Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, February 24, 2008

24 Feb 2008 - Jerlene cuts hair and Chingay float

I brought Jerlene to Sun Plaza for her 3rd haircut today. She was sitting on my lap and I can feel that she was so tense the moment she was wrapped up by the hairdresser. And Tracy tried so hard to entertain her but she still keeps turning around. The hairdresser also looked very stressed, especially when Jerlene cannot make it anymore and started crying. Jerlene looks so "Tut" after the haircut. Dun you think so????
At night, there is Chingay float parade along the main road outside our house. We went down at about 8pm but the parade only started at 9 plus. This is also Jerlene's 1st sight of Floats. While waiting for the float to arrive, Jerlene has been busy walking around on the pavement. She's the only baby who makes the loudest noise. I have to hold her hand while she walks and it's so tiring. When the floats come, everyone started taking pictures of the floats. I have taken some as well......
Jerlene is so tired by then and did not show any sign of excitement at all.....sigh........

23 Feb 2008 - Taking Hepatitis A vaccination

Brought Jerlene to take her Hepatitis A vaccination today. She was supposed to take it one month ago but she could not because she was having cough and flu then. Jerlene is a brave girl today as she did not cry at all from the jab. According to Dr Lee, Jerlene is still growing on her own curve at 25 percentile, so she's not worried at all. Her next jab will be two month later for MMR.

After that, we went to Novena Square for lunch. One good thing about Novena Square is its parking is cheap, $2.20 per entry during weekend. Another thing is that its baby changing room is clean and empty. I guess most parents will bring their kids to the nearby United Square.

22 Feb 2008 - Jerlene's new walker

Remember Jerlene's walker that she used to walk with previously? She has just upgraded to a bigger walker. I did not expect such a thing can be used as a walker and Jerlene looks so strong pushing it. Can you guess what it is??? See it for yourself then........ ;P

21 Feb 2008 - Jerlene walks without support

In the past few days, Jerlene has spent more time walking than crawling. And what's more, she can walk many steps without support now. Her mobility skills have improved tremendously in the past one week. Somemore, she are not afraid to stay alone in a room now. At times, I have to "hunt" the whole house to look for her.

When I think back to those days when Jerlene can't even flip, it seem to be heaven then. I'm so tired walking around with her, felt so old. But when she smile at me, my energy will come back for sure...... :-)

20 Feb 2008 - Jerlene climbs everywhere

Jerlene has just mastered the skill of climbing. As long as her leg can reach the height, she will be able to climb onto any platform. Right now, she keeps climbing onto the bed and sofa. She's getting more and more challenging to look after now......

Friday, February 22, 2008

18 Feb 2008 - Jerlene enjoys throwing stuffs

Nowadays, whichever toys Jerlene picks up, she will throw it far far away. And she enjoys doing it and will laugh after doing it. She looks so cute when she laugh...... I managed to capture it this time......hehe........ Enjoy.

17 Feb 2008 - Lion Dance and Mom's birthday

We went to my sis place in the afternoon and just in time to catch the lion dance. This is the first time that Jerlene saw a lion dance. I thought she will be afraid but she seems to be quite calm. She was not affected by the loud noise or the lion itself.
My sis place got a walker as well. So Jerlene would not miss the chance to show off her skills on the walker. After she got enough applause for it, she started walking around without the walker. Although not very stable, but at least she tried. She could walk more than 10 steps at times.

After dinner, we had a small celebration for my mom's birthday. We took a picture of my parents with all their grandchildren for the first first time.

16 Feb 2008 - Dinner at IMM Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

It had been quite a while since we last been to IMM (before Jerlene was borned) and it has really changed a lot. As we were a bit early for the dinner, we first went into Giants and finally found the baby biscuit that Jerlene loves a lot. As we were not sure where the restaurant was, we decided to "hunt" for it floor by floor. When we finally found it, we realized there was a playground (dry and wet) just outside of the restaurant. We brought Jerlene there and at first, she does not feel comfortable because it's packed with lots of kids. After a while, she started walking around, especially towards the wet playground, while holding my hands.

Then she found some leaves on the ground and started stepping on them. Tracy was holding her hands and in the end, her hands got twisted around. Her cousin is laughing so much and all these were captured in the following video.

Something unfortunate happened to me during the dinner. Jerlene pee'ed on me!!!!! But I cannot blame her because I did not change her diaper for quite sometimes. Probably it overflowed.......

