Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Apr 2012 - I walked "funny" today.....

.......and the reason is....... (read my previous post on "Great workout")!

29 Apr 2012 - A new toy without controller....KINECT

I did a search on the internet to see if there are any dancing games suitable for kids on Wii.  In the end, I found that most of the titles are for Xbox Kinect.  For those who are not familiar with Kinect, it's actually an add-on sensor to the Xbox console that detect the player's movement.  The gameplay will be similar to Wii except that we play without holding any controller on our hand.  Other than our hands, it also detects our feet movement.  It comes with face and voice recognition as well.
After some consideration and discussion with Tracy, we decided to "own" it.  In the late afternoon, we went down to AMK hub and bought the Xbox console with 250GB HDD (Ultimate Action Pack Bundle) and the Kinect sensor.  We also bought some games that are suitable for kids.  For those who are interested in Kinect and feels like owning one too, just for info, you really need a bigger play area as compared to Wii.  The distance from the Kinect sensor must be about 1.8m away for single player games.  For two players games, you need about 2.4m.  Knowing that not many household (especially in Singapore) has such a big in-house open area, there is a third party add-on for the Kinect sensor that can reduce the distance requirement by 40%.  I did not buy that as I decided to try it out first.  Sad to say, my play area is just about right for single player game.  We tried two players game and it fails to detect at times.  My other bigger problem is Javier as he kept running in front of the TV screen and got the sensor "confused"........  Jerlene managed to play the Sesame Street games and enjoyed it.

As it was pretty late by the time we got home, I did not have time to explore all the games and features.  Will keep you all updated of our Kinect experience in the coming weeks.

29 Apr 2012 - Great workout!

I got a new game for my Wii console called "Just Dance 3".  The gameplay is simlpy to hold the Wii remote in one hand and follow the dance steps of the characters on the TV screen.  It's a mirror reflection of yourself.  After trying out for 3 songs, I was already very tired.  It has been quite a while since I last perspire this much.  In the end, I played close to 20 songs and was totally exhausted.   However, I think it's a great workout.  I can foresee I will start to have muscle ache from tomorrow onwards for a few days.  It was fun though.  :-)

As the songs in this game are not suitable for kids, I intend to look out for some titles that contains kids songs and perhaps, with familiar cartoon characters in it.

25 Apr 2012 - Javier, stop it!

Ever since we had the hamster, my helper has been very busy cleaning up the mess created by my two little "monsters".  Javier kept playing with the shavings in the hamster cage by grabbing them out and throwing them all over the place.  I have scolded and counselled him multiple times but he still does not learn.  Although Jerlene has stopped doing that, she enjoyed watching Javier doing it.  Sometimes she even encourages Javier to do those mischievous things, knowing that she will get scolding if she does it herself.  Sigh......I wonder when they will pass this stage.  

After the scolding last night, Javier did not play with the shavings today.....BUT.....he held a container (actually it's a resting place for the hamster) with the hamster inside high up and tried to pour it out.  I saw it from afar and had to shout at him to stop him from doing it.  Unlike us, the hamster must be looking forward to every weekday daytime when the two "monsters" are not at home.

20 Apr 2012 - First Ballet Lesson

Today, Tracy received a call from Hwi Yoh Community Centre asking if we want to enrol Jerlene for the ballet class.  Actually, we were put on waitlist since beginning of the year and 2 weeks back we went down to inquire again.  It so happened that there is one student decided to drop out for this semester, and the staff sees that we were so enthusiastic, they decided to give us a chance.  However, we need to bring Jerlene to the class tonight at 7:45pm.  I got to do some adjustment to my schedule in order to rush down in time.

Jerlene was extremely excited the moment she learnt about it.  She was the one who requested for the ballet class and after waited for several months, her wish finally comes true.  Each lesson lasts about 45mins.  The entire Pre Syllabus ballet course consists of 8 lessons.  For more details, there is actually a website Classical Dance Studio.

