Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, January 31, 2009

31 Jan 2009 - Jerlene was in foul mood

Jerlene seems to have waken up from the wrong side of the bed today as her mood was really bad. A little bit not happy, she started to cry and scream. I wanted to bath her but she refused. So we decided to go out for breakfast and bath her when we were back.
After breakfast, we went to visit a few childcare centres near my workplace. One of them is Elfa childcare at Simei Community Club. The place is a bit small but I find it quite conducive. However, I was told that the place is full for the entire 2009. The next one that we went to is YMCA childcare, which is also nearby. It is at a void deck, no air con but the place is quite big. Jerlene does not seem to enjoy both childcare centres, unlike the last time when we brought her to OrangeTree and Learning Vision.

After that, we went to Simei Eastpoint to buy the Appeton Multivitamin Lysine Syrup. We heard that it's recommended by PD for improving appetite and promoting growth in height and weight. Jerlene has slimmed down quite a lot since she started having diarrhea and lost her appetite.

When we reached home, I had to force Jerlene to take her shower. She was screaming and struggling when she saw the water sprinkler. Really not sure what she was scared of. I tried very hard and finally managed to calm her down a bit. I quickly bathed her while she was not struggling and I tried singing to distract her. It took quite a while before she really stopped tearing. It seems to me like she had some bad experience bathing previously.

We went to my auntie's place later to meet up with my relatives as we missed the chance to meet them on day 1 of CNY. After that, we drove over to my sis place to see the lion dance. Before the lion dance troupe came by, Jerlene decided to show us her dance first.
Jerlene was not afraid of the lion as well as the extreme loud noise from the drum and cymbal.
After the lion dance performance, we went to Tracy's relative place for buffet dinner. Jerlene started to show her foul mood there. She did not want anybody else, except me, to carry her. Some of them tried to carry her forcefully but Jerlene kept struggling out and showed her hand to me. Not sure whether it is because she was afraid that I will leave her to someone else and walked away.
On our way home, Jerlene actually asked for milk. Though she did not finish it, it's already a good sign.

30 Jan 2009 - Stressful day

I brought Jerlene to my mom's place before before going to office. When I said bye bye to her, she looked so sad and I can see tears in her eyes. However, she seems to know daddy had to work so in the end, she tried not to look at me anymore. Seeing that made me feel like taking leave and accompany her. Sigh.........

After I went back to office, I spent quite a few hours clearing pages and pages of unread emails. Throughout the day, I was very stressed up because one moment, my mom called saying Jerlene refused to eat anything, another moment, Tracy called saying she got fast heart rate, then my mom called again saying Jerlene kept crying etc etc....... And at work, so many people came over and asked me questions.......

Out of all these, what worries me most is Tracy's worsening condition. I wanted to take half day urgent leave to go home and see how she was doing but she kept saying she's alright. As she told me it could be due to some drug allergy, I quickly surf the net to find out more info. The gynae gave her Buscopan for her stomach flu so I looked up the net for info on this drug. Sure enough, one of the allergic side effect is fast heart rate. So I told her to stop eating that medicine to see if it helped. After she stopped eating it and slept for 1-2 hours, she told me she felt much better. What a relief......but I still left the office early (about 5:15pm) as I really got no mood to work with both queen and princess not "doing very well".

I went home to pick up Tracy before going to my sis place to pick up Jerlene. Again, I was told Jerlene had refused to eat and bath today. When we returned home, indeed Jerlene refused to eat the porridge and take her shower. Jerlene used to love playing in the shower. But now, the moment she heard the words "Bom Bom", she started crying and refused to even stepped into the bathroom. Really dun know what had happened........ Will environmental change really affect a small kid so much? Sigh........

29 Jan 2009 - WWF is recovering but Queen is down!

After taking the antibiotics and rested for the night, I seems to have recovered a bit. However, Tracy's condition seems to be getting worse. My parents and my sis came and brought Jerlene out again because both Tracy and myself were still too weak to take good care of her.

Tracy's stomach cramp was getting worse so we decided to see our gynae for advice as we were not sure whether it has something to do with her pregnancy. After some checks, the gynae was pretty sure that the pregnancy was fine and most likely it's just the normal stomach flu. Tracy was given some medicine and two days MC.

