Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 Jul 2008 - Laughing at herself

Tonight while I was blogging, Jerlene came to me and asked me to carry her onto my lap. She is very Ke-Po (busybody) sometimes. And when she saw her photos on her blog, she started laughing non-stop. I've no idea what she is laughing at but it lasted for quite a while. Hopefully she is not laughing at her daddy's stupid face...... :-P
I've captured her "funny" laugh in the following short video clip.......

27 Jul 2008 - Jerlene loves Chocolate doughnut

Pauline was back in Singapore so we met up with her at Novena Square. We were having doughnuts at doughnut factory again. Jerlene used to like all sorts of doughnuts but this time, she only eats those with chocolate coating....... When I fed her those without chocolate (for eg, strawberry), she will spit it out. It's not a good sign as she started to become very choosy with the food now.
We stayed and chatted at the cafe for about 2hrs before Pauline needs to rush home for dinner.

Tracy, Jerlene and myself continued to walk around the mall for the next 1 hr before leaving for home. Jerlene had some fun time at the mini ride, stationary of course......... :-P

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

26 Jul 2008 - Library Baby

We bring Jerlene to library almost every week because she enjoys the place. Not that she loves to read, but I think she likes the atmosphere there. Normally, we'll go to Woodlands Library at the Civic Centre but today we went to Bishan Library. My original intention of going to Bishan was to bring her for a haircut but because the hair salon was very crowded, we decided not to wait and went to the nearby library.
In the library, she tried to make friends with others. Some responded but some ignored her. Sometimes she is so wary of strangers but other times she is very friendly. I guess it depends on her mood at that time.

22 Jul 2008 - The future sprinter Champ!

Last Sat we were at my younger sis place for dinner. When we left the place together with my elder sis, she was holding Jerlene in the lift. Once we stepped out of the lift, Jerlene suddenly dashed ahead and my sis had a hard time chasing her. Her comment is "Jerlene runs like in a 100M race". At that kind of speed, I think she can outrun most babies of her age, even baby boys. Below is a video clip of Jerlene sprinting and notice the expression on her face at the end.....she is really very "chiong"......haha...............

Monday, July 28, 2008

20 Jul 2008 - Jerlene stares at me

Jerlene is almost 18 months old, and I've never seen her giving me a fierce look until today. I can never imagine how she will look like when she's angry till I took the photo below.
I actually wanted to take a picture of Jerlene in her pretty dress but never have I expected that she will stare at me. No matter how, she still looks very pretty even when she's my eyes...... :-)

19 Jul 2008 - Bad nappy rash

Today, Jerlene seems to be having diarrhea because after every meal, she will poo......... She poo'ed so much that she got quite bad nappy rash by night. It's really very red and when I tried to wipe her bum, I can sense that she's feeling pain. So I have to do it very very gently. I applied a very thick layer of Desitin Original this time so hopefully the rashes will go off soon. Get well soon, Jerlene!

Btw, I've bought Jerlene a tricycle today. :-)

15 Jul 2008 - Jerlene gets excited when.....

.......I turned on my DVD player!!!!!! She gets even more excited when the Hi-5 introduction song is being played. She will clap, dance and do all sort of actions to show that she's excited. I tried to capture all these expressions and actions but when Jerlene sees my camera, she became very conscious.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

13 Jul 2008 - Botak Jones and Long Beach

After yesterday's race and late night mahjong, all 3 of us slept till about 10am before Jerlene woke both tracy and myself up. After washing up, we went to a nearby Kopitiam for breakfast......err's brunch. Have you heard of Botak Jones western food? It seems to be very popular recently and we ordered a Fish and Chips and Black Pepper Chicken. After our brunch, we walked around the "mini" mall and Jerlene spotted a mini car ride. The look that she gave me made me impossible not to carry her into the car seat. She had a great time there even though the car is stationary. In fact, she will be afraid if the car moves (have tried it a few times).
In the evening, we went to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey for dinner with my parents-in-law. We were there a bit early so we walked around the area. Actually there are many unique shops in Dempsey area. Will find some times to explore. Behind the restaurant, there is a little fountain where we took a few photos.

Friday, July 18, 2008

12 Jul 2008 - Amazing Race III and Dinner

This is the third year our team WHYT participated in Amazing Race, organized by my company division. Just like last year, we brought Jerlene to my MIL place early in the morning before we set off to the Race starting point.

There were a total of 18 objectives (including 1 roadblock and 1 detour) this year. The roadblock is to finnd a fire hydrant that has the number "1278" (today's date) on it. Once we found it, we had to take a team picture with the hydrant, together with 10 strangers, each showing a different pose.
As for the detour, we had to reach a public carpark near Singapore Island Country Club between 12-1pm. Once there, we were given a choice to do one of the two given activities. One activity is to solve a 16x16 sudoku puzzle while the other is to take a team photo at the "not so nearby" Treetop Walk! As some of us had tried the Treetop Walk before and knew that it's going to be a very very long and tiring walk, we decided to try and solve the sudoku puzzle. However, after trying for 1.5hrs, we gave up because it's simply impossible within the timeframe that we have. So we proceed with the other clues and guess what, in the evening, we came back and complete the Treetop Walk....hahah......
In total, we managed to find 13 places this year and emerged 12th position (total of 23 teams). This is an improvement from the previous years. Before we returned to the landing point at Holiday Inn Hotel, we went to pick up Jerlene and Ronald's wife and baby. There was a buffet dinner at Melting Pot restaurant.

