Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 Oct 2009 - What time is it? It's prata time!

Jerlene can now recognize different places while I'm driving. For instance, while we are on our way home, she will say "Home" when she sees it. And when we drive into the carpark of a mall, she will say "Shopping". One more place that she will always recognize is the prata shop. When she sees it, she will shout "PRATA!". And today, we again had our lunch at prata shop. When I asked Jerlene what time is it and I expected her to say lunch time, instead she said "Prata time".......

For the first time, I ordered a chocolate prata for Jerlene. And she ended up a big mess........
While we were having our prata, Javier sat in his baby chair enjoying his baby biscuit. After he finished a small piece, we seemed to hear that he said "mum mum". After we gave him another piece, he stopped saying it.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Javier's teeth has started to grow out and below is a photo showing his bottom two teeth.

29 Oct 2009 - Jerlene no longer has goldfish memory

In the past, things that I've said before her sleep, she will seldom remember when she woke up the next morning. However, that no longer happens now. She will remember exactly what I've said and promised her before her sleep. To paint a after work, I went out with my colleagues till very late at night. Tracy went to pick up the kids herself from my parent's place. When they reached home, Jerlene called me and we chatted for quite a while. Below is an extract of what we have said over the phone....

Daddy: Jerlene, what are you doing?
Jerlene: Watching Dora
Daddy: Are you a good girl?
Jerlene: Yes
Daddy: Jerlene go and sleep early, ok? Papa later come back and pat you.
Jerlene: Ok Papa
Daddy: Bye bye Jerlene
Jerlene: Bye bye Papa

By the time I reached home, she was already asleep. Tracy told me that Jerlene kept asking for me just before her sleep though. Anyway, the next morning when she woke up and saw me by her side, she became very excited and said "Papa come back already!". The way she smiled at me shows how much she missed me the night before. And finally she remembered what I've promised her and said:"Papa pat pat". :-)

28 Oct 2009 - Supermodel in the making

Everytime Jerlene learnt something new from childcare centre, she will show off to us when we get home. Today, she suddenly walked back and forth in front of me, so I asked her what is she doing. Unexpectedly, she said "Catwalk". Initially she just walked to and fro from one point to the other. Since I now know what she is doing, I decided to "enhance" her catwalk Firstly, I told her to walk to one point, stop and make a round turn. Afterwhich, give the audience her signature smile and walk back. And very quickly, she picked it up and started doing that. I can see a future supermodel in the making....... :-)

25 Oct 2009 - Javier's new cool cut

After Jerlene was done with her haircut, it's now Javier's turn. I carried him in front of me while I sat on the chair. Initially, it was quite smooth as Javier was curious when seeing himself in the mirror. However, that did not last long and slowly it became more difficult because Javier kept moving his head around. The hairdresser gotta be very careful so as not to hurt him. Both of us "struggled" for a while before the haircut was done. Though it's difficult, at least he did not cry, which usually is the case for other babies. So Javier, you did a great job as well, just like your 姐姐.

Javier looks more cool in his new haircut. Below is a series of photos showing his new cool cut. What do you think? :-)

25 Oct 2009 - Angels going for haircut

Many friends of mine always comment that Javier has got so much hair. Those who have kids are especially envious of us. Jerlene, just like Javier, also got lots of hair since birth. However, one negative thing about having so much hair is that we need to bring them for haircut very frequently. At least once every 2 months or less. I tried very hard to delay it but after all those nagging from my parents, I decided to bring them for haircut today.

Instead of going to the usual salon at Bishan, I decided to bring them to the $10 haircut shop at NorthPoint. This shop actually provides kiddy rides free for children who come here for haircut. We waited for about 20mins and it's our turn. Jerlene went first and she's very obedient. Whenever I asked her to look at the mirror and dun move, she will follow. However, because she got distracted very easily by the surrounding, I gotta kept reminding her to look in front. I think Jerlene is considered very good already because I used to see kids of her age cry throughout the haircut. Below is how she looks after the cut.......

To be continued...

23 Oct 2009 - Bonding time for my little angels

At times, Jerlene is quite unwilling to play with Javier. She does not like to share her toys with 弟弟 as well. It's not that she does not like Javier. Just that she is very clear which are her "properties" and which belongs to 弟弟. When her mood is good, she will really care for her 弟弟. Sometimes when Javier was lying down, she will go over and try to pat him to sleep. Also, she wouldn't allow anyone to carry Javier away. Every weekday night when we are about to go home from my parent's place, if I tell her "弟弟 is not coming home with us", she will make a lot of noise and say "NO!!!! 弟弟 come with us!!!". She always want the whole family to be together. :-)

Anyway, today we managed to put them together and play in a ball pool that we setup at home. Both seemed to enjoy the moment together. Hopefully this can strengthen the bonding between my two little angels. Will try to do it more often.

Friday, October 30, 2009

21 Oct 2009 - Jerlene's first uniform for photo taking

There was a photo taking session today at Jerlene's childcare centre. As all the children will have to wear the school uniform for the photo taking, we have bought a set of the uniform for this session. Jerlene's hair was quite long and she looks prettier tying it up. She seemed to know about the photo taking and kept wanting to comb her hair to look better..... :-)

I'm not sure how she looked like in the photo as parents were not allowed to be in the session. Will have to wait a while for the photo to be given back to us. However, we were told by the teachers that Jerlene was very smart as she was the only kid in the playgroup to follow instruction during the photo taking. All the children were told to raise up their hands after the count of 3, and Jerlene was the only one in her playgroup that did exactly that. Great job, Jerlene!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

18 Oct 2009 - Javier's first swim

We bought swim suit from City Square Mall for both Jerlene and Javier last weekend. As the weather was good today, we decided to bring them down to the pool for a swim. Before that, let;s see how they look in their new swimsuit. :-)

It has been quite a while since I last brought Jerlene down for a swim. That's why she got very excited when I said "go for a swim". And today is Javier's first time going to the pool. The moment Jerlene stepped into the pool, I immediately noticed that she has grown taller as the water level is now around her chest. As for Javier, he did not show any fear in the water. We put him in a float and Jerlene started pushing him around. Javier sat in the float like a big boss.......

