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Sunday, November 24, 2013

2 Nov 2013 - Happy Deepavali in Legoland

Today is Deepavali and I wish all Hindus a very Happy Diwali!  We had renewed our Legoland annual pass online few weeks back and decided to collect our new passes today at Legoland.  The traffic was not as bad as what we had expected.  However, moments after we entered the park, it started raining.  When the rain got lighter, I went back to my car to get umbrella as the sky was still pretty dark.
As usual, Jerlene and Javier led the way to where they wanted to play.  We just follow........
It was fun watching them take on the Junior Driving Class.  Both of them started from the 4th and 5th position.  Once the class started, they treated it as a race and immediately overtaken two cars in front of them.  And during the last lap, they even cooperated by sandwiching the front most car......haha very funny.  Think they have been well trained by Mario Kart Wii.  They emerged as champion and runners up eventually.  Not sure if I should praise them for a job well done or I should warn them to drive safely next time.......  :-P

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