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Saturday, March 24, 2012

11 Mar 2012 - Port Dickson Day 2: Sunway Lagoon

Today, my travelling party decided to go to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. We followed them there but instead of the theme park, we decided to shop in the mall and let the kids play with those indoor rides. The journey there was slightly more than an hour. We reached there at about 10:45am. The moment we saw the building, the first thing that caught all our attention was.....OMG, the Lunar New Year decoration had not been taken down!!!!!!
The mall has expanded so much. It is about 3 times bigger since we were here about 10 years ago. The ice skating rink at the centre of the mall is still around though.
Other than the mall, I was told that the theme park has also expanded. I remember the last time we came, there were only two parks and now there were five.
As I felt that my two little angels are still too young to take most of the rides in the parks, we decided to give it a miss this time. Furthermore it's also a bit rush. We thought we have made the right choice when it started to rain in the early afternoon.

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