In the evening, we went to my sis place to pick up Jerlene as I was feeling much better. My mom told me that Jerlene has been rejecting food, even milk, most of the time. She only wanted her star biscuit and nothing else. Also, she refused to shower at my sis place. Not sure whether it is because of environmental change that she kept rejecting........ Anyway, when we reached home, I cut some apple pieces for her and she enjoyed it. Following that, she finished 180ml of milk before going to sleep.

28 Jan 2009 - WWF is down!

Jerlene started to have diarrhea last Friday. Tracy got it 1-2 days back. And sad to say, I was not spared either and it's my turn today! It started in the middle of the night at around 3am. And from then onwards, I went into the toilet for about 7-8 times within the next 6 hours. I was almost dehydrated by the morning.

The doctor said that most likely it's intestinal flu and prescribed quite a few medicine for me. At that time I did not have fever but he said that if my temperature gone up later, I will need to come back. Was given MC for the day.

As I do not have the energy to take care of Jerlene today, my sis and mom came to my place and brought Jerlene out so that I can have a better rest. By the evening, my condition was not getting any better. In fact it got worse and I started to develop fever (38.5). So I went back to the clinic for a check. The doctor then prescribed some antibiotic for me and gave me MC for tomorrow. When I got home, I suddenly felt very very cold and was shivering under my blanket.

Jerlene returned home after a while and I felt so bad that I cannot entertain her. When I looked at her, she seems to be angry with me for not accompany and play her today. Sorry Jerlene, I will definitely make it up when I recover, ok? *sob*

27 Jan 2009 - CNY Day 2

We decided to rest at home for the day after a tiring one the day before. We played Wii for most of the day. Tracy seems to have "infected" by Jerlene's stomach flu and started her "toilet run". Sigh....after Jerlene has almost recovered and it's Tracy's turn now.......

26 Jan 2009 - CNY Day 1

Just like most people do, today is a visiting day. I actually planned to leave home early but in the end, we only managed to leave at around noon. The dress that Jerlene wore today was bought in Sydney in Oct 2007. When we bought it, we actually wanted her to wear during 2008 CNY but the dress was too big for her. So after waited for another year, she finally managed to wear it fittingly. That shows how "slow" her growth is. Anyway, she loves to pose with her new dress........
We visited quite a few places today and by the time we reached home, it was after 11pm. A tiring day as expected.

25 Jan 2009 - Happy 2nd Birthday, Jerlene!

Today is Lunar New Year Eve but more importantly, it's Jerlene's two year old birthday! Our whole family gathered at my parent's place for a reunion lunch. As usual, we had two steamboat, one with normal chicken soup and one with tom yam soup. After lunch, we rested for a while before bringing out the birthday cake.
This birthday cake was chosen by Jerlene herself from Prima Deli brochure. It's actually a chocolate cake and everyone loves it. The cream was not too thick and it was splitted into may layers within. Jerlene also enjoyed it.
Jerlene was captivated by the candlelight and she stayed very still while we sang the birthday song. Jerlene has learnt how to blow sometimes back from playing our Nintendo DS. However, the air from her mouth comes together with her saliva....... So as she blew at the candles, hehe....... :P
After that, Tracy helped her cut the cake before she got to enjoy it. The CareBear picture on the cake is actually white chocolate. That is Jerlene's favourite.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

24 Jan 2009 - New ball pool and 1st letter

Today, I set up a newly bought Thomas and Friends Ball Pool for Jerlene. Initially, she was quite afraid of going into the ball pool. But after seeing me do it, she simply followed and thereafter, she is not afraid anymore. She even watch her videos from inside the ball pool.
This afternoon when I opened up my mailbox, I found an envelope addressed to.......Jerlene! This is officially Jerlene's 1st ever letter. It's a birthday greeting from Prudential.
Throughout today, we did not give Jerlene any solid food as advised by the doctor. And so far, she seems ok.

23 Jan 2009 - Jerlene not feeling well

Today is the last working day before Chinese New Year. During lunch, I went over to OrangeTree Preschool to get the registration form for Jerlene. While I was talking to the supervisor, my mom called me saying that Jerlene kept vomitting. Whatever Jerlene has eaten was all thrown out and more. I immediately returned to my office and took urgent leave. Tracy was worried too so she also took urgent leave.

