Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, December 31, 2007

30 Dec 2007 - Bubbles Bubbles everywhere

Tracy reminded me that we actually had a bubbles gun in our storeroom. I decided to try it out to see if Jerlene likes it. And guess what, she enjoys it a lot. She started shouting and screaming the moment a cluster of bubbles shot out of the bubbles gun. And she kept trying to catch funny and cute!

29 Dec 2007 - Just another weekend

We had our breakfast a the Prata shop today. The few "prata" men and women in the shop kept coming over to play with Jerlene. I guess the reason why Jerlene always attracts people to play with her is that she always stare then smile at people. And when she smile, not many people can resist. I see her everyday and her smile is just "magical".

We haven't been to Suntec for quite a while so decided to go there today. It's quite quiet around Suntec and Marina area. So it's actually a good time to shop. Toys-R-Us is a MUST to enter. As usual, she was having a great time there.
Jerlene is coming to one year old in less than a month time. I'm now trying to put up a montage of all the beautiful moments in the past one year. This is one of the most challenging tasks that I've ever had. I've taken about 10,000 photos and videos of Jerlene and I would say, at least half of them are quite good. As I try not to make the montage duration too long, I think I need to really select only the best......but super tough!!!!! Will take quite a while to complete it. Hope to be in time for her one year old birthday.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

25 Dec 2007 - The Queen fell sick on Xmas day

Tracy was not feeling well today and she was having fever, flu and cough. In order not to infect Jerlene, she had to confine herself in a room. Jerlene will be under my care solely today. That's not an issue for me. As usual, she likes to crawl around the entire house and when I got no more energy, I'll start playing the Hi-5 DVD. Haha.....and it worked as usual. Jerlene was also having a fun time playing with her walker.

Oh yah, Jerlene also started to make some funny noise since few days back......sounds like a dinosaur....... *ROAR*

24 Dec 2007 - Hi-5 addict

The Hi-5 DVD that I bought one month back is really worth it. This DVD really helps to make my life easier. Jerlene is very very active nowadays but the moment I play the Hi-5 DVD, she will sit still and watch it. However one thing is, she needs me to be by her side to watch it together. That's ok for me, at least I do not have to "chase" her around. As I have been playing it over and over again, I can sing almost all the songs in the DVD liao. Tracy always questions me whether I bought the DVD for myself or for Jerlene. Heheh.....actually it's quite a good kid's programme. And the girls are not bad looking too.....oops....... :-P
Also, whenever I start to sing the Hi-5 song, Jerlene will begin to wave her hand. Very cute......

23 Dec 2007 - Babies at the Xmas Party

This evening, we went to my 4th auntie's place for a Xmas party. We were one of the first to reach there and slowly, the guests came in one after another. There were 3 babies (including Jerlene) at the party. All were borned in 2007. Jerlene is the oldest among the babies and she's the only girl. My cousin's son is about 2months younger than Jerlene while my sis's son is about 8months younger.
The baby in the center is my sis's son and the one on the right is my cousin's son. The person carrying the 2 babies is my brother-in-law. The boy on the left is my another cousin's son.

Look at the photo below, what is so different about Jerlene as compared to the other two babies? The hair of course......haha....... As there are many steps/stairs in the house, Jerlene kept showing off her skills to climb up and down the steps. Many people, especially my grandma, were amazed by Jerlene's ability to climb down the steps. She did it the same way as how she climbs down the bed.

I think very soon, all these babies will start to fight for toys already showing a bit of signs......... But Jerlene being the only girl, I think she will have advantage......hee....... :-)

22 Dec 2007 - Jerlene loves banana

We started introducing actual fruits to Jerlene recently and she loves bananas. Initially, she only lick a bit or take a very small bite. Slowly, her bite started to get bigger and bigger. In the end, she opened her mouth so big that the whole banana went into her mouth, just like an adult eating banana. I quickly pulled it out as I'm afraid she might get choked.
In the evening, we went to a wedding dinner at Parkroyal Hotel. This is Jerlene's 2nd wedding dinner (the first was when she was 1 month old). This time, she stayed through the entire dinner without causing too much problem for us. I can see that she's quite tired near the ending of the dinner but she just refuse to sleep. However, the moment we left, even before my car went out of the carpark, she fell asleep. And she slept till the next morning.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

21 Dec 2007 - Jerlene getting confident in getting down the bed

Recently, Jerlene has been practising on her skill of getting down the bed and she is quite confident now. She knows how to hold onto our comforter while getting down and she can do it real fast. I decided to quickly take a video of her getting down. At that moment, my camera only left 8 secs of video capturing time. I told Tracy that may not be sufficient but guess what, I still tried and Jerlene did it in just 5 secs. This is what I mean.....

Below are some photos that show Jerlene's leg hanging in the air while getting down and the final proud look after she touch down...... :-)

20 Dec 2007 - Biscuit makes Jerlene happy

There are scientific evidences that prove eating chocolate will make one happy. Jerlene wants to add one more theory and that is, eating biscuit will make a baby happy, Nowadays when Jerlene is eating biscuit, she will give me that "satisfied" look and says:"hmmm.........". Look at the happy Jerlene below.

19 Dec 2007 - Jerlene's 2-in-1 walker

Jerlene got a 2-in-1 walker as a present from our insurance agents. We almost bought it last weekend.....think it was fated that Jerlene will own this walker.

