Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, January 31, 2011

28 Jun 2011 - Enjoying Abacus class

Jerlene started her abacus class in her childcare centre 2 weeks ago and today, she finally got to use her abacus. After showing off her abacus, she actually taught me the basic of using a abacus. There is also a book that teaches her how to represent numbers using the abacus. Right now, she knows how to arrange the beads from 1-9.

The class is called 3rd Generation Abacus. You may find out more with the URL below.

25 Jan 2011 - Happy Birthday, My Princess!!!!!

We bought a cake for Jerlene to bring to her school for a little celebration with her classmates. She chose the cake herself. Surprisingly she chose Care Bears instead of Dora.

At night, we again had another celebration and this time was with my parents. My mom bought a small cake and Jerlene blew the candles for the third time this birthday.

My two angels enjoyed the cakes very much.
Jerlene, daddy shall now sing your favourite Hi-5 birthday song to you.
"Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday
With love from me to you,
May your wishes all come true.
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Shout Hip Hip Hooray,
On this very special day .
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!"

23 Jan 2011 - Early celebration for Jerlene's birthday

We bought a cake to my MIL place to have an early celebration for Jerlene's birthday, which is 2 days later. The cake was delicious and everybody enjoyed it. Javier was not satisfied with just one piece and cried for more..... We all had a great time!

22 Jan 2011 - Jerlene's new companion, Barbie Doll

Jerlene's birthday is coming and we decided to go Nex to buy her a present. We reached Nex at about 1pm and to our surprise, there was no queue to the carpark. As we entered the mall, we saw that the crowd within it has greatly reduced comparing to about a month ago when it just opened. We brought Jerlene to Isetan to choose her present. She spent about half an hour there before finally decided on a Barbie Doll set. After that, we bought a set of new clothing for Javier before Jerlene started nagging about going home......yes.....she can't wait to play with her new toy......

Let Jerlene introduced to you her new companion, Barbie, and her wardrobe set.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

18 Jan 2011 - Dora, the amazing teacher

Jerlene and I were playing seek and find game on my laptop.

Jerlene:"What do we find now?"
Me:"Cocoon" (thinking that she will probably ask what it is....)
Jerlene:"Ah......caterpillar will go into it"
I was "Stunned"!
Jerlene:"Then butterfly comes out!"
I was "AMAZED"
Me:"Did your school teacher teach you that?"
Jerlene:"No, it's Dora!"

Jerlene not only acquire quite a lot of general knowledge from Dora DVDs, she also learns quite a bit of Spanish. I have to ask her to teach me that. I have read a recent news article that Spanish is currently the fastest growing language in the world. So it's not a bad language to learn...... :-)

16 Jan 2011 - Great Creativity and Observation

Few weeks back, Jerlene had built an aeroplane with building blocks using her very own creativity. Today she did it again by building a ship of her own. She's getting good at it!
Other than showing her creativity, she had also shown her excellent observation recently. I had been playing many seek and find games all this while. Since few days back, Jerlene started playing that with me and to my surprise, she is able to find items pretty fast. Certain objects that I thought she may not know but I was proven wrong time after time. I must keep telling myself that Jerlene is no longer an ignorant little girl. She is coming to 4 years old in less than 2 weeks times, daddy! :-P

15 Jan 2011 - Another visit to Animal Resort

This morning after breakfast at Jalan Kayu, I brought Jerlene to a nearby Animal Resort. It's like a mini zoo and we had some close encounter with the animals, especially the goose. Jerlene loves it so much!

8 Jan 2011 - Mini Gathering

I have organized a mini gathering with my colleagues and friends at my place. Some came earlier to play pool in the billiard room downstairs. Then more came and we started playing 三国杀 card game. It's like "Magic the Gathering" card game what I used to play many years back but in chinese now. At about 5pm, we started fire for the barbecue and more people arrived.
Glad that everyone enjoyed the view and atmosphere at my roof terrace. After the gathering, a few of us played mahjong till morning....... :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Jan 2011 - Jerlene showing her creativity

Today, Jerlene suddenly ran to me and showed me an airplane made up of clipping block (see the below pic).

Jerlene:"Daddy, is this nice?"
Me:"Oh yes it is! Who made it for you?"
Jerlene:"No, I made it myself!"
Me:"Are you sure?"

As I still did not quite believe, I went to ask my helper and she confirmed that Jerlene did made it herself. Lesson learnt, never underestimate your children.

Great job, Jerlene! Let's take a photo of you and your creativity! :-)

1 Jan 2011 - Happy 2011

We finally had a chance to watch fireworks from our roof terrace. As we had a 270 degree of unblocked view, we were able to see fireworks in Town, Serangoon Garden as well as Punggol!