Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, September 30, 2012

29 Sep 2012 - 中秋节快乐!

Today is the eve of Mid Autumn (or Lantern) Festival.  There was a little celebration at the clubhouse where the condo committee is giving away free lanterns to the kids and mooncakes are available for all residents.  It started at 7pm and I only brought Jerlene down because Javier was sleeping.  She was very excited initially but once she saw the crowd downstairs, she began to feel uncomfortable.  Also, she did not want me to light up the candle in her lantern because she's afraid she will accidentally drop her lantern and caused it to catch fire...... So we walked round the pool with an unlighted lantern.  Since she did not enjoy it, we went home after that.  Anyway, wish everyone 中秋节快乐!

27 Sep 2012 - Rain? No, more like Psy!

Am I looking at Little Rain or Little Psy??  You

23 Sep 2012 - The Artist at work again

Today Jerlene had asked us for some used bottles.  When we asked her why she needs it, she said she wanted to do painting.  Jerlene had gone beyond painting on she started painting on bottles.  Initially we thought she must have learned it from school but she said:"No!  I learn it myself!"  After we heard that, we really felt that Jerlene's creativity has no boundary.  We just wonder, what is the next thing that she will ask for her painting.
Another skill that she had acquired recently is that she can now draw any object by looking at some pictures.  For instance, she took out her Hello Kitty DVD cover and started drawing Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel and My Melody.......  I am now considering whether to send her for Art Boot Camp since she enjoyed it so much.  Good work, Jerlene!

19 Sep 2012 - New TV has arrived

As mentioned in my earlier post, my new TV has arrived today.  Quite satisfied with it and the image seems to be a lot clearer than our previous TV, especially when playing console games.  And the Smart TV works like a charm.  I can now easily access to all my youtube videos with simply a few clicks on my TV remote.  I have also downloaded an iPhone app which allows me to control the TV just like a normal remote.

Monday, September 24, 2012

16 Sep 2012 - Got to "retire" our TV

Look at the state of our TV now......  We suspect it's due to "abuse" from my two angels who every now and then, will accidentally threw things (such as Wii Remote, toy balls etc) at it.

We have no choice but to "retire" it and get a replacement.  We went to several electrical stores (Harvey Norman, Gain City and Courts) and there is a good promotion of a Philips 42" Smart LED TV that costs only SGD899.  It comes with a free WiFi dongle and I requested the store to throw in another HDMI cable, which they eventually agreed.  :-)

The TV will be delivered in 3 days time.

12 Sep 2012 - Beware of what we say.....

Today while I fetched the kids home from my parent's place, Javier kept wanting to be carried. I kept refusing and after kicking a big fuss, my helper finally carried him. And guess what Jerlene said to Javier after that?

"Javier, you got NO leg ah!"

Does this sentence sound familiar to anyone? We really need to take note of we are saying in front of our kids nowadays because they are listening and slowly learning......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9 Sep 2012 - Happy BDay, Marcus!

We had a little birthday celebration for Marcus at my sis's place today.  My sis bought a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.  It's super duper delicious but pretty costly.
Jerlene and Marcus are both 5 years old and they had many common interests.  As such, they enjoyed each other's company very much.
The four little angels are really enjoying the ice cream cake.  :-)
Below is a video that I took while the kids are trying to blow the candles.  Jerlene cannot wait to blow at them and did it eventually.  Haha......very funny.

7 Sep 2012 - Classical Dance Studio (Ballet) Parents Day 2012

I have been looking forward towards this day because I finally got a chance to watch Jerlene dance in her ballet class.  Today is the dance school parents day 2012.  All parents are invited to the class and observe how their kids performed.  At the same time, we had the opportunity to understand the various class exercises which we can practice with our kids at home.  Sometimes end of the year, the teacher will pick several students whom she think can meet the criteria to take part in the pre-syllabus exam next year.  Based on what I observed in the class earlier, I think Jerlene should be able to take the exam.  Below are the highlights that I've taken during the class.

5 Sep 2012 - Getting in love with water color

Recently, Jerlene has been falling in love with water color painting.  She started mixing colors and I asked her whether she learnt it from school, she said no.  Guess what, she learnt in from a TV show called Artzooka, which is on Okto channel every Wednesday, from 8:30pm to 9pm.  Whenever I picked her up from childcare every Wednesday evening, she will tell me to go home quickly because she wanted to watch Artzooka.  Hmmm.....what do you think of her water color painting below?

1 Sep 2012 - Rashes "gone"

After stopping the medicine for a day, Javier's rashes has subsided.  As such, it's pretty confirmed that the rashes were caused by drug allergy.  The problem is we do not know which particular medicine or a combination of several medicines that is causing the allergy effect.

As Javier was still coughing and I dared not feed him with the cough mixture given by the GP recently, I decided to give him the cough syrup that I've bought last year in Australia.  It's Robitussin Chesty Cough Forte and it worked amazingly.  After giving Javier one spoonful (2.5ml), his cough seemed to have stopped totally. We were all very surprised by the effectiveness of this cough syrup.  Will definitely bring another bottle back when we go Australia next time.