When lesson ended, Jerlene was the first to come out from the class.  I asked her what did she learn on her first class, she said they learn skipping.  Whatever they learn, the most important thing is, she enjoyed the class.  I just hope that she is not 三分钟热度 (short term interest).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

15 Apr 2012 - First visit to dentist for Jerlene

Jerlene had been complaining about her toothache for quite a few days.  When I told her that she needs to see a dentist, she kept saying no.  She said she's scared and after a while, she tried to convince me that it's only a little bit pain.  However, I am quite worried because she had been eating a lot of tidbits but does not brush her teeth regularly.  After much encouragement and assurance from me, she finally agreed to visit a dentist today.

As we reached the dentistry, i can sense that she started to get nervous.  I continued to assure her that she will be alright and I will be with her throughout the process. It's finally her turn and we proceeded into the room.  She went up and lied down on the chair as instructed by the dentist. The dentist assistant took a dark glasses for Jerlene to wear as the light was shining on her face.  After the dentist did some checks, he confirmed that there is no cavity and all her teeth are fine.  He suspected the pain could be due to abrasion on the gum probably resulted from eating food that is hard.  He then asked if I would like him to have a proper wash of Jerlene's teeth.  I thought since we were there, it may be a good idea to let Jerlene go through the procedures and get familiarized with it.
To our surprise, the entire process went through very smoothly.  Jerlene had been very "obedient" and stayed very still while the dentist "work" on her teeth.  She's such a brave girl.  Even the dentist was very surprised that it can be so easy.  Very few children of her age can go through the entire procedure without crying or some struggling during their first visit.  I am so proud of her.  Excellent job, Jerlene!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

14 Apr 2012 - Their first Pet

Jerlene had been asking for a pet recently as her best friend in school had one.  Today her wish comes true.  Their 表姨 had this hamster which she does not want anymore.  So she brought it over for Jerlene and Javier.
Initially, both of them did not dare to touch the hamster. After seeing me did it without getting bitten, they became bolder. They started touching it softly but after a while, it's not touching anymore. They were poking it harder and harder. OMG, the hamster began to find places to hide from these two little monsters. However, that's not the end. The next moment, I actually saw Jerlene holding the hamster in her palm and running round the house. Sigh.... poor hamster. I had to step in later to educate them the right way to handle a hamster.

They finally stopped "torturing" the hamster but my nightmare had just started.  Instead of playing with the hamster, they began playing with the wood flak in the cage.  Javier simply grabbed a handful of flak and started throwing all over the place.  My entire living room was in a mess within 15 mins.  After my helper cleaned up everything, they did the same mischievous thing again.  I had to stepped in one more time to stop them from all this nonsense.  Now, I'm not sure if I had made a right decision to get them a pet.  Will see how it goes......

8 Apr 2012 - Handsome Boy

Ever since Javier had his "cool" cut last week, we decided to maintain it.  Tracy bought a hair wax which we tried to apply on Javier's hair everytime before we go out.  Javier seemed to enjoy it as well.  He has become more "vain" now and kept asking for a comb to "tidy" up his hair.  Actually, he is messing it up..... :-P

Saturday, April 21, 2012

6 Apr 2012 - "Daddy you go away......"

This afternoon I allowed Jerlene and Javier to go up to our roof terrace to have some fun with bubbles while I worked in my room.  I can hear them shouting and laughing.  They seemed to be having lots of fun.
After I finished my work, I decided to go upstairs to join them. When Javier saw me, guess what he said to me????

"Daddy you go down!!!!"
He did not want me to disturb him.  In fact, this is not the first time.  Few days ago, he asked for my iPhone nicely and started playing with it.  When I leaned over to see what he's doing, he actually pushed me away and said "Daddy you go away....."  One thing is, I'm not the only one who receive such "treatment".  It happened to everybody.  Not sure whether he behaves as such in school as well.

1 Apr 2012 - No more "Botak"'s now "Stylo Milo" haircut

Javier went for a haircut today.  In the past, he has been cutting "Botak" which we all thought was nice on him at this age.  However, we intended to change his hairstyle this time round.  We can do it because he's not afraid of haircut now (he used to cry and struggle in the past).  This is him before haircut.

And here is Javier after the haircut! Isn't it cool???!??!?  I think he can be a model for those kids clothing.  :-)