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Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Mar 2012 - Port Dickson Day 1: Lexis Port Dickson

Lexis Port Dickson, formerly known as The Legends Water Chalet, will be our accommodation for the coming 3 days. We checked into our water chalet at about 2pm. As the chalet is stretched out into the sea, we took a buggy from the hotel lobby to our unit. Once we stepped into our room, my two angels immediately "attacked" the bed.
Not only did they "own" the bed, they also "conquered" the TV with their cartoon channel. Anyway, each unit comes with a king size bed and a day bed. But the best thing also comes with free WiFi in every room and lobby.
As the chalets are built on stilt outstretched into the sea, there is also a solid glass panel in the unit for underneath seawater viewing. However, I personally felt that unless the water is crystal clear, which is not in this case, there is nothing special about it.
Each unit also comes with a balcony with a nice view into the sea. As it was low tide at the time we checked in, all we can see is simply mud everywhere.

We rested for an hour and met up with the group at about 3pm. We called for the buggy to send us back into the hotel lobby. While waiting, we took some photos and there is a small island not far from us, which looks quite artificial.
Btw, looking at the photo below and based on the angle it was taken, you should have guessed who's the photographer, right? Yes, Jerlene took it and from this point onwards, she "owned" my camera. I can only use my iphone if I wanted to take any picture....sigh....... Next time, I will have to bring two cameras out for any trip.

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