Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 Jan 2010 - Javier's first time to the library

We brought Javier and Jerlene to the library at Woodlands Civic Centre this morning. Jerlene was very familiar with the place but this is Javier's first time to a library. Javier seems to enjoy reading the real....... :P. I quickly took out my camera phone and took a few pictures for both of them before the librarian came over and stopped me. Oops....I actually did not know that photography is not allowed in a library.

28 Jan 2010 - Javier occupies Jerlene's ex playroom

Jerlene's playroom is now "owned" by Javier. In fact, Jerlene seldom steps into this room now, except when I change her diapers and after her shower. Javier on the other hand spends at least half his time in the room. Notice the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper below? Javier can actually recognize Pooh. When we ask Javier "Where is Pooh?", he will turn his head and look at it.

25 Jan 2010 - Happy Birthday Jerlene!

Jerlene turned THREE today! We have bought two cakes to the childcare centre for Jerlene and her classmates to celebrate. Other than that, we have also packed many little gifts to be given to all her classmates. When I picked her up in the evening, she told me she had enjoyed the celebration. Glad to hear that. Once again.....


Saturday, January 30, 2010

24 Jan 2010 - Jerlene's 3rd birthday celebration

Tomorrow, Jerlene will be 3 years old. As I'll be on course tomorrow, I decided to celebrate her birthday today. Few days back, I've already ordered cake for her. In fact, the cake was chosen by her. The moment I took out the cake, Jerlene immediately shouted:"Happy Birthday Jerlene!". Ever since I brought back the cake, she has been waiting for this moment.

We laid down the cake on her table and she quickly took out her chair and sat in front of the cake. She started singing the birthday song even before we began singing. We quickly joined in the singing before she finished the whole song by herself.
After the song, she proceeded to blow the candles and cut the cakes. She seemed to be very familiar with the entire "process". That is, first the birthday girl must sit in front of the cake. After that, everybody else will sing the birthday song to her. Then, the birthday girl will blow the candles followed by cutting of the cake. I guessed she must have attended quite a number of birthday celebration in her childcare centre.

Immediately after blowing at the candles, she picked the plastic knife and cut on the cake all by herself. Before I could stop her, she already did it. Fortunately, it's not too bad. At least it was not as messy as I would imagine.

Other than the cakes, I bought some balloons as well and we had some fun playing with the balloons after we ate the cakes.

23 Jan 2010 - Trip to Animal Resort

After having our breakfast at Jalan Kayu prata place, we brought Jerlene to a nearby animal farm called the Animal Resort. It has been quite sometimes since we last visited the place. Not much changes, except that there are a few new enclosure with peacocks, ducks and roosters. Jerlene thoroughly enjoyed herself and she was so tired that the moment I drove out of the place, she immediately fell asleep. Below are some of the animals that were there...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

18 Jan 2010 - Javier no longer a baby

As each day goes by, Javier has slowly grown from a baby look to a boyish look now. In the past, many people cannot distinguish whether Javier is a boy or a girl. A lot of times, strangers in the public will comment, "This baby girl very pretty........" Or some others who are more cautious will ask, "This is a baby girl, right?" However to me, he always looks like a boy what. Anyway, if by now still got people said he's a girl, I think that person must go for an eye checkup.
Javier not just looks like a boy now. In fact he looks like a big boy! For anyone who does not know Javier, I guess most likely they will think he's more than a year old based on the photo above. What do you think? :)

16 Jan 2010 - The usual weekend shopping

We went to Novena Square and United Square this afternoon. My main intention is to see if there is any suitable classes for Jerlene, especially in the area of music which she loves it. There is a music class for her age group which starts the following week and the next one will be sometimes in Apr 2010. Since there is no urgency, I decided to think about it. Anyway I'm her music teacher at home...... :P
There were some activities at the centre atrium of United Square where they introduced different types of classes, especially for kids. Jerlene was enjoying the free balloon while Javier had his jaws dropped after seeing many young girls dancing "Nobody" by WonderGirls on stage.

15 Jan 2010 - Javier holds bottle by himself

Recently Javier has started to hold his milk bottle all by himself. This is one area that he did a lot better than his 姐姐. I remembered Jerlene had refused to hold her own milk bottle till about 2.5 years old. Even now at times, she will ask me to hold the bottle for her. Let's hope Javier will be more independent and try to do things himself. Javier, just do it and daddy will support you! :-)

11 Jan 2010 - Javier crawls for the very first time

This evening I was with Jerlene playing in the room when we suddenly heard Tracy and my helper shouted from the living room, "Wow.......Javier clever boy.......can crawl already". I quickly dashed out to see exactly what happened, of course not forgetting my camera....... This was Javier's first successful crawl which I cannot miss to record it down.

After several weeks of attempting to crawl, Javier finally succeeded today. Clever Boy! :-)

9 Jan 2010 - Javier's first trip to a bowling alley

I have not been to a bowling alley for quite sometimes. Today we decided to go for a bowling session with our little ones. Jerlene has been to bowling alley for quite a few times since birth but today was Javier's first. We planned to go to the one at Civil Service Club but all the bowling lanes were fully booked. So we turned back north to Yishun Safra and had our games there.

Javier was not too interested with bowling. So do Jerlene who was only interested in her cup of Milo...... :)

6 Jan 2010 - Javier stands with confidence

Javier stands with support very confidently now. A lot of times he'll hold onto the support with one hand. And when he feels ambitious, he will also try to reach for something that is beyond him. Occasionally, he forgets that he still cannot balance himself and let go of both hands....... When that happens, he will simply fall on his bum.

Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Jan 2010 - Jerlene's Dec 2009 Artwork

Below are some of Jerlene's artwork done in the very last month of 2009. And the theme for the month is none other than Christmas, of course.
In just a blink of the eye, Jerlene has been in the childcare centre for almost a year. During this period, Jerlene has improved tremendously in almost all areas. She's no longer a baby.....she's a little girl now....... :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

3 Jan 2010 - Jerlene's new toy

Jerlene's 表姨 decided to buy a belated Christmas present for her today. However before going to Suntec City to shop for the toys, we decided to make a visit to our grandma's place. She was very happy when she saw us, especially her two great grand children (Jerlene and Javier).

Next, we went to Suntec's Toy-R-Us but Jerlene could not choose a toy that she like. So we walked over to Carrefour's toy section. Jerlene spent quite a while looking around before she finally chose a toy. It's none other than "Dora the Explorer"!
Jerlene was very good with all these building blocks toy. By simply looking at the pictures on the toy box, she can build it up as illustrated. No wonder the teachers in her childcare often commented on her creativity. She played till about 11pm before going to sleep.

1 Jan 2010 - Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to ALL!

It has been almost 3 years since I first created this blog and never did I think that I can "last" this long. It has to be because there were so many wonderful moments with my family that I cannot resist not to note them down. And with so many beautiful photos and videos of my little angels that will always put a smile on me whenever I see them, just want to share with all and hopefully can bring some smile on you too. Another important factor is the support of you who frequent this blog (I roughly know who you are). Thanks for your support and I do hope that I can persist as long as I can.

A quick update on Javier who was having fever yesterday. His fever has subsided though still coughing. Anyway, he is still active as ever. :-)