Initially, Javier simply sat in the float enjoying the scenery around him. After about 20mins in the pool, he began to become quite playful and kept kicking in the water. I carried him out of the float and he just kicked non-stop. To show his excitement, he made lots of noise while kicking. Is he another potential great swimmer? We shall see...........

After we went back home and showered Javier, he still continued to kick water in his bath tub and made everyone wet. He simply did not have enough.........

Friday, October 23, 2009

14 Oct 2009 - Jerlene 唱 K 一 级 棒!

Jerlene has learnt many songs from the childcare centre and some I've not heard before. Below are two video clips of Jerlene singing <<小毛驴>> and "London Bridge is falling down". For the song <<小毛驴>>, she started on a wrong pitch (too high) and that's why she gotta shout through the song. Damn funny......... The second song "London Bridge is falling down" was much much better. Enjoy!

11 Oct 2009 - Another Kite Flying Day

After our lunch at Prata Shop, we proceed to Marina Barrage for another kite flying outing. Two of my colleagues were interested so they came along with us. Jerlene was quite attached to my colleagues and it's good to see they all enjoyed themselves.

While they were busy flying kites, I was playing with Javier and he was enjoying the outdoor atmosphere in the comfort of his stroller. We left in the evening when the sun was about to set. It was another great outing for the weekend. :-)

11 Oct 2009 - Javier on baby chair for the 1st time

As Javier can sit more steadily now, we decided to let him sit in a baby chair today. This is Javier's first time sitting in a baby chair and finally Tracy and myself are able to have lunch together instead of taking turns to carry him. All we need to do is to feed him with baby biscuit and we will have quite a "smooth" lunch. :)

10 Oct 2009 - Javier's passport collection

Javier's passport is ready for collection and we have made an appointment to collect it at Home - Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) today.

I remembered about 2 years back when we collected Jerlene's passport, ICA was a terrible place. It was packed with people and the system was a mess. I still remember we waited for 2-3 hours before we collected the passport. However, this time round, I must say that it has improved tremendously. Several new rules have been implemented and one of them is that for Saturday's collection, it can only be done by appointment. This ultimately will reduce the number of people. And they have implemented a SMS service which will notify us when it's reaching out turn. I did not make use of this service because there is no need to. The queue number for Singapore passport collection jumps pretty fast and we only waited for about 20mins before we collected Javier's passport. Good work, ICA!

After which, we drove down to the nearby newly opened shopping mall (City Square Mall) beside Mustafa.

It's located at 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore, 208539. As it's new, not all shops are open yet. And for these few months, there are vouchers to be redeemed for certain amount of purchase.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

9 Oct 2009 - Javier and his car seat

We have bought Javier's car seat many many months back but have yet to set it up in the car. Today, we decided to let Javier try on it and he was so happy sitting in it. Since he likes it so much, I will definitely set it up for him real soon. :)

Although Javier's cough has almost recovered but to play safe, we decided to continue with the cough mixture for a while. Javier, like her 姐姐, loves medicine very much. Look at his satisfied face below.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

8 Oct 2009 - Jerlene ties hair

Jerlene's hair has grown pertty long and kept covering her eyes recently. I have not brought her for a haircut because she is going to take her school photo very soon. I'm afraid that she will look "Toot Toot" (aka stupid stupid) after the haircut, which usually is the case. So for the interim, we decided to tie up her hair. Initially, she was excited and happily let me take photos. However, that did not last long and she kept pulling out the rubber hair band after that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 Oct 2009 - Smiles from Javier

I have mentioned sometimes back that Javier has been quite "stingy" with his smile. However, he's getting more and more cheerful these days. It's much easier now to make him smile though his smile will usually only last in a split second. In order to capture it, I must be ready with a camera on hand at all times....... :-)

Just some updates on Javier's progress. His cough is getting much better now and he started gaining weight. Just weighed him this morning and he was 8.2kg now. He can sit much steadier and when in the above position, he will try to push himself forward to grab things that interest him. Btw, he's pretty strong now. When he grabbed on something, it will be difficult to take it back. His gum is strong too. Though he doesn't have any teeth yet, it's still quite painful when he bite on your finger. I have tested it personally......... :P

5 Oct 2009 - Jerlene's September Artwork

Today Jerlene had a children day party at the childcare centre. I paid $12 for Jerlene to participate in the party and glad that she enjoyed it. The centre invited KFC Chicky club to organize the party.

We got back Jerlene's artwork for the month of Sep 09. The theme of the month is Sea Creatures and below are some of the artwork that she did.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 Oct 2009 - Javier loves solid food

Javier has just passed his 6th month old birthday. As advised by the PD, he should be able to take in some semi solid food now. In fact, I remembered Jerlene had her first semi solid food at month 4. Anyway, when we fed Javier with the cereal, he loves it very much and kept asking for more. He'll scream for it when we are slow in feeding. Within 5 mins, he finished the entire bottle of cereal.

1 Oct 2009 - Happy Children Day

Today is Children Day. However, Jerlene's childcare centre will only be closed tomorrow which is a Friday. And they are going to have their Children Day party next Monday. When she came home, she was with a few presents from the teachers. She was very anxious to open up the presents but before she did it, I quickly snapped a few photos of her with the presents. :)