12 Feb 2008 - Jerlene walks around the whole house with her walker

Jerlene is very confident in walking with her walker now. She can push her walker from one room to another, and even to the toilets or kitchen. Previously she can only push the walker in a straight line but now she can adjust the walker into any direction she wants. Sometimes she even runs with the walker....... I loves to watch her with one hand holding onto her walker and the other hand waving "bye bye" at me. Super's as though she's going out shopping and said goodbye to me. But I always miss the chance to take a picture of it.

One problem is that Jerlene always anyhow park her walker. Must teach her how to park her walker at designated "parking lot".....haha.......

9 Feb 2008 - A small gathering of babies

We had a small gathering with Tracy's old classmates and their families today. There were 4 babies (ranging from 8 months to 2 years old) in all and all look so cute. I can't resist all these cute babies so I carried them for a while. It was really a while because the moment Jerlene saw me carrying other babies, she got jealous and kept wanting me to carry her instead. It seems like she cannot share her daddy with other babies.
Then there was this handsome baby boy who was sharing the toy with Jerlene. Auntine Pauline took a cute picture of them sitting side by side. And you know what, they actually met each other for the first time in Sydney last Oct. :-)
Although all babies are cute, I still think Jerlene the cutest. Well.....probably all parents thinks the same way for their babies. :-)

8 Feb 2008 - Day two of Chinese New Year

We do not have much plan in day 2 of Chinese New Year except going to NTUC chalet in the evening. We had lunch at Peak Hong Kong Cafe, which was one of the few eating places that were opened. As we frequent this place quite often, all the waiters and waitresses already know us, especially Jerlene. Jerlene seems to enjoy this place very much.

Friday, February 8, 2008

7 Feb 2008 - Welcome to the Year of Rat!

This year is the year of the rat and I was borned in the year of rat too. And you know what, the first day of Chinese New Year (农历正月初一) is also my Chinese birthday. As such since I was a baby till I started working, I had been getting double red packets from most relatives. However, I guess nobody ever remembers it now because all the focus is now on Jerlene. I actually do not mind because seeing Jerlene enjoying herself is my greatest gift of all.

As usual, our first Chinese New Year visiting is to my grandma's place. As we were quite late, there were already many people there when we reached the place. Jerlene is overwhelmed and she took quite a while to adapt to the environment. And when she started getting used to the people and place, she began to show off all her skills. There was a drum which caught Jerlene's attention and she spent more than half an hour playing with the drum. As she has already mastered the skill of playing a xylophone, learning the drum is not an issue to her. And you know what, whether she plays xylophone or drum, there is one thing in common. And that is her ending pose, throwing away the stick!!!!

As we do not have program in the afternoon, we decided to go to town for a walk. We thought all the shops will be closed initially but when we reached there, quite a number of shops (including Carrefour and Toys-R-Us) are opened.

We were there till about 4pm before leaving for Chinatown. And again, we were surprised to see some of the shops/stalls were opened. As we walked along Eu Tong Seng road, Jerlene suddenly insisted on getting down and walked by herself. This is the first time she walked in a public pavement and she enjoys it.

In the evening, we went to visit Tracy's grandma. The scenario is the same as in the morning. Jerlene was initially overwhelmed by many people but got used to it after a while. Somehow today Jerlene was really in the mood of walking and she kept walking from one point to another around the house. As the place was pretty warm, Jerlene started to get uncomfortable and became quite cranky. We have to bring her out to the corridor where at least there was some light breeze. As she hardly had any sleep in the afternoon, she was sound asleep on the way home.

6 Feb 2008 - Chinese New Year Eve

This is Jerlene's second Chinese New Year eve. Last year this time, she was still less than one month old and is sleeping most of the time. This year she seems to know what is 守睡 as she is still wide awake at about 11pm. Since she does not want to sleep and still in a happy mood, how can I miss the opportunity to take some great shots. Let Jerlene's smile says farewell to the year of the Golden Pig and welcome to the year of Golden Rat!

5 Feb 2008 - Jerlene plays xylophone

Jerlene now knows the basic of playing xylophone. She can now pick up the stick the correct way and start hitting on the right spot of the xylophone. However, she got a very bad ending pose. Everytime after she finish playing a piece of music, she will throw away her stick as an ending pose.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2 Feb 2008 - Jerlene's 1st few steps

Few weeks back, I mentioned that Jerlene has attempted to walk a few steps without support. However, those few steps are rather unsteady. Today Jerlene managed to take a few steps without support quite steadily. In fact, she seems to have the mood to walk today. As such, I'm able to capture a short video of Jerlene walking. Probably in a few weeks time, Jerlene will walk more than she crawls. And I guess the moment she can run, I will be able to exercise a lot more.....haha.........