Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, June 28, 2008

27 Jun 2008 - More teeth grew

When Jerlene yawned today, I saw that she had at least 6 teeth on her lower gum. So in total, I believe she already has about 10-12 teeth. She started eating quite a number of solid food. As such, I have to start brushing her teeth more often. I think I'm still not diligent enough to do that. C'mon WWF, dun be lazy! Ok ok....... :-P

24 Jun 2008 - Jerlene, the world's youngest pianist

Recently, Jerlene kept wanting to play with Tracy's piano. She always pull me to sit beside her. And when I tried to press on the key, she will push away my hand. She does not like people "disturbing" her while she was playing. Will she become a child prodigy in playing a piano? We shall see.......

Again the below video is quite blur because I'm using my mobile phone again.

21 Jun 2008 - Taking a break after shopping

Today we decided to go AMK hub for some shopping. We had laksa and bread at Toast Box before heading to NTUC Megastore. The moment we went in, Jerlene started running around. Tracy went ahead to buy our necessity while I tried to follow Jerlene around. She kept running from shelves to shelves. Not only that, whenever she ran close to someone, she will wave and say hi to the person. There were an old couple who found Jerlene very cute and started following her around.
After running for about half an hour, Jerlene began to feel tired. So she found herself a low shelf and sat on it. This is the first time I saw Jerlene taking a rest by herself. I took a short video of her resting. The quality was quite bad because I was using my mobile phone.

In the evening, we met up with my parents and sister's family. And guess what Jerlene was sleeping throughout till we were about to leave.

15 Jun 2008 - What a Father's Day

Today is my 2nd father's day. However, Tracy was having high fever since last night. As such, I had to do some housework and take care of Jerlene all by myself. Although it was fun playing with Jerlene, it can also be quite tiring. My energy level will never be able to reach Jerlene's level.

On the other hand, Tracy's temperature kept going up and till the point when we both think she needs to pay a visit to the doctor. As it was Sunday, we have to travel to Marsiling where the clinic was still opened. The doctor said it was viral fever and she just need to allow her body to self heal slowly. We quickly drove home so that Tracy can get some rest earlier.

While Tracy was resting, I continue to play with Jerlene till she became quite tired. So I bath and fed her before I "made" her to go to sleep. By that time, I'm really tired and felt asleep soon after.

14 Jun 2008 - Goodbye Desaru!

Time flies and 2 days had past. We are leaving Desaru today. Before we check out, I took some pictures of our villa and the surrounding.
During our last few hours in our villa, I had some fun with Jerlene. She seems to know that we were leaving, so she kept posing for me to take photo of her.
Our return ferry is about 3pm. On the ferry, Jerlene bid farewell to Desaru!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

13 Jun 2008 - Part 2: Fruit Farm

We were exhausted after the ostrich farm tour. So we took a rest in our villa before we embarked on another tour to the fruit farm at about 4pm. While waiting for the minibus at the lobby, we took some pictures with Jerlene.
The Fruit Farm is much nearer to our hotel as compared to the ostrich farm. When we reached the fruit farm, the walking tour was just about to start. We gained quite a fair bit of knowledge regarding tropical fruits during the tour. Below are some photos taken on the walking tour.
There was a Koi pond in the farm with hundreds of Koi swimming around. We were allowed to put our hand into the pond and let the Koi suck on our hand. Some Koi even tried to swallow my finger. The feeling is quite weird.
At the end of the farm tour, there is a mini zoo. We were again very tired after the walking tour. We went back to the farm entrance and bought some local products at the shop. As we were all very tired, we called for room service for dinner.

13 Jun 2008 - Part 1: Ostrich Farm

After we had our breakfast today, we decided to bring Jerlene to the beach. She was having fun stepping on the waves and ran up and down the beach. There was one moment when she saw her own shadow on the beach, she started chasing and waving at it. So funny! :-)

As the sun is pretty hot, we went back to our villa after about half an hour of play. At 11:30am, we started our day tour to the Ostrich Farm. Jerlene fell asleep in the minibus as the weather is quite hot. The journey to the farm is about half an hour. From the outside, the farm looks like a normal kampung layout but the moment we stepped are hundreds of ostriches. Some even roam freely around us. There was a man, who works in the farm, giving us a tour briefing on ostriches.

It was a great experience and we had some ostrich meat satay before heading back to our hotel.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

12 Jun 2008 - Trip to Desaru

We have planned for this Desaru trip just one week ago. It was a bit rush but we are really looking forward to this short trip. Early morning, we had our breakfast at home and did some last minute packing. We will be taking a ferry to Desaru. So I drove my car to Changi Ferry Terimal where the parking is free. In the past, cars were able to go onto the ferry but that had been stopped. Not long after we checked in, we boarded the ferry.
The ferry journey from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tg Belungkor took about half an hour. From there we took the land transfer to Desaru Golden Beach Resort which also took about half an hour. After we checked in to our executive villa, we had lunch at the resort lounge.
We started exploring around the resort and as the resort name implies, it has quite a beautiful and clean beach. We had lots of fun at the beach and it was Jerlene's first time to come so close to the waves. Initially Jerlene was a bit scared when the waves splashed onto her leg. She started hiding behind me but after a while, she enjoyed kicking the waves.
As it was pretty hot under the sun, we did not stay there for too long. Jerlene was quite tired after the fun beach play and the moment we reached our villa, she fell asleep.
In the evening, we took Jerlene for a swim in the resort's pool before calling for room service for our dinner.

8 Jun 2008 - Chasing the bubbles again!

Jerlene was playing with bubbles again. It feels great to see Jerlene was having so much fun. I remember when I was young, I took a wire, bent it into a loop and dip it into soap water. And that's how I blow bubbles then. Nowadays with a bubble gun, it's so much easier and more fun. Jerlene does not seem to be tired after chasing bubbles for more than half an hour. If I do not stop, I think she can go on and on.

3 Jun 2008 - Jerlene's new dress

Jerlene was wearing a new dress and everyone who sees it said it suits Jerlene very much. I also find Jerlene looks very pretty in this dress. She was sitting on her chair watching her Hi-5 video when I took this photo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

2 Jun 2008 - Transporting her soft toys

Guess what Jerlene used to transport her soft toys from one place to another? It's her pail. She will put her toys into her pail and walk from room to room.

1 Jun 2008 - Walking in the pool

This morning, we had a short walk at Sembawang park. Someone was playing remote control car, which seems to catch Jerlene's attention, in the park. After seeing that, I felt like buying one. :-)

Just like most of the recent Sunday afternoon, I brought Jerlene down to the pool. She loves walking up and down the steps in the pool. Due to the water resistance, she walked pretty slowly in the water. Quite cute to see her walk in the water.