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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

31 Dec 2013 - Counting down to 2014!

Year 2013 is coming to an end.  In the last few minutes of the year, we gathered at our roof terrace to welcome year 2014 with fireworks from a distance.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

31 Dec 2013 - Turning into S.H.E fans

From Mayday (五月天) fans, Jerlene and Javier have recently turned into S.H.E. fans.  And their favourite song is 美丽新世界.  Everyday in my car, they will ask for this song to be played (CD6, Track 7)......and set it to track repeat.  That's how they learn this song and now presenting it to us in KTV room.  Enjoy!

28 Dec 2013 - Big sister (大姐姐)

Jerlene has been behaving more and more like a big sister to Javier recently.  Whenever Javier did something wrong, Jerlene will talk to him and convince him to apologize.  Earlier in the day, Javier was in a bad mood and threw his Nintendo DS on the floor.  Mummy was so angry and confiscated the DS.  Then in the room next door, we overheard Jerlene talking to Javier softly.......

"Javier, quick go and say sorry to Mama.  You say sorry then Mama will give you back the DS.  Don't worry, Jie Jie will go with you."

Next moment, we saw Jerlene holding Javier's hand and walked into our room.  And with Jerlene's encouragement, Javier apologized to Mummy and got his DS back.

Jerlene has surprised us that she is becoming more and more matured.  And Javier surprised us even more that he's willing to listen to Jerlene's advice.  Hopefully such relationship can stay on instead of quarreling whole day long.

18 Dec 2013 - Bright Juniors Concert 2013 video

I had finally completed compiling Jerlene's and Javier's concert video that I've taken previously.  It's not very professional and I've missed some great moments.  However, I've tried my best and think it's not too bad.  Still waiting for the official video from the professional videographer.  Once I've received that from the teachers, I will edit and post it here.  For now, hope you'll enjoy their dances in the following video.  :-)

16 Dec 2013 - Swimming session with our neighbour

While Jerlene and Javier were playing in our living room this afternoon, they saw our neighbour's kid went down for a swim.  Immediately they came to me and asked if they can go for a swim as well.  In order not to disappoint them, I agreed.  It's the first time that they played with our neighbour in the pool.  Glad to see them having so much fun.

16 Dec 2013 - Buying Primary One Textbook

The childcare center was closed today and I took leave to keep my princess and prince company.  In the morning, I decided to bring Jerlene to Rosyth School to buy her primary one textbooks.  It's good that Rosyth School has moved from its holding site in Ang Mo Kio back to Serangoon North, which is pretty near to our place.  They was a queue leading to the bookshop but we were fortunate to be there quite early.  Shortly after we were there, a very long queue started building up behind us.  The school's newsletter had advised parents to place their orders online before collection.  However, it seemed like no one bother except me.....sigh..........  Anyway, after we got all the compulsory items (except Chinese textbooks which are out of stock temporarily), we went back home.

15 Dec 2013 - Cycling time

I brought Jerlene and Javier downstairs to cycle this afternoon.  They pretended that they were cycling out to some shops to buy stuffs.  And I, being the shop owner, was part of their role play.  :-)
After cycling up a gradual slope, Javier took a rest while Jerlene looked on.
Then they started playing hopscotch, which they had learnt from the school.  I was surprised that Javier knows how to play as well.

