 Aug 2007 - National Day

Today is Jerlene's first national day but sad thing is Tracy had to go to work. I have to take care of Jerlene all by myself today but that's not a problem at all. As usual, I feed, bath, coax her to sleep in the morning and I decided to bring her to my parent's place in the afternoon. She seems to enjoy playing in her princess castle now. However, she's still not quite used to the somewhat hard surface of the foam mat. Guess she'll still need a bit of time to get used to it.Jerlene can now sit much more steadily. In the past few weeks, she needs her hand to support her body in sitting position. Now, she can sit up straight with her hand off the ground. Next time we go restaurant can put in baby chair liao. Jerlene and I reached my parent's place at about 4pm. It has been two weeks since my parents last saw Jerlene. And today, it was my dad's first time to carry Jerlene, although just for a short while. Jerlene was quite eager to show off what new tricks she had learned in the past two weeks. And sure enough, she got all her praises. One thing that surprise most people is that she managed to crawl a bit. Heard lots of feedback that babies usually can only start crawling after 7 -8months old, some even after 1 year old. And Jerlene started crawling in 6 months plus is considered a great achievement.

During dinner time, my father, sister, brother-in-law and their maids wanted to carry Jerlene so that I can have my dinner. However, Jerlene started to have this so call "Parent's Anxiety". Whenever a person carries her and she sees me, she immediately realized that she was being carried by someone else. She will first start frowning and if I still never carry her, she will start crying, which was what happened. No matter who carried her today, she will cry after seeing me. I can't bear to see her cry anymore so I have to take her back to calm her down.

Jerlene and I left my parent's place at about 9pm. She was sleeping the entire journey. Guess she was too tired after all the crying.....

8 Aug 2007 - National Day Eve

Today is national day eve and I'm still on reservist. Jerlene woke up earlier this morning so I managed to capture her morning smile before I go to camp.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

5 Aug 2007 - Jerlene getting violent

Jerlene is making good progress in her physique. Now she can maneuver in all direction though a bit slow. When you placed her favourite toy at a distance away from her, she will flip, maneuver into a crawling position, and then launch herself forward. Very funny, but in the end, she will achieve her target.

Nowadays, she is getting a bit violent. See how she play with her Play Gym...

Oh yah, Tracy and I believe we saw Jerlene's first tooth today. :-)

4 Aug 2007 - Yummy Yummy

Jerlene is getting used to more cereal. And she seems to enjoy it very much. If you are a bit slow in feeding her, she'll scream at you. You must to skilful to feed her, else you will be making a big mess.

Jerlene:"What are you all laughing at? I look very funny meh????"

3 Aug 2007 - Preview of Jerlene's Castle

Although it's only about 70% complete, no harm having a preview, right? :-)

Friday, August 3, 2007

2 Aug 2007 - Poor Jerlene fell...

I was on reservist starting from 1 Aug 2007. Tracy took leave to stay at home to take care of Jerlene while I serve the nation. When I went home today, Tracy had tears on her. When I asked her what happened, she said Jerlene fell down from the bed earlier. My heart fell after hearing that as I quickly rushed into the room to see Jerlene. She was sleeping and I felt her head to see if there's any injury. Everything seems normal. I felt relieved after she woke up and become active again. I told Tracy to observe her in the next few days to see if there is anything unusual about Jerlene.

What actually happened was that Jerlene was playing in the middle of our king sized bed and Tracy thought she can leave her alone for a short moment while she went to kitchen to prepare her milk. Never did she think Jerlene can really flip so fast that she fell off the edge of our bed in less than a minute. When she heard Jerlene cried, she quickly rushed into the room and carried her. She said she cried together with Jerlene.

30 Jul 2007 - Jerlene need time to get used to foam mat

We tried putting Jerlene down on the foam mat to play but the moment we put her down, she started crying. Tracy kept saying it's because of the room's colour but I do not think so. We tried a few more times and she cried a few more times.....sigh....... After trying for more than half an hour, we finally managed to calm her down on the mat. I think she just need sometimes to get used to the mat surface. It's a bit hard compared to the bed and cushion.

29 Jul 2007 - Jerlene's Playroom under construction

Tracy and I started clearing a room to construct it into a playroom. Initially I had a "GREAT" idea to construct a castle in the room. However due to lack of material, I decided not to be too ambitious. Here are a few pics of "Jerlene's Castle" (still constructing...).

28 Jul 2007 - Jerlene visits Great Grandma

My girl saying Good Morning to all.Today we brought Jerlene to her great grandma's place. Her cousin, who is one month plus younger than her was also there. Jerlene as usual has received her many praises for her pretty and cute look from all the aunties......but I think she is starting to have stranger anxiety in that she no longer quietly allow everyone to carry her. According to PD, this is normal. At about 5pm, we went to my parent's place before heading down to Bottle Tree Village for dinner. My sis and her family joined us for the dinner.

And now let Jerlene's sweet smile greet you Good Night!

23 Jul 2007 - Foam mat for Jerlene's room

There is a 50% + 20% sale at Tampines Metro. As such, we bought quite a number of foam mat from it. I'm now designing a playroom for Jerlene, shall post the pic of the construction once I've started work. Stay tuned.... :-)