Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 Feb 2010 - Visit to Qian Hu Fish Farm

We were pondering where to go today and eventually, we decided to pay a visit to Farm Mart and Qian Hu Fish Farm. It has been quite sometimes since we last visited these places. And of course, it Javier's first time to both farm mart and Qian Hu.

It's a very hot afternoon and both Jerlene and Javier fell asleep while on the way to Farm Mart. When I reached the carpark of Farm Mart, they were still sleeping. So I decided to take a quick look around myself and see if there is anything interesting. Sad to say, I did not find any. As such, instead of waking my little angels up, I decided to drive down to Qian Hu and let them have more sleep.

Actually Qian Hu Fish Farm is just a short distance away from Farm Mart, less than 10 mins drive. After we reached there, we waited a while for both Jerlene and Javier to wake up. Initially Jerlene was quite unsure where she was but the moment she saw all the fishes, she started to get excited. Javier was not as excited as Jerlene but he was very focus on the fishes.

Round the corner there was a longkang (drain) fish catching area for the kids. It's half an hour for $5 and you are given a small fish tank plus a fishing net. Catch as many fishes as you can within the half an hour and you can bring back all of them, including the tank. All of us, especially Jerlene, had thoroughly enjoyed the session.

In total, we caught about 20 fishes but by the time we reached home, almost half were dead. It's expected because the same thing happened the previous time. I still remembered all the fishes died overnight.
As the weather was very hot, we were all very tired when we reached home.

21 Feb 2010 - Javier crawls FAST!

Javier can really crawl very fast nowadays. It's getting quite challenging now to catch up with him. He may be faster than his cousin who is 6 months older.

Other than fast crawling, he can now walk steadily with support. Sometimes he even tries to let go of both hands and stand, whereby he can last for 1-2 seconds.

18 Feb 2010 - "You like me?"

Nowadays, Jerlene started to talk back at us. She will use words that we normally use back on us. This is 又好气又好笑. When she realizes that we are angry with her, she will come face to face with us and say "You like me?"........ With that kind of tone, that innocent look on her face, the sweetest smile on earth, there is no way that I can continue to be angry with her. She KNOWS her ultimate weapon against me very well!!!!! :-)

16 Feb 2010 - Kite flying near our place

On the way home from Marina Square, both Jerlene and Javier fell asleep. After we reached home, we rested for about 2 hours before going to a nearby open field to fly kite. Yes, there is a big open field near my place and we always see many people fly kites there in the evening. When we reached the field, there were already quite a number of people there.
Unlike Marina Barrage, the wind here comes and goes very quickly. However, the moment you manage to fly your kite to a certain height, you will be good there after. Jerlene was able to hold onto the kite all by herself for the first time.

16 Feb 2010 - Fun at Marina Square mini playground

It's public holiday (3rd day of CNY) today and I've decided to bring everyone out instead of "rotting" at home. Everywhere in town was so quiet. Though most of the shops were already opened and having post season sale, the number of shoppers were countable.

As we walked towards one end of the mall, we came to an indoor mini playground, which was not there the last time we came. The moment Jerlene saw it, she immediately pulled me towards it. Jerlene had thoroughly enjoyed herself. As for Javier, he tried to join in too......

15 Feb 2010 - Javier learns to drink from straw

Today marked the day when Javier managed to drink from a straw for the very first time!!!!! It was quite a surprise to me that he did not even choke a single time. He seemed to be very experienced with the straw and he finished the entire mug of water very quickly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

14 Feb 2010 - First day of CNY 2010


Today, we were at home idling most of the time as our plan is to go visiting in the evening. We started preparing ourselves around 5pm. Before we left home, Jerlene was posing with her new dress.......

At our auntie's place, which is a mansionette, Jerlene kept climbing up and down the stairs, making all our auntie and uncle very busy and tired. But they all enjoyed it!

13 Feb 2010 - Javier can sleep anytime, anywhere

I am always amazed by kids who somehow able to sleep in awkward position. It happened to Javier today. My helper was feeding him porridge half way through and out of sudden, Javier just dozed off. It was so funny......

