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Sunday, July 25, 2010

11 Jul 2010 - Fukuoka Day 9: Bye Bye Fukuoka

One week has passed and it's time to go home. All of us will be missing this place very much. Tracy and I will miss the Ramen, Beef and Curry Rice. Jerlene and Javier will probably miss the hotel room.

Our flight will be departing Fukuoka at 1015hrs, so we checked out from our hotel at about 0800hrs. After that, we took a taxi from the hotel to the airport.

As this is a day flight, both Jerlene and Javier were wide awake. They were enjoying the Krisworld, especially Dora the Explorer cartoon.

We touched down at Changi Airport at about 1450hrs, half an hour ahead of planned arrival. This marked the end of our Fukuoka trip.

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