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Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 Nov 2010 - I'm ready, P.....MOTION!

Today, both Tracy and myself suddenly heard Jerlene singing a song but after listening to the words, we looked at each other and laugh.......where on earth did she learn such a song!!! This is what we heard......

Jerlene:"I'm ready, pass motion! I'm ready, pass motion! I'm ready, pass motion........"

We quickly called Jerlene over and asked her where she learnt the song. Guess what.....she said she learnt it from SpongeBob!!!!!! I suddenly remember we had the SpongeBob movie DVD and suspected that she may have learnt from it. And true enough, SpongeBob did sing the same song, but the words are slightly different.......below is the short clip.

It's actually...."I'm ready,PROMOTION!!!!"

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