Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, January 31, 2008

26 Jan 2008 - Jerlene suffers from Cough and running nose

Today Jerlene is supposed to go for Hep A vaccination but because she's having cough and running nose, Dr Lee advised not to give her the jab till she recovers. Jerlene has been coughing for about 1 week now and we are quite worried. Dr Lee suspected that she may be having mild bronchitis but should recover in about two weeks time after taking her prescribed medicine. Otherwise, we may need to bring her back to put on the neutralizer, some sort of inhaling device. I really hope Jerlene can recover fast because I know that it will be very uncomfortable for babies to put on the neutralizer.

Jerlene dun worry, daddy and mommy will pray for you........

25 Jan 2008 - Jerlene turns ONE today!

Today is Jerlene's one year old birthday. Time really flies with Jerlene around. It seems to me it was just yesterday when Jerlene was borned. All the images of Jerlene in the past one year are still fresh in my mind. Of course all the pictures that I've taken also helped as I will look at them every now and then. I'm thinking it may be good to have a summary of Jerlene's development in the the past one year and see her changes over the months. Below is what I've compiled and you may click on the picture for an enlarged photo.

Month 0-1:

Jerlene was borned on 25 Jan 2007, 1435hrs at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Her birth weight was 3.16kg and length 49cm.

Suffered from Jaundice and have to be hospitalized for phototherapy on 30 Jan 07 (week 1).

Jerlene's 1st outing was on 17 Feb 07 (week 3).

Jerlene's 1st Chinese New Year visiting on 18 Feb 07 (week 4)

Jerlene's 1st wedding dinner on 24 Feb 07 (1 month).
Jerlene celebrated full month on 25 Feb 07.

Month 1-2:

Jerlene began to sleep through the night on 8 Mar 07 (week 6)

Jerlene's 1st bus trip on 13 Mar 07 (week 7)

Jerlene on her car seat for the 1st time on 24 Mar 07 (month 2)

Month 2 -3:

Jerlene started to appreciate music on 3 Apr 07.

Jerlene started singing together with daddy on 12 Apr 07.

Month 3-4:

Jerlene's 1st drop of tear on 6 May 07.

Jerlene's 1st laughter on 16 May 07.

Jerlene flipped by her own on 21 May 07.

Jerlene took her 1st semi solid food on 31 May 07.

Month 4-5:

Jerlene took her 1st apple juice on 3 Jun 07.

Jerlene's 1st try on her swing on 8 Jun 07.

Jerlene went for her 1st swim in the pool on 8 Jun 07.
Jerlene's 1st attempt to crawl on 24 Jun 07.

Month 5-6:

Jerlene fell sick for the 1st time on 13 Jul 07.

Jerlene went to bowling alley for the 1st time on 15 Jul 07.
Jerlene sit up without support on 22 Jul 07.

Month 6-7:
Jerlene kneel by herself for the 1st time on 12 Aug 07.

Jerlene holds and eat biscuit by herself for 1st time on 14 Aug 07.

Jerlene's 1st haircut on 18 Aug 07.

Jerlene stands up with support for the 1st time on 19 Aug 07.

Jerlene got her 1st passport on 25 Aug 07.

Month 7-8:

Jerlene got her 2 front teeth on 10 Sep 07.

Jerlene started to sit on baby chair during meal outside on 19 Sep 07.

Jerlene stands up without support for the 1st time on 21 Sep 07.

Month 8-9:

Jerlene's 1st flight on 28 Sep 07.

Jerlene's 1st overseas trip (Sydney) from 29 Sep to 5 Oct 07.

Jerlene's 1st boat ride on 3 Oct 07.

Month 9-10:

Jerlene participated in Hey Baby Contest on 3 Nov 07.

Jerlene got 6 teeth on 6 Nov 07.

Jerlene got down from our bed for the 1st time on 17 Nov 07.

Jerlene mumbles her first few words on 26 Nov 07.

Month 10-11:

Jerlene learned to use straw to drink on 2 Dec 07.

Month 11-12:
Jerlene holds her water bottle by herself on 2 Jan 08.

Jerlene learned to comb her hair on 11 Jan 08.

Jerlene got 8 teeth on 20 Jan 08.

Jerlene attempted to walk her 1st few steps on 22 Jan 08.

24 Jan 2008 - Jerlene runs while still learning to walk

Recently, beside attempting to take a few steps without support, Jerlene also started to learn how to use her walker to move from one point to another. However, in a lot of cases, instead of walking slowly with the walker, she runs. Jerlene always wanted to "jump the gun". Haven't even know how to walk properly and she wanted to run......sigh..........

22 Jan 2008 - Jerlene is a STAR!

I suddenly realized that I forgot to mention an incident that happened on 21 Jan 2008 at Mustafa. That morning we went to Mustafa for some shopping and while we were at the toys department, there was an old indian lady who saw Jerlene. She started smiling at Jerlene and somehow Jerlene reciprocated. And probably because that Indian lady could not resist Jerlene's smile, she suddenly stretched out her hand and wanted to carry Jerlene out of our stroller. Both Tracy and I were so shocked because she did not even asked for permission. Worse thing is Jerlene wanted to let her carry as well. Of course I have to interfere because I really dun know her motive at that time. Jerlene was still strapped in the stroller while the indian lady tried to carry her up. She seems to realize I'm not very agreeable to her action so she quickly get a young Indian gentleman who was with her to help her do some translation. Then we realized she actually wanted to carry Jerlene and take a picture with her. It seems like they are not local Indian and this old lady simply cannot resist Jerlene's smile. With that gentleman's clarification (in fact his English was quite fluent), we unstrapped Jerlene and let the old lady take a snapshot with Jerlene.......

