Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Monday, July 30, 2012

24 Jul 2012 - Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland makes too much thyroid hormone. The condition is often referred to as an "overactive thyroid."  The reason why I talked about this is that.....sad to say, I was diagnosed with this condition today.

Actually I had shown some symptoms, such as fatigues, heat intolerance, weight loss, hand tremor, pounding and rapid pulse, over the past few weeks.  Initially I thought it's because I was lack of rest.  However, this morning, I felt that my heart was beating really fast and thought something was not right.  So I went to my company doctor and after she felt my pulse, immediately she requested me to go to A&E department in a nearby hospital for a more detailed check.  The blood test results had confirmed that my condition is hyperthyroidism.  I was given six weeks of medication and rest for the next few days.

After I went home, I did a lot of research of hyperthyroidism and there is lots of information on the net.  Here is one if you are interested.

Hopefully the medicine does help in my condition.  We shall see in a few weeks time.

23 Jul 2012 - Jerlene's feet got blisters

Jerlene got very excited early this morning as she was going to wear her new shoes to school.  However, when I picked her up in the evening, she had difficulty walking because there were blisters on her feet.  It was quite bad and I felt painful for her.  When I told her to wear back her old pair of shoes, she said she wants to put on a plaster and still wear the new shoes. this called "爱美不要命" (in Hokkien)?

21 Jul 2012 - New shoes for Jerlene

Recently, Jerlene has been complaining to me that her current shoes are too small for her.  As I do not have to work this weekend, I decided to bring her out and buy a pair of shoes for her.  We went to Changi City Point where there is a Crocs Outlet shop.

We reached there at about 2pm and fortunately, there wasn't a long queue to the car park.  Crocs shop was the first shop that we went.  Jerlene walked around to the shop trying to choose a pair of shoes.  However, she cannot decide so Tracy and I chose one for her.  She quite like it because there is a nice pink flower bib at the front of the shoes.  Now that Jerlene has chosen hers, we asked Javier to choose one too.  Initially, he chose one but after asking him whether he really likes it, he said he likes his current shoes more.  After a while, he said he wants the same one as Jerlene.  Of course we did not buy that for him for obvious reason.

Next we did some windows shopping before going down to ground floor for some snacks.  Jerlene and Javier then saw a small play area and asked me if they can go.  I have no reason to say no and off they go.  They were playing there while Tracy and I had our snacks at Ya Kun.

Overall we had a fruitful day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

15 Jul 2012 - Gardens by the Bay

The past 2 weeks have been very busy due to a major project cutover.  Fortunately, the cutover was pretty smooth and I finally have some times to bring my angels out to have some fun.  We decided to visit the recently opened Gardens by the Bay.
We reached the Gardens at about 10:30am and the carpark was full.  It seems like there are some events going on earlier.  Anyway, we waited for a while and able to get a parking lot.  Below is the gardens map.

The first thing we notice the moment we entered the park was the hot weather.  After 10 mins of walking around, everyone started to perspire.  The heat was quite unbearable and we quickly try to find a place which is under shelter.  We walked towards the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest where there is an indoor area.  We did not enter the two conservatories which require entrance fees.  Anyway, I don't think my 2 angels will enjoy the place.  Around this indoor area, there are many animal sculptures and totem poles.

After rested for a while, we decided to walk back to the carpark and leave the place because my two angels felt bored and kept asking me to go home.  Sigh.....probably this place is really not suitable for young kids.  On our way back to the garden entrance, we passed by some unique trees and plants.

Below are the most prominent attraction of the entire gardens.  Once in the gardens, nobody will miss these huge Supertrees, that grow as high as 16 storeys in height.  There is also a 128 metres Skywalk that stands 50 metres above ground.  It connects Supertrees in the Grove and allows people to have a superb view of the gardens.

Before we bidded farewell to the gardens, we had Texas Chicken lunch in the gardens canteen. I heard that the gardens look a lot nicer at night when all the lightings are up. Furthermore, the weather will be much cooler. Probably we will come again next time at night.

1 Jul 2012 - Busy month

This month is going to be very busy for both Tracy and myself due to our work commitment.  As such, the number of posts will be greatly reduced.  However, I will definitely put up some posts or photos whenever I can.  Stay tuned!  :-)