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Thursday, October 31, 2013

14 Oct 2013 - Art Science Museum

It's Tracy's birthday today and we both took a day leave to celebrate.  Initially we thought of going to Universal Studio in RWS but when we reached the entrance, we gave up the idea after seeing the super long queue at the ticket counter.  Then we decided to visit Art Science Museum, where there is a Mummy exhibition currently ongoing.

Outside of the museum, there are a few small lotus ponds with beautiful lotus flowers.
This is our first visit to Art Science Museum.  We bought a package tickets that allows us to visit two exhibition, namely "Mummy: Secret of the Tombs" and "50 Years of National Geographic Photography".
At the start of the Mummy exhibition, there was a 3D show that explained how the team uses advanced technology to study the Mummy without dissecting it.  It was pretty amazing.
We spent about 2 hours at the museum before heading to Bugis Plus where I had backballs (黑丸嫩仙草) for the first time.  It actually tastes real good!  Then Tracy brought me to Bugis Street next door.  I did not know such a shopping street exists in Singapore and the things sold there can be really "economical".  Felt like a "三八老" at that time.

We had a great day out without the kids today and just want to say again, "老婆,生日快乐!"

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