Jerlene is like a STAR whom wherever she goes, she will attract people's attention and make them cannot resist but to play with her, and also like in this case, take a photo with her. :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

21 Jan 2008 - Jerlene cannot resist blackforest cake

We have some leftover cakes from Jerlene's mini birthday celebration. So we took it as breakfast this morning. When Jerlene saw it, she started getting very excited and kept wanting for more. Then something funny happened. When Tracy did not pay much attention, Jerlene simply help herself by licking onto the cream......hahah.....and there we have a Jerlene with mouth full of cream...........

20 Jan 2008 - Jerlene got 8 teeth

Jerlene got 8 teeth in total now. In fact, I saw a white spot on her lower gum and it seems to be the ninth. I believe her teeth's growth is considered fast because those babies in the same forum only started their 4th to 6th teeth now. Some dun even have one at 1 year old.

19 Jan 2008 - Mini birthday celebration

In less than a week's time, Jerlene will be one year old. I do not intend to hold a BIG party for her birthday. Instead, I only asked our immediate families to gather together and have a small celebration. Anyway, she will not know what birthday celebration is all about or probably will not even enjoy it. True enough, she looked quite moody throughout the dinner. Everyone tried to make her smile but she just ignored.

I bought the birthday cake from Pine Garden and it's a blackforest cake. According to Tracy, Pine Garden's blackforest cake has a very high rating and is quite famous. No wonder it's not cheap too. Tracy tried giving Jerlene a little bit of the cake and she simply LOVE it!!!!! She kept asking for more and more......

12 Jan 2008 - Attempting to walk

Sometimes back, I actually said that I expected Jerlene to be able to walk very soon since she could already stand steadily at month eight. She could walk with support since few months back but till now, the moment I took away the support, be it the walker, chair or my hand, she will not feel secure and will either stand still on the spot or change to a crawling position. Recently, she started to attempt taking one step from one point to another nearby point. I think she is now building up her confidence in walking. That's why, she keeps wanting to get down of our bed and walk from one point to another. Even when we are out shopping in a mall, she always wants to get down to the ground and walk around while holding onto my hand. She seems to enjoy it.

11 Jan 2008 - Comb Comb Hair

This morning, Jerlene did something that surprised both Tracy and myself again. She picked up a comb that was left on our bed and started combing her hair!!!! She must have observed how I combed her hair everytime and tried to imitate my action. So now, whenever I pass her the comb and say "Comb Comb Hair", she will start combing.......very cute. I must now watch out for what I do because she will imitate. I remembered in the evening when he started screaming for nothing, I turned to her and said "Sshhhhh" with my index finger across my lips......and you know what, she also put her index finger across her lips and started blowing at it......damn funny........

Sunday, January 6, 2008

6 Jan 2008 - Fun with balloon

Suntec gave out free balloons to kids every weekend and we took one last week. It was actually deflated two days later but this morning Tracy decided to blow it up again and see if Jerlene wants to play. She seems to enjoy it quite alot. As she was quite violent with the balloon, I was so afraid that the balloon may burst. If that really happens, I think Jerlene will not get near a balloon anymore. The following video is quite cute, especially when Jerlene always melts my heart when I sees that smile on her....... :-P

4 Jan 2008 - Cough and Flu

Jerlene was coughing and sneezing a lot this morning. As such, we brought her to a clinic to get some flu medicine and cough mixture. She loves both the cough and flu medicine very much. I think these medicine for babies must be tasting sweet, if not, babies will most probably spit them out. As the flu medicine may cause drowsiness, Jerlene sleeps longer and better after taking it. One thing about the cough mixture is that it seems to make Jerlene coughs more ever since she started drinking it. Not sure whether it is supposed to be this way as there are cough mixture for adults that really makes you cough a lot more so that you could spit out the phlegm. Anyway, hope Jerlene will get well soon!

2 Jan 2008 - Holding MagMag water bottle by herself

Jerlene's development has been progressing well so far and the only thing that she fails to do up till now is holding her own milk bottle. It is not that she cannot hold it, she is simply too lazy to do it. She would rather not drink than to hold the milk bottle herself. However, drinking water is a different story. Somehow she just loves water and she can drink a whole bottle in one shot. With her MagMag water bottle, she is willing to hold it all by herself.

1 Jan 2008 - Happy New Year

Time flies and we are now in year 2008. Not sure why but ever since with Jerlene around, it seems like time passes a lot faster. And in a few weeks time, Jerlene will be one year old already. It also means that I have written on this blog for close to a year now. Initially when I first started on this blog, many people felt that I will not sustain it for long. Common questions/feedback thrown to me were "Where got so many things to write one?", "I think you will stop updating your blogs in a few months time" etc etc. My answer to them is very simple, "We shall see".

Indeed, writing blog really requires a lot of discipline, patience and time. It is especially so when I've decided to only write things about my princess Jerlene. And it is not just words, as you can see by now, I've also tried to capture many photos and videos that make this blog a lot more interesting. Of course, the support from all you fans out there also gives me the will to continue updating with more content. So I thank you for your support given to me so far and Wish you all a Wonderful and Prosperous 2008!

On this very first day of the year, let Jerlene shows you her morning 5BX.
She was actually dancing as I played the Hi-5 DVD.