Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, June 30, 2011

27 Jun 2011 - Javier's first wedding dinner

We had a wedding dinner tonight and we decided to bring both Jerlene and Javier there. This is Javier's first time to a wedding dinner. We really hope that he can sit through, which he did in the end. But that's with the help of my iPhone! :-)

26 Jun 2011 - Jie Jie's Birthday!

We had a mini celebration for our helper's birthday today.
Time really flies and she has been with us for almost 2 years now. She has been taking care of Javier since he's just few months old. Sad to say, she'll be leaving us in a week's time. Wish her all the best! Not sure if Javier will get used to without Jie Jie..........

19 Jun 2011 - Happy Father's day to me!

Above is what Jerlene created in her childcare for me. Of course, it's done with the help of her teachers. Wonder when she will really make something all by herself for me.......

Happy Father's Day to all Daddies!

19 Jun 2011 - My little Towkay and Kampong kid

Javier has been behaving like a Towkay all these while. Whenever he sits on the swing or in the car seat, he will place both his hands behind his head. I have never seen a 2 years old doing that before.
Other than behaving like Towkay, he always like to be bare footed. Many times, he refused to wear any shoes or sandals. Even if he wears it initially, after a while he will take it off.....sigh...... He's really like a kampong kid.

18 Jun 2011 - Mr Milo

We were doing our usual grocery at NTUC Xtra across our place. Jerlene and Javier were with me and suddenly from far, we saw a huge green thing moving around. As it moved nearer, I realized it's a Milo mascot. We expected him to walk towards us but instead he turned into another lane. So I told Jerlene:"Let's go find Mr Milo!". She was so excited and as she walked, she shouted very loudly:" WHERE IS MR MILO??". So embarrassing as people around all looked over...........
We finally caught up with Mr Milo and Jerlene had a photo taken with him.

18 Jun 2011 - Princess cut

Jerlene finally agreed to cut her hair. We told her we promised to only cut a bit of her hair on her forehead so that she can continue to grow her long hair at the back like a princess. However, when she was at the salon, she told the hairdresser she wanted to cut short hair, including the back. We were very surprised but since she requested, we asked the hairdresser to proceed.
After the haircut, I asked Jerlene:"Why you want to cut short hair now? Dun you want to be a princess?" She replied:"NO, I want to be same like the short hair princess!". For those who have watched the animation "Tangled", you should know what she meant.

Friday, June 24, 2011

12 Jun 2011 - New camera, new feature,great model

I bought a new camera from PC Show today. It's a FujiFilm FinePix F500EXR. I have been using my phone as a camera for the past 6 months. Reason being my previous camera was not working after Javier dropped it. However, when I took it out today after I bought the new one, it miraculously "revive"!!! Now I have two working camera. Anyway, there are quite a few new great features which I had tried out with my two SuperModel at the pool.

First, I decided to take a few 大特写 of my two SuperModel. The result turned out to be very clear and nice. Love it.
Next I tried out the feature "360 degree panaroma". All I have to do is to change to that mode, click and drag my camera across the field. The camera will then "stitch up" nicely and result was fantastic.
Then I tried to capture some motion and got a few funny shots of my SuperModel.
Lastly, most camera can do movie recording. However, not many can zoom in and out while recording. This new one can. So in summary, I'm quite satisfied with this camera.

Friday, June 17, 2011

11 Jun 2011 - Dreaming to be a Kung Fu kid?

I cannot resist myself but to grab my camera to take the following photos. Is Javier practising KungFu in his dream, especially after watching KungFu Panda 2 recently? Haha..........

8 Jul 2011 - Hoola Hoop Time

As I grow older day by day, my physical development will start to slow down. On the other hand, my kids will develop and improve in all areas, especially in their agility and reflexes. Recently I finally found something that Jerlene has surpassed me. And that is.......Hoola Hoop!!!! Below video was taken few weeks back. When she showed me today, she can do it for more than 30 secs. I think she has already broken my all time record. Great job, Jerlene!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 Jun 2011 - KungFu Panda 2

Tonight we planned to watch KungFu Panda 2 with the kids. I left office a little bit earlier today to get them ready for the 8pm show. This was Javier's first time to a cinema and Jerlene's second.

Throughout the show, both Jerlene and Javier kept asking for food. And they cannot stay on their seat for long and started walking about between Tracy and my seat. Because of that, I cannot focus on the movie as well. Previously when I brought only Jerlene to watch "Tangled", she was quite well behaved throughout the show. Guess I cannot bring both together for now.
After the show, we spent a while walking in the mall before going home.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Jun 2011 - Random pics

Took a few photos before going "gai gai"..........

2 Jun 2011 - Family portrait by Jerlene

Jerlene drew a family portrait today. I must say it is pretty well done and at least her drawing got a theme now. And she knows sky is blue, grass is green, girl has long hair and boy has short hair.

Perhaps I should send her to some drawing class? :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 Jun 2011 - Jerlene and Barbie

Every now and then, Jerlene will take out her Barbie doll and play. Today, she tried to tie up Barbie's hair and did it with the help of mama. After that, she insisted that she wants to have the same hairstyle as Barbie. So here you go........