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Friday, October 23, 2009

11 Oct 2009 - Another Kite Flying Day

After our lunch at Prata Shop, we proceed to Marina Barrage for another kite flying outing. Two of my colleagues were interested so they came along with us. Jerlene was quite attached to my colleagues and it's good to see they all enjoyed themselves.

While they were busy flying kites, I was playing with Javier and he was enjoying the outdoor atmosphere in the comfort of his stroller. We left in the evening when the sun was about to set. It was another great outing for the weekend. :-)


Hui said...

hihi, happened to chanced upon ur blog. ur children are very beautiful & adorable! :)

btw, may I know where u park ur car when u go kite flying at Marina Barrage? The previous time my family went, my husband was unable to find a parking & we had to went back :(

Thanks in advance.
Cheng Hui

U may reply to my email addy:

WWF said...

Hi Hui,
This is regarding your question on where to park your car at Marina Barrage. There is actually a public carpark (free) right in front of the Marina Barrage entrance. However, if you are going there during the weekend, try to reach there before 4pm as the carpark will start to get very crowded in the late afternoon. Anyway if the carpark is full, I normally see a lot of cars park along the roadside.