When we reached my mom's place, Jerlene was lying on the bed watching Barney. I quickly carried her and feel her to see if she had fever. She seems ok so I gave her some water to drink. After a while, she threw out all the water while I was carrying her. I immediately cleaned her and myself up before bringing her to KKH (again) clinic.

After the doctor examine her, he confirmed it was not due to the fall four days ago. He suspected most likely is stomach flu. So he suggested to do a 2hr test. First, he asked the nurse to apply some medicine into Jerlene's anus. That should help to stop the vomitting but the medicine need one hour to take effect. So we found a place to sit but Jerlene kept wanting to me to carry her. So I asked Tracy to rest while I brought Jerlene to the playground. One hour has passed and we gave Jerlene a small cup of glucose given by the nurse earlier. The doctor said that if after drinking such small amount still vomit, then may have to admit Jerlene for observation. Fortunately after another hour of drinking glucose, Jerlene seems ok and never vomitted. So we went back to the doctor but coincidentally, there was code "blue" at the emergency clinic. Later on, we heard from the doctor that there was a drowning case. He had to attend to that case and we waited for another hour. In total, we spent almost 6 hours in KKH but good thing is, Jerlene was alright.

Jerlene, get well soon so that you can have your favourite birthday cake in two days time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 Jan 2009 - 写一首歌给你

Jerlene is turning two in 3 days time. I've been thinking of composing a song for her birthday one year ago but that did not materialize. I started thinking about it again few weeks back and today, I finally manage to complete the lyrics. It's in mandarin and it has been years since I last wrote in chinese....a bit "rusty" now..... 请多多指教!

<< 小公主 >>

一个小生命的诞生 是我人生的转折点
你降临时的哭泣 难掩我内心的喜悦
刹那间 我第一次感觉到

我唯有对你说 爸就在你身旁

转瞬间 你已渐渐地长大
我最爱 就是抚摸你的头发
你生病 我将无比地心慌
你受伤 总是刺痛我心坎

有了你 受伤的心都会被填补

Now it's time for composing the tune, which may take a while. :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 2009 - More good news

Jerlene has been behaving quite normally after the fall two days back. The only sign of concern is that she had quite disturbed sleep over the past two nights. So in order to have a peace of mind, we decided to bring Jerlene back to KKH for a proper check. The queue today was a lot shorter and it's our turn in less than an hour.

The doctor said that he is not very concerned because it has passed 48 hours since the fall and so far Jerlene did not show abnormal signs. Normally if there is some sort of injury, signs will show within the first 12 hours. He also tried to press on Jerlene's head to see if there is any bump and cannot find one. But when he pressed on a certain spot, he realized Jerlene's expression changed. And looking at that spot carefully, there is a very small "red" patch which seems like a result from a fall. However, it's too small to be of any concern according to the doctor. So this is the first good news of the day.

Since it's still early, we decided to go for gynae's appointment today (original appointment date is coming Fri). As usual, our gynae did an ultrasound scan and confirmed that the placenta has moved up since the last time. So most likely, this baby can be delivered normally. This is another piece of good news today. Btw, the baby's weight now is 1.2kg which is normal.

19 Jan 2009 - Fell down from kitchen cabinet

As the title said, Jerlene fell down from the kitchen cabinet today. I was so shocked when the news reached me in the evening and I immediately rushed off to my MIL place to see how was Jerlene. I was a bit relieve when I saw Jerlene still behaving normally. There is no visible injury and she still seem very cheerful. However, we were worried that she may have internal injury because according to my MIL, her head went down first. So we quickly brought her to KKH but the queue was extremely long. As such, we seek several people's advice and most of the advice is to observe Jerlene for the next 2 days to see if she shows sign of possible injury, such as vomitting, crying for nothing etc.

What puzzled us is how did Jerlene end up on the kitchen cabinet? My MIL cannot provide a logical answer to it and we did not want to pursue further because we also know that she's not feeling too well recently. This is not the first time such accident happened at my MIL place but this time is the worst. We felt that she may not have the ability to look after a child right now. As such, this incident has prompted us on the urgency of putting Jerlene in a childcare centre.

