Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, February 28, 2014

25 Feb 2014 - Show and Tell

One of Jerlene's school program is called "Show and Tell".  The teacher gave each student a list of questions to answer.  After which, they will re-write all their answers on another sheet of paper to form a proper passage.  The following is what Jerlene wrote:

"Dear teachers and friends.  My favourite toy is a toy turtle.  It has a pink ribbon on the head.  And it has pretty eye lashes.  And it has four legs.  And it has a green shell on the back.  The special thing about the toy is the pink ribbon.  I love the toy because it is soft, cute and cuddly.  Thanks everyone for your kind attention."

The above is just the preparation work.  Next Jerlene will have to hold her toy turtle and introduce it to her teachers and friends by reading out the above paragraph.  Jerlene told me that she's the only one in class who completed the speech without having to look at the paper.  And she remembered that she had to keep eye contact and smile when appropriate.  It seems like the teacher liked her speech and has requested to record it down in the next session.  Good job, Jerlene!  Keep it up!

23 Feb 2014 - Pre Primary Ballet Mock Exam

Parents were invited to watch their children perform during the Pre-Primary Ballet Mock Exam. The actual exam will be in 3 weeks time. I'm sure Jerlene can do well again. :-)

22 Feb 2014 - Lesser crowd in Legoland

We went to Legoland this afternoon and the place was pretty quiet.  The crowd that we experienced during the initial craze is no longer there.  Though it's not a good sign for Legoland, it's great for us as we no longer need to queue for any ride.  My sister also came along with my two nephews.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had the playground all to themselves.
This is the first time that Jerlene and Javier had company in Legoland.  And because of that, Jerlene was willing to try out some rides that she did not dare to try previously.  After that, she told me she wanted to try those rides again.
At the Park entrance, there were 888 Lego horses built for Chinese New Year.
The park now closes at 7pm instead of previous 8pm during weekend.  This actually triggered us to think that the reason for fewer crowd on a Saturday was probably because Johor had recently changed their non-working days to Friday and Saturday.  Maybe if we went on a Sunday, which is a working day for Malaysian, the park may have even fewer crowd.

18 Feb 2014 - Javier loves powder!

Tonight while I was playing with my phone, Javier came to me.  As I looked up, I was in a shock as Javier's face looked EXTREMELY pale!  I thought something happened to him but after questioning him, I realized that he was just being mischievous and played with Tracy's powder.  Such a silly boy........

15 Feb 2014 - Pool Time

It has been a while since we last went to the swimming pool.  The kids were so excited when I said:"Let's go for a swim".  Within a minute or two, they were already in their swimming attire.  How I wish they were so "efficient" every morning before going to school.......  ;-)
Jerlene has decided to learn swimming using a swim board.  Since she's now willing to learn, I'll probably look for a trainer to let her attend proper swimming lessons.

9 Feb 2014 - Javier's Magic and Dance Show

Javier came to me today and invited me to his room for a performance.  I thought he wanted to perform a puppet show just like the last time but I was wrong.  This time, it's a magic show plus an ending dance.  It was difficult to describe what he did and I strongly recommend you to watch the following video.  I find it funny and enjoyable.  :-)

8 Feb 2014 - Lion Dance and 财神爷

My family gathered at my sister's place today and was greeted by the lion dance.  This year, god of fortune (财神爷) also came along.
After the lion dance, the kids were busy picking up mini US dollars from the floor.

2 Feb 2014 - My young helper

Jerlene has requested to mop the floor today.  I don't think such "interest" will stay for long but let's see........ :-)

2 Feb 2014 - Javier's Passport Photo

It's time to renew Javier's passport which is expiring in September.  We intend to take a short trip in the March school holiday and the passport needs to have at least 6 months validity.  Below is the photo that I've submitted for the online application on ICA website.  Hopefully it will meet all the criteria and not get rejected like the last time when I renewed Jerlene's and my own passport.
Click here for the guidelines on taking digital photograph for online passport application.