Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Aug 2012 - What a lousy week......

This is really a bad week for me.  Firstly, the workshop called me saying that the radiator of car need to be changed due to leakage.  That is going to cost me about 1K.  And worse, I need to leave my car in the workshop for 2 days.  It's really inconvenient for me without a car as now I have to send my family around either by taxi or bus.

And in the afternoon, my maid called me saying that Javier was having rashes all over his body, legs, hands and even face.  We suspected it could be due to the medicine that he's taking now.  He's having fever, flu and cough.  When I reached home, I realized that something is not right.  His rashes look very serious to me but what worried me most is that he's coughing non-stop.  And he seems to be showing signs of breathlessness.  I quickly brought him to a nearby clinic for help.  The moment the doctor saw the rashes, he was shocked.  And when he heard Javier's lung, he immediately asked for neubilizer treatment.  But that's not all.  He wrote a referral letter and asked me to quickly bring Javier to KK hospital for a more detailed check.

That made me more worried and without a car, I had to get help from my cousin to send us to the hospital.  Surprisingly the KK emergency clinic was not as crowded as the previous few times when we came.  After the doctor checked on him, again he was given another cycle of neubilizer treatment.  Javier seems to feel better after that and he coughed lesser.  What relieve me most is that he started to become active again.  However, the doctor advised me to monitor Javier closely for the next 24hrs because there could be a relapse.  Here is a picture of the rashes on his leg.  If you see it physically, it looks a lot worse than this pic shows.  Let's hope everything will be fine tomorrow.

29 Aug 2012 - Car broke down

Today after I drove to Jerlene's childcare to pick her up, I realized that a malfunction indicator light was on in my dashboard.  Not only that, the engine temperature also reached to the max (H).  I dared not drive after that and I called a tow truck to tow my car to the workshop.  Actually my car started showing symptoms quite sometimes already.  One of which is the aircon stop blowing out cold air at times.  Also my RPM kept fluctuating, especially when I come to a stop, the whole car will start "shaking".  When that happened, Jerlene will tell me she's very scared.  I had reported this to the service centre when I sent my car there last month.  However, it seems like they did not fix the problem.   So Jerlene and I took a cab home.'s really troublesome to send my family around without a car.

25 Aug 2012 - Head Start to Guild Wars 2

Yes.  I have pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 and have a head start today, 3 days prior to the official launch.  Anybody interested, do join me in Crystal Desert server. :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

20 Aug 2012 - Jerlene the Watchmaker

While I was watching TV tonight, Jerlene came into my room and gave me a present.  She said it was a wrist watch and tried to wear it for me.  However, it was a little big for my wrist so she said it's ok, she will go and adjust it.  True enough, within 5 minutes, she came back with a smaller one.  Other than making one for me, she also made one for her mommy, Javier and even our maid.  For Javier and me, she drew a Ben-10 logo on the watch because she said we are boys.  As for Tracy and our maid, she drew a Hello Kitty face!
Here's mine.  :-)

17 Aug 2012 - Skipping and Galloping

When I asked Jerlene what she had learned so far in her ballet class, she will always reply:"Skipping and Galloping".  I think I know what is skipping but galloping?  Like a horse?  So Jerlene decided to demonstrate it to me.  Anyway, in few weeks time, I am allowed to attend her class to see how she perform.  Really looking forward to it.

16 Aug 2012 - Yoohoo....where are you??

My two little angels decided to play hiding today.  And guess where they hide themselves?  See for yourselves.  I think I did that when I was at their age too.  :-)

15 Aug 2012 - Tying up her own hair

Today, Jerlene managed to tie up her hair all by herself.  Although it's not very tidy, I think it's a very good effort.  Keep it up, my princess.  I am sure you will perfect it soon enough.  :-)

Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Aug 2012 - Jerlene's ballet Term Report

After Jerlene's ballet class today, she brought out a piece of paper and passed to me.  It is Jerlene's ballet term 1 report.  Generally, she is able to do most of the exercises and is attentive in class.  One thing that she needs improvement is to remember to stop skipping when music stops.  Probably she's too eager to dance.  Glad that she's enjoying her ballet class.

9 Aug 2012 - Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

We just lazed around at home today waiting for the evening parade.  At about 6:30pm, I went up to our roof top and got ready to take a photo of the F15 fighter jet and Super Puma Helicopter.

Then at about 8pm at night, we went up once more to watch the fireworks.

8 Aug 2012 - Will they patch it?

Our place is currently undergoing painting works.  As we are on the top floor, there is a need to install the mounting for the elevator on our roof terrace.  It was there for several days and now the mounting had been removed.  However, what left behind are multiple holes on my wall.  Hopefully once the painting works are completed, someone will come and patch the holes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Aug 2012 - Another Pool Sunday

Dun need me to say much.  Below photos tell it all!  :-)

2 Aug 2012 - Jerlene's 3rd language

Daddy : How many languages do you know?
Jerlene: THREE!
Daddy : Wow! Which three?
Jerlene: English, Chinese and.....SPANISH!
Daddy : Oh. So clever! (I dun quite believe but must give some encouragement)
Jerlene: Gracia.
Daddy : ........

 Btw, she learns Spanish from Dora The Explorer animation. :-)