Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Thursday, October 31, 2013

28 Oct 2013 - Worksheet....but not from school

Since yesterday, Jerlene started creating worksheet for Javier to complete.  She pretended to be Javier's teacher and Javier diligently tried to complete the worksheet.  Below are just some examples of the questions/quizzes that Jerlene had created.  Javier was able to complete the worksheet with flying colors.  Jerlene actually gave him multiple stars with the word "Excellent" in the end.
What was funny later on is that Javier tried to create some worksheet for my helper!  Haha..........he too wants to be a teacher!  In fact, every now and then, he will teach my helper speak Chinese.  He will speak one sentence and demand my helper to repeat that sentence.....damn funny........

26 Oct 2013 - Jerlene got DISTINCTION!

Jerlene had her Pre Syllabus Ballet Examination in February this year and today we finally received the examination report.  I am so proud of Jerlene as she got a DISTINCTION for her 1st ever exam.  In fact, she almost got full marks, 49/50.  The exam was conducted by British Ballet Organization.  Keep up the good work, Jerlene!

23 Oct 2013 - Is that Present Continuous Tense?

I was in my room and a heard a commotion between Jerlene and Javier in the living room.  Next moment, both Jerlene and Javier rushed into my room and tried to complain each other.

Daddy:"What happened?  Why are you two quarreling?"
Javier:"Jerlene 姐姐 snatched my toys!"
Jerlene:"NO!!!!  Javier 骗人ING!"

Jerlene actually mixed English and Chinese in her sentence and she thought Present Continuous Tense can also be applied to Chinese.  Not sure if she's being influenced by 五月天's song <<恋爱ING>> but at least. she knows how to use present continuous tense.  So funny!

19 Oct 2013 - Short visit to Bedok Library

It has been quite a while since we last visited a library.  Today, we brought both Jerlene and Javier to Bedok Library and they were very excited.
Jerlene tried to choose books that she likes but Javier had no interest and kept running around.  I had to stop him several time as he's making a lot of noise.  So embarrassing.......
At the end, Jerlene borrowed 3 books which she promised to read every night before sleep.

17 Oct 2013 - Rosyth P1 Registration for Jerlene

This morning before going to work, we went to Rosyth holding site in AMK to complete Jerlene's Primary 1 registration.  Instead of the usual class 1A, 1B, 1C and so on, every Rosyth class has a name.  Jerlene will be in class Diligent.  After filling up several forms, the registration was completed.  School uniforms, shoes and text books will be purchased sometimes in December.

Jerlene was excited about going to Rosyth School next year.  She told me that the kids of her current English teacher in her childcare are also studying in Rosyth.  There are many things yet to be arranged such as school bus and student care etc.  Will probably be pretty busy in December in preparation of Jerlene's primary school life.

14 Oct 2013 - Art Science Museum

It's Tracy's birthday today and we both took a day leave to celebrate.  Initially we thought of going to Universal Studio in RWS but when we reached the entrance, we gave up the idea after seeing the super long queue at the ticket counter.  Then we decided to visit Art Science Museum, where there is a Mummy exhibition currently ongoing.

Outside of the museum, there are a few small lotus ponds with beautiful lotus flowers.
This is our first visit to Art Science Museum.  We bought a package tickets that allows us to visit two exhibition, namely "Mummy: Secret of the Tombs" and "50 Years of National Geographic Photography".
At the start of the Mummy exhibition, there was a 3D show that explained how the team uses advanced technology to study the Mummy without dissecting it.  It was pretty amazing.
We spent about 2 hours at the museum before heading to Bugis Plus where I had backballs (黑丸嫩仙草) for the first time.  It actually tastes real good!  Then Tracy brought me to Bugis Street next door.  I did not know such a shopping street exists in Singapore and the things sold there can be really "economical".  Felt like a "三八老" at that time.

We had a great day out without the kids today and just want to say again, "老婆,生日快乐!"