14 Dec 2013 - Bright Juniors K2 Graduation and Year End Concert 2013

Bright Juniors K2 Graduation and Year End Concert 2013 was held in Cultural Centre of Republic Polytechnic.  Jerlene was one of the K2 graduants while Javier had his first stage performance ever.  The concert was designed with the theme "A Flight Around The World".  The concert tickets were designed like "boarding passes" while the concert programme list was in our "passport".
First was the appearance of all Bright Juniors Kindergarten 2 graduants, including Jerlene.  Following their performance in appreciation to all their teachers and parents was the actual graduation ceremony.
Congratulation Jerlene!  Can't wait to see your performance on stage!
On the other hand, Javier surprised us with all his "Waka Africa" moves.  We never know that he can actually dance.  Probably those dancing games on Wii and Kinect help.  He's one of the few in his class who can dance with rhythm.  It was really a great job done, Javier!  You made me proud!
Jerlene had danced very well too.  In fact, she did well during practice that teacher selected her to perform a solo piece in the middle of the dance.
And because she's the only one in class who can do a perfect split, she went in front to do one in the finale.  Just one problem with her, she's not just a performer on stage, she's also a "teacher".  Whenever she saw her classmates not doing correctly or did not stand in a correct position, she will try to guide them.  Actually it's not a nice thing to do on stage while performing.  Perhaps she's just a perfectionist and wants everybody to do well.
Thanks to all the teachers and children of Bright Juniors for bringing us so much joy in this concert!  Appreciate all your hard work that you had put in over the past few months to prepare and train all these young children for the concert.  I'm sure it's not an easy task.  Thanks once again!
After the concert, we had photo taking session with the kids while they still had their makeup and costumes on.  Don't they look nice and cute?  :-)
Jerlene also took photos with one of her very good friend, Jeannie.  They had spent most of their time together in the childcare centre over the past five years.  In fact they are the two most "senior" children in their class.  Coming next year, they will be going to different primary schools.  Hopefully they can still keep in touch with each other.
I'm trying to compile those videos that I've taken and will be uploading them once done.  So stay tuned........

Monday, December 30, 2013

11 Dec 2013 - Jerlene's and Javier's class photo 2013

Jerlene and Javier had taken their class photos about 1-2 months ago.  Today the teacher passed the photos to me while I was fetching the kids.  This will be Jerlene's final class photos to be taken in Bright Juniors childcare as she will be graduating from her K2 class and "promoting" to primary school next year.  Javier still has two more years to go.
Below shows Jerlene wearing her first graduation gown and mortar board.  Doesn't she look smart?  :-)

9 Dec 2013 - My new camera (LX7), thanks wifey!

I have been looking around for a good point and shoot digital camera for quite sometimes.  Finally I've decided to buy a Panasonic Lumix LX7 after reading all the reviews and comparing prices.  Knowing my intention, Tracy went to Funan IT Mall today and bought it for me.  Thanks Dear!

Here's how it looks, the front and back.
What I like about this camera is the picture quality under low light condition.  Look at the photo below.  It was taken under complete darkness (almost) in my room.  It's like being taken during day time.
Hopefully I can take more quality pictures in future to share with all my blog fans. :-)

8 Dec 2013 - Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas is just round the corner.  I took out our Christmas Tree from our storeroom and started setting it up.  This time round it was much easier for me with Jerlene's help.  All I need to do was to setup the tree and Jerlene will do the rest of the decoration.  And I must say she did quite a good job!

7 Dec 2013 - Rosyth School Uniform

In less than one month's time, Jerlene will be entering her next phase of life, primary school education!  Time really flies and without noticing it, I have been blogging for almost 7 years, since Jerlene arrived in this world.  Today I brought her to a shop at Serangoon Central to buy her school uniform.  Here is how she looks in her uniform.  Jerlene is really looking forward to entering primary school life.
The mischievous Javier also wanted to be part of the photo while I'm taking picture of Jerlene.  :-)

7 Dec 2013 - Jerlene's official ballet certificate

Jerlene has officially been awarded Distinction for her Ballet Pre Syllabus exam, which she took in March this year.  Below is her certificate issued by British Ballet Organization.
She's now taking Pre Primary class and will have her exam in March next year.  I am sure she can do equally well then.  Keep up the good work, Jerlene!

