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Saturday, March 24, 2012

11 Mar 2012 - Port Dickson Day 2: Sunway Lagoon Mall

After arranging with my travelling party on a time and place to meet before returning to Port Dickson, we began our "adventure" of the day. There was a Friso event at the mall and we saw some games for the kids. So we approached the counter and registered for both Jerlene and Javier. Upon registration, we entered a tent where there were some virtual games designed for parents and kids. We spent about 10mins there.
When we exited the tent, we were being led to an area where we were to design and take a digitized family photo. And good thing was all these were free.
We continued with "adventure" and my little angels seemed to be in good mood. It is very rare to see them holding hands.
We then bought McDonald's Happy Meal for the kids, while Tracy and myself had our lunch at GeorgeTown restaurant. We then bought Jerlene and Javier an Angry Bird balloon each.
After which, they were busy playing Angry Bird fighting. I wonder how long the balloons can last.
As we walked further down, we came to another playground. So as expected, both my angels went straight at it. We got our helper to look after them while Tracy and myself continued our shopping. After about half an hour, we came back and took a peek. Both of them were still having fun in that small playground. As such, we continued our shopping in another part of the mall.
After we went back to pick up the kids, we brought them to the mall's indoor amusement park. This has to be the most enjoyable part of our "adventure" for the kids. They took the mini train ride, ferris wheel and animal car ride. I was a bit surprised that they dared to take the rides all by themselves. I guessed now with Javier around, Jerlene had become bolder.

At 5pm, we met up with the rest and drove our way back to Port Dickson for our dinner. Time flies and two days had passed. Tomorrow we will be checking out and heading back to Singapore.

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