Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, July 31, 2010

18 Jul 2010 - Javier loves bread

Ever since we came back from Japan, Javier fell in love with bread. And bread is one of the first word coming out from his mouth. Previously, one loaf of bread will last about 4 days but now, it's 2 days or less. Actually we realized that in just a week, Javier had grown taller. People around us all had the same comment and it's pretty obvious. We do notice it ourselves because on day 1 of our trip, Javier can still go under the hotel desk. However, on the last day in Fukuoka, he actually knocked his head while trying to go under.......

Other than growing taller, my whole family had turned darker, including my little snow white (Jerlene). Hopefully she can get back her "fairness" soon.

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