Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, April 29, 2010

24 Apr 2010 - Javier's 1st few steps

Javier managed to take his 1st few steps a couple of days ago and today, he improved tremendously by taking about 20 steps without falling. Way to GO GO GO.....Javier! :-)

But once he started to walk steadily or run, it could be the start of my nightmare....... :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

19 Apr 2010 - Javier slamdunk!

Javier received quite a number of presents for his birthday and one of them is a mini basketball board. I only demonstrated to Javier once on how to put the ball through the basketball net and soon after, he's able to do a "SLAMDUNK"! Is he gifted to be a great basketball player? We shall see....... :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

18 Apr 2010 - Entertainment after the birthday celebration

After we had the wonderful birthday cake, it's time for some entertainment. Some decided to continue with the Wii session while the rest changed into their swimming attire and headed towards the pool downstairs.

Comparing to my two nephews, Jerlene and Javier are considered seasoned "swimmers". They both headed right into the water the moment we reached the pool. Jerlene was the first to get into the pool and Javier simply splashing his way in the water. Though my nephew took a while to overcome the fear, he eventually enjoyed splashing water as well. Everybody enjoyed the pool session very much.

We spent about an hour in the pool before heading up to my place for dinner. It's an enjoyable day! :-)

18 Apr 2010 - Celebrating Javier's birthday

We have ordered a 1.5kg birthday cake few weeks back but because we were unable to have a big celebration then, we have postponed the delivery of the cake till today.
We actually did not have a super big party, just a gathering of all our closest family members. The cake seems to be bigger than Javier and he simply cannot take his eyes off it. We have to keep him at a distance away from the cake as he had the tendency to reach for it.

As per any birthday celebration, we lighted a candle, sang a birthday song and blew the candle as a family.
Everybody enjoyed the cake, especially my two little angels...... Once again, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, JAVIER!

17 Apr 2010 - Presents for my little angels

According to my mom, tomorrow is Javier's lunar (chinese calendar 5th March) birthday. Since we were not able to have a big celebration for his birthday 2 weeks back (see here for details), we decide to do it tomorrow. For today, we went to town to shop for Javier's birthday present.

We spent almost two hours in Toys-R-Us (Suntec) to shop for the presents. Main reason is not because we cannot decide what to buy for Javier. In fact, we made our choice very fast. It's Jerlene who cannot decide which baby she wants......... She has been requesting for a baby doll for quite sometimes and we decided to get her one today. By the time she finally made her decision on one baby doll, it's about time to go home. Let Jerlene and Javier share with you what they got from the store.
The interactive table that we bought for Javier is quite interesting. There are a lot of buttons and gadget that make different types of sound and music. Jerlene was busy trying out each and every one of them while Javier aimed for the steering wheel. :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

11 Apr 2010 - Visit to Bottle Tree Park

This morning after breakfast, we decided to pay a visit to the nearby Bottle Tree Park.
We spent quite a while watching people fishing prawns. The live prawns were very huge. There is a small fish pond nearby where small children were enjoying netting "longkang" (drain) fish. Next to it, there are two small ponds where huge fishes (catfish and koi) are in. Jerlene were busy explaining to Javier with lots of actions. Heh heh...... :-)

7 Apr 2010 - Javier can recognize more things now

Javier starts to recognize more and more things now. Of course daddy, mommy and 姐姐 are some of them. When you say where is the light, he will look up to the ceiling. When you say where is "Gaga" (as in insect) or lizard, he will look at the wall.
And when you say where is Pooh, he will point at it (see below).

Other than recognizing things, he also understand words such as Bye bye (and he'll wave bye), "Hmmmuck" (and he'll give you a flying kiss) and clap clap (and he'll clap) etc etc....... I must say he's really a fast learner. Certain things you only need to demonstrate once and he can imitate right away.

5 Apr 2010 - Jerlene's March 10 schoolwork

Above is Jerlene's latest artwork done in her childcare centre. I would say it's now getting more academic than last year. If the above pictures are coloured by her, then I'll say it's really a great improvement. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 Apr 2010 - Enjoying the mini rides

We went to Sembawang Shopping Centre for breakfast this morning. After that, we passed by a row of mini rides and Jerlene simply climbed into one of them. When Javier saw what his 姐姐 was doing, he too seemed excited. So we let him tried on one of them and he enjoyed very much. He can steer pretty well...........

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Apr 2010 - Javier stands up without support

After trying very hard for weeks, I was told that Javier finally managed to stand up all by himself without any support since few days ago. Today I witnessed it and managed to capture it on my video. He seemed to be very proud of it and kept doing it again and again. He even tried to jump and dance at times. Really cute........ :-)

2 Apr 2010 - Mischievous yet adorable

Needless to say, the photo above tells it all. Javier enjoyed bathing and he always gets very excited by splashing water from his tub. Whoever bath him will normally get quite wet after the session. Mischievous yet adorable......... :-)

1 Apr 2010 - My little "big boss"

We brought Jerlene to the clinic after work today to certify that she's now fit for school. Without the certificate from a doctor, she cannot go to school based on the rules laid down by MOH.

It seemed like Javier was feeling much better today. His appetite has improved and did not cry much now. This was a great relief for all of us. Look at how my little "big boss" sits below. Sometimes he even put his leg up on the table.