6 Dec 2013 - Passing down IPhone to the kids

Both Tracy and myself have recently upgraded our IPhone 4 to IPhone 5S.  We did not trade in our old IPhone 4 as both Jerlene and Javier had been eyeing them for quite sometimes.  Today, we officially passed them down to the kids and they were overjoyed.  Jerlene can't wait to take a picture with her "new toy", especially when her shirt and IPhone cover are both HELLO KITTY!!!!!  :-)

5 Dec 2013 - Taking Selfie (自拍) with my princess

The word "Selfie" was recently named Word of the Year for 2013. It means a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.  I took one with my princess tonight.  Looks good, right?  Javier ran away when I asked him to take selfie with us.  He's somehow camera shy.......  :-)

3 Dec 2013 - Last minute shopping at Citygate Outlet Mall

Javier missed home as he was very happy when I told him that we'll be going back home in the afternoon.
Before we checked out from our hotel, we still have time to have a good lunch at a popular Tim Sum restaurant, Federal Palace (联邦皇宫) within Citygate Outlet Mall.  After lunch, we did some last minute shopping till about 1pm before checking out.
Jerlene and Javier were busy trying out the different coloured caps but they each bought a bag instead.
This marked the end of our 2nd short trip to Hong Kong this year.

2 Dec 2013 - Hong Kong Disneyland, here we come AGAIN!

Jerlene and Javier had been looking forward to this day where we visited Hong Kong Disneyland for a third time this year.  Since we were here in May, they had been asking me when we can come back again.  I had originally promised to come back in Oct but due to my work commitment, I postpone it till now.  Anyway, the kids had been quite understanding and had waited patiently for this day to come.  Jerlene was fully prepared for this trip.  Early in the morning, she started changing into her favourite white dress and putting on her princess crown.  She even made a princess wand to match her princess outfit back in Singapore before the trip.

As we did not stay in Disney hotel during this trip, we took MTR, which is just two stops away, from Tung Chung.  They were excited to see that the train is different from the norm.  The train window is of the shape of Mickey and throughout the cabin, there are statues of different Disney characters.
As we entered the park, Jerlene and Javier started leading the way.  Ever since the last trip, they had been talking about the Slinky Dog ride in Toy Story Land.  So that's where they were leading us to but along the way, we went for some rides whereby the queue was not long.
We took the carousel ride for the first time.  We did not take this ride previously because the queue was terrible that time.  This time we only had to queue for about 15mins.
Another attraction that Javier kept talking about is the Donald's Fantasy 4D show.  Everytime Donald appears on the screen, he will start funny meh?!?  :-P
Finally we reached the queue of Slinky Dog ride.  Throughout the whole day, we took this ride at least three times.  Next to Toy Story Land is a newly open zone called the Mystic Point.  There is a Garden of Wonders (below) where ancient sculptures and paintings create unbelievable 3D illusions.
And the one and only ride within this zone is inside the below Mystic Manor.
This manor is occupied by Lord Henry Mystic, who had traveled around the world with Albert, his monkey companion.  His collection of fine arts and antiquities, acquired during his travel, are housed within Mystic Manor.  We will be riding on his latest invention, "Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage", that goes round the manor to have a close look at his collection.
Throughout the ride, there are many multimedia display which are amazing.  This ride is very different from any other rides.  Those who had not tried should go experience it yourself.  It's worth it.  :-)
We managed to catch the Disney parade this time.  However, we can only watch from afar as we were unable to squeezed through the crowd.
After the parade, the Golden Mickey stage show was about to start.  We did not manage to watch this show the last time as well.  Jerlene loves the show as there were many familiar Disney characters on stage but Javier was too tired by then and fell asleep half way through.

After the show, we went to Tomorrow Land where we meet up with the mischievous Stitch.  We sat in the front row and Jerlene was the lucky one who got selected to talk to the interactive Stitch.  It was fun and I think it will be an unforgettable experience for her.

In the evening, we went back to Mystic Manor to take the Carriage ride again before queuing for Slinky Dog ride for one last time today.
As usual, the finale is of course the fireworks.  Today is really the highlight of this trip where the children enjoyed the most.  We will be BACK!  :-)