Many of my colleagues had seen Jerlene during last year's dinner and they were all very excited to see how much she had grown. However, she was very "sticky" to me tonight. She dun allow anybody else to carry her initially. Only till half way through the dinner then she started to adapt to the environment. Once she began running around, there's no stopping...... And she caught attention of some by performing her "Wonderful" dance move.

After dinner, we went to Ronald's place for mahjong, which is also our yearly event. However, after 2 rounds, Jerlene showed sign of "stoneness". So we had to stop and Jerlene slept the moment she sat in her car seat. It was a very tiring day for all of us, but it's worth it. Yeah!

10 Jul 2008 - Jerlene is learning fast

Jerlene starts to follow my order nowadays. For instance, when I asks her "Where is Mama?", she will run around the house to look for Tracy. When I said, "Go keep your toys", she will pick up her toys and put them into her toy box.

Also, Jerlene can differentiate more and more things now. She can recognize the names of all her different toys, titles of books, names of things in the house, dance moves from different songs and many many more. The only thing that is slow for her is her speech, which I had mentioned many times before. But I'm not so concern about that as long as I can understand her through her actions and babbling.........

Another thing is Jerlene is getting more and more sticky to me. Previously, she used to allow anybody to carry her but now if I'm around, she only wants me to carry. So sometimes, I gotta go "hide" in order for someone else to carry her. And when I "appear", the person who carried her got no chance....... Not sure whether it's a good thing but I do feel "proud" for that.... :-P

Saturday, July 5, 2008

5 Jul 2008 - Jerlene and the RaceCar Babe

After the tiring walk at HortPark, we decided to go somewhere indoor to catch some cool air. As VivoCity is just nearby, it's an obvious destination for us. Jerlene is really a shopping queen. The moment we stepped out of the elevator, Jerlene was on her own, running from one shop to another.

At one point, there was a small area setup by Mediacorp to promote Formula 1. Jerlene squeezed to the front of a "mock up" Race Car. Out of sudden, a Race Car babe came over and carried Jerlene to the Race Car. They took pictures together and I was told to collect the free photo at another counter. I really envied I wished it was me to be in the photo.... :P......just kidding......
After that, we went to the playground where Jerlene had some fun. We had dinner at Toast Box before leaving VivoCity and headed home.

5 Jul 2008 - A visit to HortPark

As we are going to participate in an Amazing Race organized by my division next week, we decided to do some recce today. One of the places that we went to is HortPark.
HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is a knowledge hub for plants and gardening and provides the platform for the industry to share best practices and showcase garden designs, products and services. This 23-hectare regional park in South-Western Singapore is also a park connector, connecting Telok Blangah Hill Park to Kent Ridge Park.
There is a Koi pond around and Jerlene got very excited when she saw the fishes. Those Koi are really huge!
Nearby there is a bridge called the Alexandra Arch. The bridge, with its curved deck and tilted arch, spans across Alexandra Road like an opened leaf. On the Hyderabad Road side, the bridge is connected to HortPark - the gardening hub, via the Floral Walk. Near the bridge is Gillman Village, a former British military camp in the early 20th century, is now home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, pubs and art galleries.
At night, the bridge will dazzle with colour-changing LED lights. The lights display will be on between 7pm and 12am daily.
We decided to go across to the canopy walk via the arch. Jerlene was having fun running on the arch. As it was very sunny, we were all very tired when we reached the other end. Along the canopy walk, there was a durian tree with full of durians on it.....yummy.......
After taking a short rest, we went back to HortPark and left for VivoCity.

2 Jul 2008 - Poor Jerlene, damn the mosquitoes

When I went to pick up Jerlene this evening, I was so heart pain because Jerlene got bitten by mosquitoes all over her body, including her face, her arm, her leg, her feet and her back. And because the area that got bitten was itchy, she kept scratching on it and make it worse. Some area was swollen and got a little bit of bleeding because of her scratch. The most obvious one is of course on her face. Fortunately she did not scratch on it, or else she will be "disfigured".....

Poor Jerlene, no matter what happened, you will always be my prettiest little princess. Hope you'll recover soon. In the meantime, let daddy teach you how to "wack" at mosquitoes...... :-P

1 Jul 2008 - Playing with Daddy's handphone

One of Jerlene's favourite toys now is my handphone. Whenever she turns into a "rascal", my handphone will come in handy. It somehow has a calming effect and can keep her occupied for quite sometimes. Recently she manages to pull out the stylus and stick it back. I must pay close attention as my stylus may be lost anytime.