Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 Oct 2009 - Smiles from Javier

I have mentioned sometimes back that Javier has been quite "stingy" with his smile. However, he's getting more and more cheerful these days. It's much easier now to make him smile though his smile will usually only last in a split second. In order to capture it, I must be ready with a camera on hand at all times....... :-)

Just some updates on Javier's progress. His cough is getting much better now and he started gaining weight. Just weighed him this morning and he was 8.2kg now. He can sit much steadier and when in the above position, he will try to push himself forward to grab things that interest him. Btw, he's pretty strong now. When he grabbed on something, it will be difficult to take it back. His gum is strong too. Though he doesn't have any teeth yet, it's still quite painful when he bite on your finger. I have tested it personally......... :P

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