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Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 Oct 2009 - What time is it? It's prata time!

Jerlene can now recognize different places while I'm driving. For instance, while we are on our way home, she will say "Home" when she sees it. And when we drive into the carpark of a mall, she will say "Shopping". One more place that she will always recognize is the prata shop. When she sees it, she will shout "PRATA!". And today, we again had our lunch at prata shop. When I asked Jerlene what time is it and I expected her to say lunch time, instead she said "Prata time".......

For the first time, I ordered a chocolate prata for Jerlene. And she ended up a big mess........
While we were having our prata, Javier sat in his baby chair enjoying his baby biscuit. After he finished a small piece, we seemed to hear that he said "mum mum". After we gave him another piece, he stopped saying it.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Javier's teeth has started to grow out and below is a photo showing his bottom two teeth.

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