15 Jan 2009 - Jerlene the Pirate!

The above photos were taken in Kiddy Palace. I thought Jerlene would have taken it off after I put it on her head but surprisingly, she enjoyed wearing it. And she walked around the whole shop with the pirate hat on. So funny but cute...... :-)

12 Jan 2009 - What a beauty!

Just wanted to post this photo which I think Jerlene looks very sweet and pretty. Photo quality is not good because I'm using my phone camera.

11 Jan 2009 - Grown taller

I brought Jerlene down to the pool this afternoon and realized that she has grown taller. Her head is now slightly above water level when she stands in the baby pool. As usual, she enjoys the water slide very much. When she's tired, she will sit on the steps by the side of the pool, and she always asks me to sit beside her.
It is always great fun for both of us when we were at the pool.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Jan 2009 - Floating balloon

We attended a Church wedding today. There were lots of balloons around and Jerlene got very excited. She cannot resist and kept pointing at them. So we went over and requested to have one. The balloons are those floating type that filled with helium. This is the first time Jerlene was playing with a "floating" balloon. At first she did not know how to manage it and it almost flew off quite a few times. Luckily her daddy (ermm...) was quite agile and managed to catch it before the balloon flew up to the ceiling.

After the wedding, we went to Novena Square and United Square for some windows shopping. Jerlene insisted to bring the balloon out with her. This time, she held it very tightly as she now knows that if not, the balloon will fly away.
She refused to let me hold the balloon until she saw the mini rides.

8 Jan 2009 - Hugging soft toys

Jerlene started to like soft toys about one month back. Everytime when we were at Toys-R-Us, she will hug a Dora doll and walk around. And you know what, that Dora was about her height. She could hardly see her front when hugging the doll.

At home, she got a few soft toys to hug. One is mommy's Hello Kitty, which is quite huge for her. The other is a Piglet while is about right for her size.
Of course, the thing that she hug the most is ME! I loves being hugged by Jerlene and hopefully she feels the same way. Her hug will usually comes with a little pat pat on my back. Very comfortable...... :-)

5 Jan 2008 - We love 自拍!

Yes, as the title says, Jerlene and I like to "自拍" recently. But of course, it's not that kind of hobby that Edison Chen enjoys. We simply try to aim the camera at ourselves, smile at it and SNAP! Photo taken. Sometimes we managed to aim properly......
.....but sometimes we are out........

4 Jan 2009 - Fun at the Park again!

I have been deciding whether to bring Jerlene for a swim or to the park. As the weather is a bit cold, I decided to bring her to the park. As usual, the moment she reached the park, she was on her own. And I had a hard time chasing after her while still being able to snap some shots of her enjoying the various slides.
This time, Jerlene has the courage to "conquer" a taller slide, which she was afraid to go on previously. Initially, I had to slide down together with her side by side. But eventually, she was brave enough to go on her own as can be seen below.

After almost an hour of fun time, Jerlene came over and pulled me out of the park. When I asked her, "where is your car?", she then realized that she had forgotten about it and quickly ran towards it. I'm glad that Jerlene knows when to stop and go home willingly.

2 Jan 2009 - On waitlist for Orange Tree Preschool

We visited Orange Tree Preschool at Simei few weeks back but because that was a Saturday, there was no student in the class. So we decided to go there again today to see how the place was with students around. Jerlene seems to enjoy the school as she seems to be curious about everything. After we left, she kept saying "school" and pointed back to the entrance. Even when we went back home, every now and then, she will take out the brochure, point at the kids and say to me "school school".

Anyway, we have put her on the waiting list. Hopefully, we can start to enrol her there by end Feb 09. Need to let her get used to the place before her brother "arrives".

1 Jan 2009 - Happy 2009!

Yet another year has passed.....and so swiftly. The same day last year, I said that I will continue to blog on my princess as much as I can. Though it really takes a lot of discipline and time to maintain an updated blog, I will not give up so easily. When I look back at all my past postings, they bring back to me with lots and lots of sweet memories.

Though I foresee my workload this year is equally heavy, if not heavier, I will try my best to keep this blog "alive". For all my "fans" out there, and I know who you are, I thank you all for the support over the years. Wishing all of you a very Prosperous and Blessed 2009!

On this very first day of the year, Jerlene would like to give all of you a big Hi-5!