13 Oct 2013 - Finally back home, Yay!

My flight back home was via Hong Kong.  When I initially saw the plane that I was about to board, I thought it's not going to be an SQ flight because there is no "bird" logo on its tail.  Taking a closer look, I saw a small SQ logo at the lower body of the plane. This is one of the flights that promotes Star Alliance.
During the flight, I loves taking cloud formation and ground landscape.
At about 11:30am, I was finally back in my homeland.  As I walked out to the arrival hall, I was greeted by Tracy, Jerlene and Javier.  Really missed them so much and Jerlene gave me a big long hug!  Glad to be with my family again after one week of being at different sides of the earth.

11 Oct 2013 - Google Maps on Virgin America

The conference ended today and I got to rush to the airport to catch my flight home.  From Ronald Reagon National Airport, I took a Virgin America domestic flight to San Francisco.  One thing I find it interesting is that Virgin America make use of Google Maps for its real time flight path details.
Then from San Francisco, I flew back to Singapore via Hong Kong.

7-11 Oct 2013 - Akamai Edge Conference and Artisphere Museum

During the first 2 days, I attended a training class.  Next 3 days is the actual conference.  There were more than 1,500 participants from all over the world attending this conference.
There were keynote presentations and panel discussion.
On Thursday night, there was a Customer Appreciation Reception.  It was originally planned to be at Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.  However, due to US government shutdown at that time, the museum was closed.  In the end, the venue was changed Artisphere.  It was a bit disappointing as I thought the Air and Space Museum would be more interesting.
Throughout the week, I was having serious jet lag.  I woke up multiple times during my night sleep and felt so sleepy during the day......sigh.......  Probably it's a sign of aging.  I did not have such jet lag in the past.

The time difference between Washington DC and Singapore is exactly 12 hours.  Every morning and night, I will communicate with my family via Tango app.  Really miss them so much........

6 Oct 2013 - Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

My flight was via Frankfurt to John F. Kennedy in New York, then connecting to a domestic flight to Ronald Reagon National in Washington DC.  I took an airport shuttle to my accommodation, Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, which is where my conference will be held.
This hotel is under Marriott Group.  Its room is of decent size with complimentary wireless internet access.
The resort offers a 19 story glass atrium overlooking the Potomac River.
There is also a musical fountain within the atrium which reminds me of Canal City in Fukuoka.
I arrived at the hotel around 5:30pm.  So I decided to walk along the river and surrounding area, at the same time looking for a place to have my dinner.
The lighted night view inside the hotel was pretty impressive.

5 Oct 2013 - Away on duty trip for a week

Tonight, I'll be flying off to Washington for a business conference.  In other words, I'll be away from home and my family for a week.  I'm going to miss them so much and I'm sure they will feel the same too.  Before I left, I gave all of them a big long hug.

Fortunately nowadays, distance is never a big problem.  As long as we have internet connection, we can have video conversation anytime, anywhere.  :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4 Oct 2013 - Bright Juniors Sports Day 2013

Today is Children's Day (1st Friday in October) and it's also Sports Day for Bright Juniors childcare centre.  I took half day morning leave to witness and cheer for Jerlene and Javier in their events.
Below is a video clip showing the kids (of course the focus is on Jerlene and Javier) doing warm up and followed by their actual events.
At the end of the events, all children received a prize each from the teacher.

1 Oct 2013 - Photos from Jerlene's camping last month

If you recalled one of my postings last month, Jerlene went for her 1st camping (2 days 1 night) at a Sembawang campsite.  Today, the teacher gave us a CD with photos from the camp.  Below are some of the highlights showing activities during the 2 days camp.

There were only 4 children in Jerlene's childcare signed up for this camp but they were joined by many children from other childcare centres.
There were many activities that require teamwork and also help children to build up their confidence.
Other than outdoor activities, there were also indoor games.
One of which is making their own sandwiches with sliced fruits.
The kids also learned to be independent by washing their own plates and cups.
That night, they even had a campfire.  If I remember correctly, I had my first camping when I was in my secondary school.
Jerlene and her classmates were accompanied by one of their school's teacher during the camp.
Before the end of the camp, they took a group photo.  Jerlene said all the kids enjoyed this camp very much and I'm sure this 2 days camping will be in their memory for a long long time, if not forever..... :-)