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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1 Oct 2013 - Photos from Jerlene's camping last month

If you recalled one of my postings last month, Jerlene went for her 1st camping (2 days 1 night) at a Sembawang campsite.  Today, the teacher gave us a CD with photos from the camp.  Below are some of the highlights showing activities during the 2 days camp.

There were only 4 children in Jerlene's childcare signed up for this camp but they were joined by many children from other childcare centres.
There were many activities that require teamwork and also help children to build up their confidence.
Other than outdoor activities, there were also indoor games.
One of which is making their own sandwiches with sliced fruits.
The kids also learned to be independent by washing their own plates and cups.
That night, they even had a campfire.  If I remember correctly, I had my first camping when I was in my secondary school.
Jerlene and her classmates were accompanied by one of their school's teacher during the camp.
Before the end of the camp, they took a group photo.  Jerlene said all the kids enjoyed this camp very much and I'm sure this 2 days camping will be in their memory for a long long time, if not forever..... :-)

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