Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Apr 2011 - A princess dream

Jerlene has been watching many princess fairy tales and she must have been dreaming of being one. Today, she took a small sleeping mat and wrapped it around her. With that she "paraded" all over our house telling everyone she's a princess........ In fact recently, she has been telling me that she wanted to keep her hair long, just like the princess.

I wondered if she had watched the royal wedding in which she saw the gorgeous wedding gown....... :-)

23 Apr 2011 - My garden slowly coming to shape

Last week we bought two pots of plants and that was a first step in building up my garden. As the plants seem to be growing well on my roof terrace, we decided to buy more today. This time we bought another five pots of plants.

Hopefully the flowers will continue to bloom and more buds will be growing out. Time will tell if I have a green finger.......

22 Apr 2011 - Great fun at Sembawang Park / Beach

My family met up with my parents, sis and her family at Sembawang Park this morning. The young ones saw the beach and started to get excited. Javier was the first one to get onto the beach. He's also the first one to sit on the sand and watch the waves after waves.

The rest of the kids did not want to dirty their clothes initially. As such, there were either standing or squatting. However, when they saw Javier sitting on the sand, they also followed after that.

As it was a hot weather, we did not allow the kids to play in the sand for too long. We all gathered under a tree to refill ourselves with water. My sis then took out a bubble blower and the kids again became wild at the bubbles. It's such a great feeling to see the kids all enjoying themselves.

My dad brought along a hammock and Javier had a first taste of how it feels like lying in one. He seemed relax...... :-)

We left the place around noon. It was a great day out! Should plan for more of such family outing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

17 Apr 2011 - My angels performing on stage

We had our lunch at a popular roasted meat stall in a coffee shop around Lorong Ah Soo. Next to the coffee shop is a sheltered open area with a stage. So after lunch, we walked towards it and Jerlene immediately ran up the stage. When Javier saw his 姐姐went up the stage, he also followed. They started performing on stage and we all enjoyed their "performance". Javier's action was so funny and we all had a good laugh. Enjoy the performance of my two little angels below.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

17 Apr 2011 - Amazing "stand sleeping" skill

I've heard about such skill from friends but today, I got to witness it personally. It came from none other than my princess. She did not sleep the whole of today. So around 8pm while I was watching TV, she suddenly came and stood beside me. After which she lie her head on my lap. Within minutes, she fell asleep.....while standing!!!

She must be very tired. I quickly carried her to the bed, wiped her up (as she had not bathed) and changed sleeping clothes for her. Sweet dream, Jerlene! :-)

16 Apr 2011 - A small step towards a fine garden

We have moved in to our current place for almost half a year and so far, we have not built up our roof with any plants. So today, we took our first step and bought 2 pots of plants from a nursery at Jalan Kayu.

We bought a pot of bougainvillea and a pot of mosquito plant. They looks good and we should be buying more real soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 Apr 2011 - Strange weather recently

When we were at Lorong Halus Wetland, the weather was extremely hot! However, the moment we reached home, the sky started to turn dark. I could see dark rain clouds drifting towards me from the northeast direction.

With such unusual weather, no wonder so many people are not feeling well. Jerlene has also started having flu and cough. Hope she can recover soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

10 Apr 2011 - Lorong Halus Wetland and Serangoon Reservoir

This morning we were still thinking of where to go. While surfing net, we came upon a website mentioning about Lorong Halus Wetland. So that's where we were going. I told Jerlene and Javier about it and gave them each a hat. They were both very excited and were ready to go almost immediately.

Located in north-eastern Singapore along the eastern bank of Serangoon Reservoir, Lorong Halus Wetland was transformed from a landfill into an educational site and biodiversity haven for plants, birds and other wildlife.

We went by TPE and exited at Lorong Halus. It was a long straight drive to the wetland.

There are only 3 parking lots right at the entrance and I managed to get one. We first came to a shelter where there are information about the surrounding area. As it's an open space, my little angels were running wild.

Next we came to a bridge that spans across the Serangoon River. My princess cannot resist the beautiful scenery and pose in front of the bridge. :-)

As the weather is very hot, we stopped at the middle of the bridge where there is cover. It was water party time.

After resting for about 20mins, we proceed to the other side of the river. Initially we thought of walking to the end of the park but as the weather was too hot, we decided to turn back.

Javier was like a kampong kid running around in his singlet, especially on the grass. He seems to have unlimited energy and he kept running all over the place. We all (including Jerlene) surrendered except Javier.......

We took another break on the bridge. Looking across the bridge is a dam that blocks off serangoon river.

When we left the place, both Jerlene and Javier were so tired that they slept almost immediately after getting into the car. If not for the hot weather, this is definitely a good place to relax, especially with your family.

2 Apr 2011 - Another celebration for Javier's birthday (chinese)

We have celebrated Javier's birthday 2 days back. Today we again had another celebration for his "Chinese" birthday (according to lunar calendar).

I bought a SpongeBob (one of his favourite cartoon character) cake for him. My sis and mother were here for the celebration.

The cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. Look at Javier's satisfying smile below......

Happy Birthday Javier once again. Hopefully it's not the start of my nightmare.....the notorious "terrible TWO"!!!!! :-P

2 Apr 2011 - Let's sing "K"

I've booked the KTV room at my premise for the afternoon. This is Jerlene and Javier first time going for a karaoke session. It's great that there are many children songs, which they both are familiar with. The moment the music starts, they simple took over the microphones.

Songs that Javier does not know, at least he can do some "background" music........

We had a great time and will probably be back real soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Apr 2011 - A pretty young lady

After work, I went to fetch Jerlene from her childcare. Her teacher had help to tie up her hair and I always think that she looks very pretty with her hair tied up. Dun you think so? :-)