Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

26 Apr 2014 - Legoland trip

Since my little angels were behaving themselves earlier, we decided to bring them to Legoland after lunch.  Jerlene was excited because it's a Lego Friends Weekend where she got the chance to meet up with Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma 
There was also a fashion competition at the stage and we won a Lego key chain during the quiz session.
Within the Miniland was a new Chima area.  It replaces the Star Wars structure which was here previously.
Jerlene and Javier were so familiar with the place and we just followed them around.
At one point, it was raining and we all used the park map to cover our head.  Haha......
At the mini train ride, Jerlene and Javier refused to queue up initially.  Once they saw the queue was cleared, they quickly ran into the front of the queue for the next ride.  Their aim was to sit in the "driver" seat of the train.
Once again, we played till the park closes at about 7pm.

26 Apr 2014 - Jerlene creates assessment books for Javier

Jerlene requested for some papers from me and said she's going to make assessment books for Javier.  I can really see her put in a lot of effort in creating the assessment books.  I myself had problem doing the music booklet.  When I asked her how to expect Javier to know all this.  She said she will give Javier tuition before doing it.
Sure enough, she really coached Javier question by question patiently.  And Javier did his best to pay attention and complete all questions in the end.  I do hope this is not just 三分钟热度.
Good job to both my little angels!  :)

24 Apr 2014 - My two little Chefs

In the past two months, both Jerlene and Javier had a field trip (separately) to Pastamania to learn how to make a pizza.  Tonight they decided to put what they had learned into practice and treat all their "friends" (plush toys).  Aren't they look adorable?  :-)

19 Apr 2014 - Assessment by a Pediatric Dentist

We had an appointment with a Pediatric Dentist to assess Javier's decayed molar.  First Javier did an X-ray of his teeth.  As this is new to him, he listened very carefully to the instructions given by the dentist.
He was then brought to a room where there are all sorts of kiddy decoration all around.  There is also a TV showing kids program so that children will get distracted while the dentist "operates" on their teeth.  After looking at the X-ray, the dentist said that the tooth was badly decayed.  As such, the tooth will either need to be extracted or have to do root canal treatment.  She recommended root canal treatment because even though this is the milk tooth, the permanent tooth will not grow out till he is around 11-12 years old. It is important to keep this tooth so that the teeth beside it will not close up the gap and cause issue to the growth of the permanent tooth in future.  The dentist did not do any treatment today as Javier was coughing quite badly.  We told the dentist we need time to make a decision.  We are really reluctant to let Javier go through the root canal treatment.  Sigh........
After the appointment, it was about dinner time.  We decided to have Japanese food for dinner.  We met with Olli in the mall and Jerlene again ran to him for photo taking.

18 Apr 2014 - Easter is coming!

Today is Good Friday.  We brought the kids to SingKids Playsystem indoor playground at United Square to have some fun.  At the mall, we met with an Easter Bunny who was there giving out goodies to people around.  Jerlene went forward to take a picture with the bunny.

13 Apr 2014 - Third consecutive week to dentist

Javier thought going to dentist is a weekly event.  In fact, he kept reminded us that he had to go dentist today.  After the last 2 dental sessions, he is now pretty familiar with the basic dental procedures.  Today he had his third decayed tooth "fixed" and after which, we had to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist to assess the last of his decayed molar.
At the end of the session, he approached the dentist for a balloon as usual.

6 Apr 2014 - Time to cool off

What a HOT afternoon and time to cool off in the pool.........

5 Apr 2014 - Another visit to the dentist

After taking anti-biotics for the past one week, the swelling around Javier's gum had subsided.  As such, the dentist went ahead to "fix" two of his decayed teeth.  This is the first time Javier actually went through a dental treatment.  Last week was just a visual check.
Throughout the session, Javier "behaved" very well and the dentist kept praising him.  After the treatment, Javier walked straight to the dentist and asked for a balloon!!!!!  To him, this is "standard".  That is, after seeing a doctor you will get sweet, after seeing a dentist you will get balloon............  :-P

Next week we will be back to "fix" one more decayed tooth and will then need to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist to have the root canal assessment.

5 Apr 2014 - Teacher-Parent meeting at Rosyth

After Jerlene's ballet class today, we went over to Rosyth School to meet up with Jerlene's form teacher.  As we were there slightly earlier than our allocated time slot, we went to the canteen and had some food.  Jerlene, being the host, brought Javier along while buying the food.
We met up with Jerlene's form teacher in the classroom.  Their school works were pasted all over the classroom.  Most of the comments about Jerlene from the teacher were positive.  I am surprised the teacher said that Jerlene loves Maths and is pretty good at it.  She even encouraged us to buy more Maths assessment books for her to work on.
After meeting with the teacher, Jerlene led us on a tour around the school.