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Saturday, October 31, 2009

25 Oct 2009 - Javier's new cool cut

After Jerlene was done with her haircut, it's now Javier's turn. I carried him in front of me while I sat on the chair. Initially, it was quite smooth as Javier was curious when seeing himself in the mirror. However, that did not last long and slowly it became more difficult because Javier kept moving his head around. The hairdresser gotta be very careful so as not to hurt him. Both of us "struggled" for a while before the haircut was done. Though it's difficult, at least he did not cry, which usually is the case for other babies. So Javier, you did a great job as well, just like your 姐姐.

Javier looks more cool in his new haircut. Below is a series of photos showing his new cool cut. What do you think? :-)

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