16 Dec 2007 - Dinner at Tung Lok Signature, Vivocity

Today we had organized a birthday dinner for my dad at Tung Lok Signature restaurant, Vivocity. I decided to go there early in the afternoon to avoid the carpark jam in the evening. We shopped around before entering Jerlene's favourite stall, Toys-R-Us.
My sister joined us in Toys-R-Us at about 5pm. We spent quite a while in the shop before going to the restaurant. During the dinner, we were so embarrassed because Jerlene kept yelling and yelling. I tried stopping her by giving her biscuit but the moment she finished the biscuit, she'll yell again. I had no choice but to keep her entertained with all sorts of things and cover her mouth.
Jerlene ah Jerlene, please try to behave in the public ok? If auntie Pauline sees you like that, she will not praise you good girl anymore.........

Saturday, December 22, 2007

15 Dec 2007 - Putting up a Christmas Tree for Jerlene

As I've said yesterday, I will put up a christmas tree this year in our house. And here it is, our beautiful Christmas Tree with lots and lots of Angel Bears on it.

You must be wondering why I am so crazy to buy so many identical bears. The truth is.....I did not buy them "directly". I "earned" all of them using my skill at the UFO Catcher machines. Tracy and I were so crazy about these catcher machines about 7-8 years back. Almost every Friday after work then, we will go to our usual "hunting" ground to hunt for more bears. With our skills, on average, we will catch about 6 bears with $10. And all these are the results of about 6 months of our efforts. It's perfect for our christmas tree.

At the same time, I've also hung a Christmas Wreath on our front door for the first time. Trying to create the Christmas atmosphere as this will be Jerlene's 1st Christmas.

14 Dec 2007 - It's a Bat! Its's a BabyGirl! It's BatBabyGirl!

We were on leave today and decided to go to IKEA, Courts and Giant at Tampines. It's good to go during weekdays when it is not so crowded. We decided to put up some christmas decorations in our house this year. We already had a christmas tree and we have tons of angel bears to put on it. I will post a pic of my christmas tree after I set it up.

As we entered Courts from the carpark, Jerlene's eyes seemed to be glued to's a Batman Mobile! She then gave me that kind of look in which I will "uncontrollably" put her into the mini ride! Jerlene just had that kind of "magic" on me. Hehe...... :-P Although I've once again forgotten to bring my camera, I have to take out my lousy camera phone and snapped a few shots of the BatBabyGirl!!!!!!
After that, we went to Giants and bought a Christmas wreath and some stuffs before heading home.

13 Dec 2007 - The natural camera girl

Catching the best smile of babies is a challenge for many parents. I always see parents doing all sorts of funny things to make their babies smile so that they can take a smiley baby picture. For Jerlene, it just comes naturally. Once I hold up my camera and aim at her, she will almost instantaneously look up at the camera and smile! Sometimes her smile is a bit exaggerated (pic 1 below) and sometimes it's so lovely (pic 2 below). :-)
Pic 1 Pic 2

11 Dec 2007 - Playing with the seal

Daddy:"Aiyoh Jerlene, what are you looking at??? Trying to see whether the seal is a male or female? So what did you see?"

Jerlene:"Hee......I see nothing, so confirm it's a female seal.......hehe......."

Sunday, December 9, 2007

9 Dec 2007 - Daddy and Mommy surrender

Jerlene has been extremely active these few weeks. She has been crawling all over the place, climbing every possible steps and bashing through any obstacle along the way. She simply cannot stay still. Both Tracy and myself are really having a hard time to catch up with her. Jerlene seems to have unlimited energy in her. Many people said the worst age is about 2 yrs old....yes heard of the terrible two? Jerlene 10 months now already like that, can't imagine what will happen when she turns two.

Over this weekend, I got myself injured twice (directly and indirectly) because of Jerlene. And when I said she bashes through anything, I really mean anything. She will crawl over any obstacle blocking her way to her objective, including my face.....ouch.....really painful with her knee on my nose. She has so much energy that she simply would not stay still. Only after hours of "activities", then she will be so tired that her body cannot take it anymore and fall asleep. Will it be a worse nightmare when she started to run around........?!?!!

8 Dec 2007 - Jerlene's hair.......AGAIN!!!!!

Yes yes yes.......since her birth, everyone has been talking about Jerlene's hair. Not just that it's a lot, it also has natural curl and natural brown. And the most recent talk about her hair is......I discovered a strand of grey hair sticking out on her head!!!! To me, it looks grey, Tracy said it's brown while my mom said it's gold. Whatever it is, the talk of Jerlene's hair never stops.

Jerlene ah Jerlene, what makes you so stressful...... :P

Tried taking a pic of her hair but did not get a good shot.......

Monday, December 3, 2007

2 Dec 2007 - Use of straw and dog "beater"

Today, Jerlene learnt a new skill. She managed to drink water from a straw. Initially she just bite onto the straw and dunno what to do. But after a few times of trying, she finally managed to suck the water up. And once she knows the technique, she do it non-stop till she choke herself.....haha.........

One thing I must say is that there are many old folks tale that says if a baby is not given water to drink at the early stage, she will reject water in future. It does not seem to be true because in Jerlene's case, we did not give her any water for almost the 1st six months. But now, she loves water and she keep asking for more.

In the afternoon, we went to Tracy's auntie place and there is this dog that is larger in size than Jerlene. And you know what, Jerlene is not afraid of the dog at all. She even wanted to touch the dog. When the dog comes very close to her, she will use her hand to "wack" the dog. Sometimes she even use her leg to kick it. It's so funny and I must really say, Jerlene has got guts. Tracy cousin's commented that she has never seen a baby at this age who has no fear of her dog. Jerlene is the one and only so far....... :-)

1 Dec 2007 - Singapore's 1st female Formula One driver

And she is none other than Jerlene!!!! She loves playing with my car's steering wheel. And when she is on all those mini rides, she especially enjoy when there's a steering wheel. Here's a few pics of her taking on the steering wheel on a mini ride.