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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

17 Mar 2013 - Day 2: Malacca Straits Mosque

Good morning Malacca!  Here's an early morning panoramic view from the balcony.
Our room rate comes with free breakfast at the hotel.  Javier was crazy over the muffins while Jerlene got her favourite "rectangle noodle" (猪肠粉).  We finished our breakfast at about 10am.  As we did not have any specific plan for the day, we decided to just drive around the area.  I turned on my GPS and tried to search for revolving tower.  Somehow it led me to a bridge across a stretch of water, which is visible from our room balcony.  I decided to drive over it and explore that area.  The place seems deserted.  Along the way, we saw many uncompleted building construction, which seemed to have been abandoned by the developers.  Driving further in, we came to a mosque, which we decided to go in to have a look.
Once we reached the mosque entrance, Jerlene suddenly showed me a card and said:"Hey, this is the mosque!".  Jerlene had taken some tourist attraction cards from the hotel lobby and one of them is this mosque.  She was excited and started running around with Javier.
This is the Malacca Straits Mosque and where we were standing was a man-made Malacca Island.  I remembered many years back when we were here, they were reclaiming this piece of land.  This mosque is also known as the Floating Mosque because it looks like a floating structure when the water level is high.  From here, we had a good view of the world's longest and busiest straits, the Straits of Melaka.
It was very sunny and we could all feel the heat.  As such, we quickly drove off after taking some photos.  We came back to the bridge which is the only way linking Malacca Island and Malacca Town.  From the bridge, we could see our hotel from afar.

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