Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 Apr 2009 - Javier's full month

Time really flies. Javier is already full month today. Just like Jerlene previously, I 意思意思 cut a snippet of Javier's hair. I cannot bear to do a full haircut for Javier as his hair is so nicely grown.

Anyway, we have booked the function room for a little celebration this evening. After staying in this condo for almost nine years, this is the first time I've booked the function room. Throughout the buffet dinner, Javier was being carried around by many people. Jerlene also enjoyed herself very much as there were many aunties and uncles entertaining her. Overall, it was a great night.

28 Apr 2009 - Record making.....almost there

Javier extended his record by another hour today. It's now 6 hours stretch of sleep from 9pm to 3am. We thought of feeding him at 9pm so that next feed will be 12 midnight. However, he just slept through till 3am before crying for milk. Will try again tomorrow. He's almost there....... 加油。

26 Apr 2009 - Almost sleeping through the night

Javier slept for 5 straight hours today from 10pm to 3am. This is the longest stretch of sleep for him to date. If we time properly, probably we only need to wake up once in the middle of the night. I remembered Jerlene started to sleep through the night from week 6. Let's see whether Javier can beat that record. However based on the amount of milk that he is taking in right now, I doubt he can last through the entire night without one feed. Anyway, let's see........ :-)

25 Apr 2009 - Jerlene improves in communication

Nowadays, communicating with Jerlene is much easier as not only her vocabulary has increased, she can now speak in more words per response. Though she still cannot speak in proper sentences, at least there are nouns and verbs now. She will surprise us with new words every now and then. Keep it up, Jerlene!

23 Apr 2009 - Asking for milk like little bird

According to Tracy, Javier seems to be asking for milk all the time thoughout the day. She hardly has the time to rest and all she remembers is washing bottles, sterilizing bottles, making milk, feeding Javier and this cycle just goes on. This is a 3 hrs cycle. Out of this 3 hrs, Javier spends about 1 hr to finish his milk. So the remaining 2 hrs is meant for washing, sterilizing and some house work.

When Javier ask for milk, he will open up his mouth like little bird asking for food....very funny.
As days go by, I can really see the change in Javier's look. Personally, I think he is much good looking now..... :P

21 Apr 2009 - Javier is very alert

Javier is growing well. He started drinking 4oz of milk every feed at 3 hours interval. His current weight is close to 4kg. He seems to be bigger than Jerlene at the same age. Javier is very sensitive to light and sound. Everytime I tried to take his photo with flash, he will turn away. And when I turn on the musical mobile, he will look towards the direction where the music comes from. He is a very alert baby.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

19 Apr 2009 - 姐弟情深 (TLC from Jerlene)

Every night when I brought Jerlene home, the first thing she'll do is to go see her 弟弟. Since she is so concern for Javier, I asked her if she would like to carry him and she immediately nodded her head. Below is a series of photos showing how Jerlene showers her tender loving care for her little brother. Whenever I look at the 3rd photo from the top, I cannot stop laughing at Javier's expression....haha........

And here's a short clip of Jerlene "sayanging" 弟弟 and checking whether his diaper was wet.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

18 Apr 2009 - My little angels

Jerlene recently has grown chubbier, which is good because I think she looks prettier this way. Her teacher also commented the same. With such a pretty sister, let's hope Javier will be a handsome boy as well.

14 Apr 2009 - Really lookalike

If you have followed my blog right from the beginning two years ago, you would have seen Jerlene's Peter Pan Studio photo. To be fair, we have also signed up for Javier. Today the photos were delivered to our house. I was working at that time and below were my teleconversation with Tracy.

Tracy: The Peter Pan photos for Javier have been delivered.
WWF: Oh really? How is it?
Tracy: Errr......I think it's a waste of money.
WWF: Huh? You mean not nice ah.......
Tracy: Not that, just that it looks exactly like Jerlene's photo two years back.

Below is a comparison.

There are many photos that really show their lookalike. Will post them up after I arranged my tenth of thousands of photo collection.

13 Apr 2009 - Back at work

After 2 weeks staying at home being a confinement daddy, I went back to work today. It means I will have lesser time to do the same role. My plan is, before I leave home every morning, I will bath Javier first. Then I will bring Jerlene to childcare centre before heading to office. Then in the evening, I will pick up Jerlene from my parent's place. Tiring but I think it's worth it. I will continue to try my best and take nice pictures of my two little stay tuned...... :-)

12 Apr 2009 - Javier's update

Javier looks much much better today. His eye white is no longer yellowish and his appetite looks good. Right now, he's already taking 90ml per feed and at 3hrs interval. His night feed so far did not bother us much. He will make slight noise when asking for milk and once he is being fed, he will sleep. Hopefully, this can be maintained and more importantly, he does not have the colic stage. I still remember when Jerlene was at that stage, she cried from 8pm to midnight for almost 2-3 weeks. Poor me got to carry her throughout the period.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

11 Apr 2009 - Javier's jaundice level coming down

We brought Javier for another jaundice level review this morning. The result was quite promising as the level was at 11, down from 14 two days back. We will monitor more the next few days to make sure Javier does not turn "yellower".
As for Jerlene, she got excited with little brother around. However, she always messed up our bed with lots of her toys. Today, after messing around, she jumped non-stop on our bed. Took the below video which I think quite cute.