Actually it seems like both my kids have this tendency of sleeping anytime, anywhere. The other day, Jerlene went into the toilet to pass urine. After quite a while I still have not heard from her and suddenly, I heard a loud "bang" coming from the toilet followed by Jerlene crying. It so happened that Tracy was passing by the toilet and saw what happened. Jerlene actually dozed off while sitting on her own toilet bowl and fell off on her side......... I quickly went over to hug and console her while at the same time, both Tracy and myself gotta hold on to our laughter........ Every time when we talked about it and tried to imagine what happened, we just cannot stop laughing.......sigh.....bad Papa and Mama...... :P

As my parents were away for this coming CNY, tonight we had our own steamboat reunion dinner at home for the first time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 Feb 2010 - Persistent and stateful mind

Jerlene's mind and memory is not only persistent, but also stateful. Whatever she does or says before her sleep, she will continue from that state of mind when she wakes up. For instance, if before her sleep she asked for her soft toy to be beside her, the next morning when she wakes up, the first thing that she will look for will be her soft toy. Another example is that before she sleeps, I promise to give her "something" the next day, and when she wakes up next morning, she will ask for the "something" from me.

Other than stateful mind, her memory is also quite "solid". Few months back when Tracy brought her on a bus trip to Tampines to meet me, to date she still remembers exactly where she went and what she bought. During that trip, Tracy brought her to Toys-R-Us and asked her to choose one of the two toys (a milk bottle and a bathtub). When she chose the milk bottle, Tracy said next time then buy the bathtub. Today, when Tracy said she's going to bring her on another bus trip, she immediately saked, "You going to buy the bathtub for me?".

Hopefully her good memory will be applied on her studies in future. :-)

7 Feb 2010 - Jerlene finally DID IT!

During last year's development review by Jerlene's childcare centre, the only thing that Jerlene did not achieve is "toilet trained". And today out of sudden, she accomplished it. Knowing Jerlene, I think her main problem is the lack of confidence to make the very first step. When she succeed for once, she will have no problem from there after.

What happened today is that we decided not to let her wear diaper and see how it goes. While we were playing, she suddenly said she needs to pass urine. I quickly carried her into the toilet and let her sit on her toilet bowl. I believe she was really "urgent" and there she goes. She successfully "pee" in her very own toilet bowl. After she did it, she was so proud and went all over our house and announced to everyone on her achievement. From that moment onwards, she refused to wear diapers anymore, except when going out or sleeping at night.

As she's a big girl now, I'm not going to record down the entire "process". Below is how her toilet bowl looks like........

Monday, February 15, 2010

6 Feb 2010 - Early Reunion Dinner

As my parents will be going to Malaysia during Chinese New Year, we decided to have our reunion dinner one week in advance, which is today, at my sis's place. It has been quite a while since we last visited my sis's place. As such, both Jerlene and Javier took a while before they became comfortable with the place and people.

Jerlene brought her NDS with her everywhere now. The moment she settled down, she took it out and started playing. My nephew Marcus got attracted by it and sat beside Jerlene, watching quietly how she play. I asked Jerlene to lend it to Marcus and she really passed it over without hesitation. Clever girl. When she realized that Marcus did not really know how to play, she actually pulled his hand and taught him how to play. So cute....... :)
Once she saw that Marcus got the hang of it, she left him alone and played other toys. She's really like a big sister now.

3 Feb 2010 - The blur blur daddy and mommy

Last weekend, I untied Javier's car seat and stacked on Jerlene's one to make some space at the back of my car. That night, both Tracy and myself tried to tied it back in almost total darkness in the carpark. We thought we have done it well until today when my helper tried to put Javier in the car seat, she asked "Sir, I cannot find the safety belt.....". We turned around, saw the car seat and cannot stop laughing....... Do you realize what's wrong with the car seat (below)? :D

2 Feb 2010 - Javier is a big boy now

Just look at the following picture and you will know what I mean. He seems to be about the same size size as Jerlene, if not bigger. Their weight difference is now less than 2kg.

Having said that, maybe it's Jerlene who is petite.......and yes, she still sucks thumb now....... :)

1 Feb 2010 - Jerlene's N1 schoolwork

Jerlene started her Nursery One class this year. Unlike those artwork that she did previously in her playgroup, now her schoolwork are more academic. It focuses on proper writing and coloring. Let's see how Jerlene did for her Jan 2010 assignment.