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Saturday, July 17, 2010

2 Jul 2010 - Jerlene's 1st ever sports day

Jerlene had her first ever sports day today at her childcare centre. As I had told her that I'll be there to cheer for her, she was very excited about it. At about 10am, the event started with some warm up exercise. Following that, each class began its own event. There are a total of 4 classes namely N1, N2, K1 and K2. The playgroup did not participate in the sports day.
Soon, it's Jerlene's class to begin their event. Jerlene seems to be a "seasoned" athletic as she did much better than her classmates. Good job, Jerlene! You did not disappoint me.

At the end of all the events, every child got a little token.

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