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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

29 Apr 2013 - HFMD strikes again!

Sigh......Javier contracted HFMD again!  There are currently 6 confirmed cases in the childcare centre and now Javier had added one more to it.  Surprisingly, Jerlene seems to be ok though they both played and slept together last night.

Jerlene can continue to stay in the school while I brought Javier home.  In the previous few occasions, Javier only had red spots in his throat.  This time, we can see blisters all over his hands and feet.  Even without the doctor's confirmation, I'm already 100% sure that he really got it this time.
Once again, we had to pay extra attention to all our hygiene, otherwise, we may got it as well.  I had reminded Jerlene and my helper to wash their hands regularly, especially after having contacts with Javier.  Hopefully, this saga will end before our planned overseas trip in 2 weeks time.

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