10 Apr 2009 - At home with 2 little angels on Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. We rented the photolight for 3 days, which ends today. However, since today is a public holiday, I guess they will not come and collect. In other words, Javier can spend one more day under the photolight.
Jerlene was at home today and she kept singing songs that she learnt from childcare centre.
In the evening, I combed Javier's hair after cleaning him up. When Jerlene saw it, she tried to comb her hair by herself but end up messing up more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

9 Apr 2009 - Jaundice level came down a bit

Javier went for another blood test this morning for his Jaundice level. It came down a bit to 14.7 (from about 17). As such, he needs to continue with the phototherapy for another day or two. The next review will be two days later. Poor Javier got to get poked in the leg so many times.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

8 Apr 2009 - Jerlene's Artwork (for Mar 09)

I have been wondering what Jerlene has been doing in childcare centre for the past 2 months. Today the teacher passed me back her artwork for the month of March 09. That gives me some ideas what she has been doing in school. The playgroup theme for Mar 09 is Healthy Living. Below are some of the artwork that she has done so far.
As for Javier, he's still undergoing photolight treatment at home today. He seems to sleep well in the bassinet. Probably it is the warmth from the photolight. The review is tomorrow.

7 Apr 2009 - Jaundice level still high

We brought little prince back to the clinic for a review of his jaundice level this afternoon. I personally felt that the result will not look good because I still see his eye white quite yellowish. Furthermore, it's supposed to peak around this time.

After we registered at the clinic, we went down to the lab to take blood test for our little prince. His blood was taken from the bottom of his feet. Immediately after the nurse "poked" his feet, he cried so loudly.....poor thing.....must be very pain. We then went back up to the clinic and the receptionist told us that the result may take an hour. As such, we decided to go to the business office to do the birth registration.

You must be thinking what is our little prince's name is. I've already revealed his english name, Javier, on this blog title. And his chinese name is 黄正轩. Dun ask me how I thought of this just came to my mind and Tracy ok'ed to it. Actually, one of the naming books that I've borrowed emphasize on the five elements, and this name was favourable based on that analysis. There are also websites that analyse whether a name is good. One of them is Not sure how accurate because whatever name I entered, it seems to be good. Heheh......anyway what is most important is that we like this name.

After the birth registration, we went back to the clinic and hear the result from our PD, Dr Terence Tan. As expected, the result was not good. Jaundice level was at 17.4. Dr Tan said if Javier did not undergo the phototherapy previously, by now the level may be well over 20, the danger zone. So he suggested that we rent the Medela Photolight home and continue with further phototherapy. Next review will be Thursday, 2 days later.

Shortly after we reached home, the Medela Bilibed, Bassinet and Photolight were delivered. Minimum rental is 3 days, which starts tomorrow. Poor Javier gotta spent most of his time on this Bilibed for the next three days. Hopefully his jaundice level will go down, which is of utmost important now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Apr 2009 - Snap Snap Snap

This morning I sent Jerlene to childcare while Tracy stayed at home to take care of little prince. When I reached home, Tracy has brought little prince down for another morning sun tanning session. Today is the 7th day and the jaundice level is supposed to peak around this time. For the rest of the day, I was busy snapping my little prince. The more I see him, the more I think he looks like Jerlene. Both of them are equally pretty.....oops....and handsome..... And a lot of hair!

5 Apr 2009 - Morning fun at playground and sun tanning

I checked on the white portion of our little prince's eye and it seemed like the jaundice level had gone up. So we brought him down by the poolside this morning for some sun tanning under the shade. Tracy was with him while I brought Jerlene to the playground at the other side of the pool.
After half an hour of playground fun, we went to join Tracy and little prince. While little prince was tanning, Jerlene kept playing a fool at the back of the stroller........
At around 10am, we decided to stop tanning as the sunlight was getting stronger. Btw, Jerlene now knows how to take off her own shoes and keep it in her own shoe cabinet. She is a very systematic person. She needs to place the shoes neatly before closing the cabinet.

Tracy said that earlier on while little prince was tanning by the poolside, a Malay woman came by and told her that to "treat" newborn jaundice, one way is to bath the baby with a kind of yellow flower. Initially we thought she referred to chrysanthemum. However, I called my mom to confirm but she said that according to some confinement lady, it is a kind of plant called 金银花, which supposed to help in detoxifying the body. We do have a packet of such plant so we decided to give it a try.
Tracy's grandmother called in the afternoon looking for Jerlene. She used to call and chat with Jerlene in the past when Jerlene was being taken care of by my MIL. This is the first time I sees Jerlene really talking on the phone, and not pretending play. Though she did not say much, she was really focused and responded to questions every now and then. I believe she was on the phone for about 10mins before she said bye bye and put down the phone.