Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

28 Sep 2010 - Javier taking temperature

As I was having fever recently, I guessed Javier must have been observing me while I was taking temperature. Now he always take the thermometer and pretend to take his own temparature. He's now at a stage where he will observe other's actions and imitate them. So got to be very careful not to do the "wrong" things now as he can probably pick it up very quickly.

26 Sep 2010 - Sneak Preview

Just a sneak preview........stay tuned...... :-)

20 Sep 2010 - Speech and Language development

Below is what happened today...
Daddy (me) was pointing at his hand and told his princess, "This is my hand".
Princess replied, "No that is your arm!"
Daddy looked at where he was pointing at and......agreed.......
Next daddy pointed at his leg and asked, "What is this?"....thinking that his princess will never get this wrong.
Princess replied, "It's your limb!".
Oh my, I wonder what has the school been teaching the kids nowadays......... I think I only come across the word "limb" probably during my upper primary school days.

In another occasion, Jerlene was asking Tracy for a gift.......
Jerlene:"Mama, I want this."
Tracy:"I got no money."
Jerlene pushed Tracy away and said:"You go work now! Then got money to buy for me."

As for Javier, he can now say a few words with 2 syllabus. For eg. open, tv, play etc..... And when he used the word play, very often he's asking me to play his children DVD in the player. Not asking me to play with him.

19 Sep 2010 - One so tired, one so active

Both Jerlene and Javier were playing from early morning till mid afternoon. Javier was too tired and he fell asleep right in his play yard. BUT Jerlene was.......... active as ever. In fact, I already got many complaints from her school teachers that she very often refuses to sleep during nap time in school. No wonder there is a size difference between my two little ones......... Javier is going to catch up with Jerlene in terms of weight and size soon.

17 Sep 2010 - Big red nose!

Javier fell this morning while playing with the door steps at my parent's place. Right now, he got a big red bruise on his nose tip. There was also a little bump on his forehead as well but covered by his hair.

However, he does not seem to be affected by the bruise at all. He even invented a new dance move with his bruised nose......haha........

Saturday, September 18, 2010

12 Sep 2010 - My two loving angels

We were at Suntec City this morning. It was more crowded than the last time we came. Jerlene had taken an early lunch at home. When we reached, it's about lunch time, so we decided to have it at Pepperlunch. While waiting for the food to come, we quickly fed Javier while Jerlene was waiting for her ice cream. After Javier finished his lunch, he started running around the shop. Fortunately we had Jerlene to help to feed Javier with ice cream. At least kept him from running for sometimes while we were having our lunch.

After lunch, while we were on our way to buy some birthday presents for my nephew, Javier was holding Jerlene's hand. Suddenly he wanted Jerlene to carry him and Jerlene dun know what to do.......very funny......

11 Sep 2010 - Encounter with dogs

We went to visit Tracy's mom with both Jerlene and Javier. Tracy's cousin brought along her two dogs and we were wondering whether the kids will be afraid. Initially, they felt a little uncomfortable but slowly, they dared to even touch the dogs. And it's not that type of small toy dogs. One of them is really BIG! See the pictures below.
Javier was crying most of the time there but he's not afraid of the dogs........guess what.....somehow he's afraid of his 表姨. Haha.......

10 Sep 2010 - Splash Park at SSC

It's public holiday (Hari Raya Puasa) today so early morning, we brought both Jerlene and Javier to Sembawang for a prata breakfast. After that, we did some grocery shopping in Giants at Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). Jerlene was getting a bit bored after a while and we decided to bring them to the playground at level three. They had so much fun climbing and running around. Beside the playground, there is a Splash Park which started operating at 11am. It's a playground with a water theme. They kept wanting to go over, especially Javier. Although we were not prepared for the kids to get wet, we still brought them over in order not to disappoint them. We did not regret that because they were really having SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
We tried not to let them get wet but it's impossible for Javier as he kept running for the water. Jerlene on the other hand were enjoying the water gun. As you can see in one of the below clips, it's a bit jerky because I had to avoid getting "shot" by

5 Sep 2010 - Jerlene likes it still, Javier likes it moves

All this while, Jerlene likes to sit on those mini rides BUT.......she does not like it to move. Whenever I said I want to put in coin, she will shout "NO!!!!". Somehow she's very scared when the ride that she's sitting on moves. As for Javier, that's not a problem. He's not a afraid of the rides moving at all.......

Btw, in the above clip, you can hear Jerlene's singing in the background. :-)

4 Sep 2010 - Is that a safety belt?

Today while watching TV in our living room, Jerlene suddenly took out her cushion and busy tying something. Initially I could not figure out what she's trying to do. So I waited till she settled down and asked her what it is. And she said:"This is my safety belt!". ;-)

3 Sep 2010 - Javier is BACK!

We finally brought Javier home after 2 weeks. He had missed his toys so much and the moment he stepped into the house, he went straight into his play yard. He played there all by himself for about half an hour. So glad that our whole family is back together again.
Javier seems to have grown bigger after two weeks. :-)

1 Sep 2010 - Teacher's Day

It's teacher's day today and we brought some snacks to Jerlene's childcare centre for celebration. Below are her artwork for the month of Aug 10. She can now write her own name on her art pieces.
As Tracy and myself still have some ulcers in our mouth, we hadto reluctantly let Javier stay at my parent's place for a few more days, just to play safe. We missed him so much.........