Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, February 25, 2011

19 Feb 2011 - One, two, three......ten

We went Hougang Mall to return our library books this morning. Jerlene was excited every time she went to the library. he will definitely choose and borrow 6 books from the children's section.

In the afternoon, I have booked the billiard room for an hour. We brought both Jerlene and Javier together with us. While we were playing, Javier got hold of a billiard ball and said "Three"! We took the ball and true enough, it's a 3 ball! We thought probably it's just coincidence so we took another ball and showed him. He looked at it and said "One"! He got it correct again. We tried a few more times and in the end, we confirmed that Javier really can recognize numbers now. He can say one to ten since many months ago but only today then we realized that he can actually recognize the numbers. Great job, Javier!

17 Feb 2011 - Full Moon on 元宵节

元宵节 is the fifteeth day of the Lunar New Year (based on Chinese Calendar). It is also known as the Lantern Festival. This day is also the first night to see a full moon in a Lunar New Year. The full moon is extremely bright tonight as the sky was very clear. 祝大家元宵节快乐!

13 Feb 2011 - Lion Dance

In the evening, we had a little family gathering at my sis place. My brother-in-law invited a Lion Dance Group to add to the celebration and hopefully can bring prosperity to everyone. Initially I thought Javier would be frightened by the lions but to all of our surprise, he even went to "save a doll" from the lion. So funny........

After dinner, we had a birthday celebration for my mom and myself. :-) All the grand children gathered and took a pic with my parents.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

13 Feb 2011 - Prata and Animal Resort

I've promised the kids to visit Animal Resort today but before that, we had breakfast at the prata shop nearby.

Jerlene and Javier were excited about seeing animals so they ate much faster than usual. We had very close encounter with the goose, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.
While we were happily looking at the rabbits, a group of goose suddenly came by and Javier was shocked to see so many creatures behind him. However, very quickly, he recovered from the shock and even wanted to walk towards them.......

Near the entrance, there is a parrot who can say "Hello". We had a great time at Animal Resort.

12 Feb 2011 - My new helpers

Today, I suddenly realized I got 2 new helpers who are more than willing to clean my house. And guess what, they actually did a pretty good job......haha........see it for yourself. :-)

6 Feb 2011 - Went swimming......

We decided to go swimming today. Jerlene was excited to wear a new swimming costume. It's actually not really new as it was passed down from my niece. However, to her, she think it's new and refused to wear her old one anymore.
Let's go, kids. We had a great time in the pool.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 Feb 2011 - Feasting Day

We had breakfast at Jalan Kayu prata shop today. When it comes to prata, Javier will refuse to be fed. He wants to eat it all by himself.

Javier alone can finish an egg prata. Jerlene can only finish it if her appetite is good. We all had a satisfying breakfast.

In the late afternoon, we went to my in-law place to 拜年. Jerlene and Javier wore their 3rd set of new clothes

On our way home, we were surprised to see a coffee shop opened. So we went over to 打包 fried rice for dinner.

4 Feb 2011 - 2nd day of Rabbit Year

Today we spent most of the time at home till evening when we got ready to Changi chalet. Jerlene and Javier had another set of new clothing which they wore today. Once again, they look pretty and smart, and invited lots of praise from the relatives. :)

3 Feb 2011 - Happy Rabbit Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Welcome to the year of Rabbit! Hopefully this is gonna be a fruitful year for everyone. Jerlene and Javier would like to wish all a HAPPY CNY!

We only went visiting (拜年) in the evening. Jerlene and Javier were both wearing chinese traditional clothes. They look pretty and handsome in it. Jerlene especially got lots of praise from everyone. What a beauty! :)

2 Feb 2011 - New sleep wear

Chinese New Year was only hours away. After our reunion steamboat dinner, I quickly bathed Jerlene. The moment I finished drying her, she dashed out of the bathroom and I was wondering what happened. Seconds later, she dashed back to me and held in her hand was her new sleep wear. It was bought by my helper few weeks ago. She was excited because she finally got to wear her sleep wear with her favourite Dora printed on it!
The material of the sleep wear is very soft and very comfortable for sleeping. At about midnight, there was some fireworks, which can be seen from our room.

2 Feb 2011 - Fun in Nex playground

It's Chinese New Year's Eve today. Jerlene's childcare centre opened till 2pm. As today was a half working day, I went over to pick up Jerlene immediately after my work. We went to Nex shopping mall for lunch and surprisingly, it's not as crowded as I had expected. Probably everybody was busy preparing for their reunion dinner. Actually the crowd in Nex has gone down recently.

After lunch, Jerlene still did not want to go home, so I brought her to the playground on the rooftop of Nex. She was having lots of fun playing on the slides. We spent more than 30mins there before heading home to get ready for our very own reunion dinner.

1 Feb 2011 - CNY celebration in Jerlene's school

Chinese New Year is just two days away and today, there was a celebration in Jerlene's childcare centre. Every student was wearing either chinese traditional costumes or party dress. And to add on to the celebration, all students brought some goodies for the party.
Jerlene enjoyed giving goodies to her classmates. :-)