Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 Jul 2011 - Aerial and Fireworks display (NDP rehearsal)

Jerlene and I were at our roof terrace waiting to see the aerial display for our national day parade rehearsal. Jerlene was very sharp and she spotted the fighter jet before me.
As the fighter jets returned from their fly past at Marina Bay at about 7pm, we had a very close shot of the jet right above us.
An hour later at about 8pm, we were at the roof terrace again to get ready to view the fireworks display.

Btw, my roof terrace will be opened on actual national day. Let me know if anyone is interested. Already had a booking right now...... :-)

30 Jul 2011 - Party with friends

This afternoon, Jerlene and Javier stayed in their room for quite a while with the door closed. I found it strange that they did not come and disturb me. Out of curiosity, I decided to see whether they are up to do some mischievous stuff in their room. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see a party room. Jerlene and Javier were having a party with their friends, Dora and Stitch. Jerlene had setup a party table for her friends. As for her and Javier, they had setup a separate play area for themselves.

Outside the room, Jerlene had placed a mattress. I asked her what it was and she replied:"That's the grass"! So imaginative. It's really amazing to learn how kids had in their mind. :-)

24 Jul 2011 - Playground time

Today, I gave Jerlene and Javier a choice whether they prefer to go to the pool or playground. Both said playground and off we went.
Jerlene has been a "seasoned" playground goer. As for Javier, he's also full of confidence. I guessed my dad has been bringing him to playground pretty often. He's also very confident when he went on the slide.

In fact, Javier has his own style of sliding. He will "jumpstart" before sliding down. See below video and you'll know what I mean.

24 Jul 2011 - Balloon Fiesta at Nex

We were at Nex shopping mall this afternoon and in an open area, there was a balloon fiesta where everything was created out of balloons. There were prince and princess, fountain, monkey, carriage, flowers etc all made of balloons. Jerlene and Javier were so excited when they saw all these and started touching them, which ended up with a "warning" from one of the staff. Before leaving, we bought Jerlene a balloon teddy bear and Javier a balloon sword. The amount spent will all go to charity.

20 Jul 2011 - Room turns Art Gallery

Look at my kids' drawing. Whether you think it's nice or not, that does not matter to me. What concern me here is..........this painting is done on one of the wall in my house!!!!! Right now we have no choice but to keep all the pencils, pens and crayon away from the kids. If not, my entire house will become an art gallery soon. Sigh.........

18 Jul 2011 - Crossing the 30,000 mark

This blog has finally crossed the 30,000 mark in terms of number of visitors. It has been four years of blogging and I am really surprised that I can have the patience and discipline to keep this updated as much as I can. It really brings back a lot of fond memories whenever I looked back at what I've blogged years ago. Seeing my little angels grew up from baby to toddler was really amazing. And time really flies. Next year, Jerlene will be entering Kindergarten. And very soon, she'll go for primary, secondary and tertiary education. Will I still be blogging by then? We shall see. If you continue to provide me your support, I believe I can. :-)

15 Jul 2011 - Mr Piggy?

Last week, Jerlene brought back an artwork from her school. It's a mask with a pig head that one can wear on the head. Today, Jerlene found it in her play area and put it on Javier's head. In the past, Javier would not let anything goes onto his head but tonight, surprisingly he did not make any noise. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it and paraded the whole house with the "pig" on his head. Isn't this cute?
After parading, my two angels started singing and dancing on my bed.

7 Jul 2011 - Javier losing appetite

Recently, Javier has lost his appetite. He ate very little during meal time but kept asking for milk. He refused to eat rice, not even a single grain. Everything else, he would taste one time and then reject it after that. We bought a bottle of Multi Vitamin tablet with Lysine, which is supposed to help improve appetite, but it does not work. Jerlene took it as well and it works very well for her. Though now Javier eat much lesser and Jerlene eats a lot more, their size somehow still remain. Javier did not lose any weight and is still a tough boy. Jerlene on the hand is still pretty slim despite eating a lot. Many people told me this is good. Boy is supposed to be tough and girl has always wanted to be slim. Well, what do you think? :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

6 Jul 2011 - Our new Jie Jie (helper)

Today is the arrival of our new helper. Initially, we were not sure if the kids will accept her but guess our worries were unnecessary. Jerlene was very excited when she saw her new Jie Jie. She even help us to do part of the briefing. It's like old bird teaching new bird to do things. It's so funny to see Jerlene telling new Jie Jie what to do and what not to do. Jerlene really was taking very good care for this new Jie Jie as she even made bed for her before sleep. She had never done that to anyone, including me!
As for Javier, he was feeling a bit uncomfortable initially but when new Jie Jie started playing with him, he was ok then. Glad that both kids do not reject our new Jie Jie and hope that she can really be a good helper.

2 Jul 2011 - Days without a helper

These few days we were without a helper and got to do all the housework ourselves. It does not affect Jerlene much but as for Javier, he would look for my helper at times. However, he can be easily distracted as long as someone played with him. So while Tracy was cleaning the house, I had to full time looking after and played with my two my little angels. You may be thinking that it's an easy job to play with kids, but I can tell you, it's TIRING!
They had unlimited energy and would not let me rest for a moment while they go on and on. They spent quite a while running about on our roof terrace before I brought them down to the pool for a swim. After that, they continued with some bathtub fun followed by asking me to play Wii........etc etc etc........ After hours of Wii, my arm started aching. Though tiring, I think it's all worth it. Jerlene all the while is very attached to me and now, Javier started to get attached to me as well. Love you, my little angels!