Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

31 Jul 2014 - Losing one of her front tooth

Jerlene finally dropped one of her two front teeth today, It has been "shaky" for weeks.  The other one is also "shaky" now and will probably drop within the next 2 weeks.  By then, she can start to sing the song "Two Front Teeth" for Christmas.  :-)

27 Jul 2014 - West Coast Park

Last month during the June school holiday, Jerlene's student care organized an excursion to West Coast Park.  Jerlene had a great fun then and wanted to share the joy with Javier.  So she encouraged Javier to request me to bring them there.  So far, Jerlene has been "psycho'ing" Javier to make such request and Javier will "duut duut" follow her instructions.  Sigh........
 I had not been to West Coast Park for quite a few years and it has changed much.  There are a lot more play ground now and it's pretty crowded, compared to the last time that I came.
At the swing, Jerlene was getting adventurous but Javier still had some fear.
We spent about 2 hours in the park before calling it a day.  It was a fun outing for all of us, especially the kids.

22 Jul 2014 - Rainbow Loom Necklace

Tonight, Jerlene created her own necklace using rainbow loom.  I wonder when this looming craze will stop.....

21 Jul 2014 - Harmony Day celebration in school

Javier celebrated Harmony Day in childcare today.  When I fetched him from school this evening, he was so excited and showed me what he got on his forehead and hand.
This is Henna or Mehndi hand drawing.  Women in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh use this for festive occasion such as wedding, religious events and traditional ceremonies.  Henna served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the Arab world.  Read more about Henna here.

20 Jul 2014 - Prime Minister visits our estate for Harmony Day

Our estate, Regentville, was very honored to have our Prime Minister joining the residents in celebrating Harmony Night.  This is the first time that our PM had visited a condominium for such an event.  I've never seen such a big crowd around the poolside after so many years.  Other than the usual shaking hands and mingling with the residents, the PM also sang along on stage (watch the video below).
Before he left, he wrote on the Wall of Pledges "May we live in peace and harmony".
Here's a compiled video of the event.

20 Jul 2014 - Not afraid of moving rides anymore

In the past, both Jerlene and Javier were afraid of taking moving mini ride.  Every time I pretend to slot coins into the slot, they will both jump out of the ride.  Today they finally have the courage to take on the challenge of a moving ride.

19 Jul 2014 - Swimming in adult pool

Today marks a milestone for Jerlene.  She finally had the courage to swim in the adult pool, of course with the help of arm float.  This is after much persuasion and encouragement from us.  Nonetheless this is an important step to get through before we enroll her to swimming lessons.

15 Jul 2014 - Flower that I don't know but Javier knows

This semester, the theme in Javier's childcare is Plants and Flowers.  He started boasting to me that he knows a lot of flowers already.  So I decided to test him by describing a flower and he will guess what it is.  By the way, we used to play such guessing game while travelling in the car.  Sometimes we guess fruits, sometimes we guess places, occupation, cartoon characters etc.......

So back to guessing flowers.  The moment I told him the colour of the flowers, he started guessing and within 3 tries, he will get it correct.  The following are the flowers that he knows:  Daisy, Hibiscus, Rose, Tulip, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, Ixora, Sunflower, Water Lily, Lily, Daffodils and Carnation.

Next moment Javier said he knows one more flower.  So I asked Javier to describe and let me guess.

Javier:"It has different colours."
Daddy:"Ok, more clues."
Javier:"It has a lion's face."
Daddy started to think very hard for a flower with a lion's face.
Javier:"It also looks like an angry face."
Daddy think until headache but still got no clue....
Javier:"The flower got angry face so that it can scare away the bird."
Daddy:"Ok I give up. What it is?"
Javier:"It's Pansy!"
Daddy:"What?!? Penny? Panty?"
Javier:"NO, it's PANSY!"

I've never heard of such a flower.  Not sure whether I can trust whatever Javier said, I went to "google" it when I reached home.  Below is the result of my search:

There is really such a flower called Pansy and it does have an angry face.  Javier, you win this time!

13 Jul 2014 - Last week cycling this week jogging

Last weekend, we went cycling to the park.  Today we decided to jog.  Jerlene was leading the way while Javier was lagging behind after a while.  He definitely needs to build up his stamina.  After much encouragement from me, we finally caught up with Jerlene.
We took a rest at the park before jogging back home.  Jerlene had pushed herself too much and when we were about to reach home, she felt pain in her abdomen.  We then walked slowly but Javier took the opportunity to be "first"!

6 Jul 2014 - Cycling to the Playground

Today is the first time that Jerlene and Javier cycled from our place to a nearby park and playground.  Poor daddy, who was carrying their water bottles and on foot, was trying very hard to keep pace with them.  Half way through, Javier had problem cycling up a slope and I got to push him up.  When we reached the playground, I was the one who was most exhausted.
As I looked around for a place to sit down and rest, my two little angels were "flying" all around the playground without a single sign of tiredness.

5 Jul 2014 - Back to Sports Club for dinner

We were here at SIA Sports Club two months ago to celebrate Mother's Day.  At that time, we wanted to try out both the Chinese and Indian cuisines but due to an Indian wedding being held there, the restaurant did not serve Indian cuisine that day as the chef was busy preparing food for the wedding.  We decided to try out again today and we finally got to have some Indian cuisine.

Before we left the Sports Club, Jerlene and Javier took the pilot seats for a photo shot.  :-)

4 Jul 2014 - Only Jerlene understands Javier (Funny)

Scenario 1:
One day in my car, I asked my little ones what food do they like.
Javier:"I like pizza!"
Daddy:"What pizza?"
Javier:"Pasar Malam pizza!"
I paused for a moment, looked at Mommy and asked:"Pasar Malam got sell pizza meh?"
She shook her head.....
Daddy:"Javier, how did you know Pasar Malam sells pizza?"
Then Jerlene sensed that we were all in different "frequency" and clarified.....
Jerlene:"Javier, it's Pastamania Pizza!!!!"
Daddy and Mommy:"Orh........" and we both felt enlightened......

Scenario 2:
While walking towards the car park....
Javier:"I've learnt many flowers from school"
Daddy:"Really?  What flowers do you know?"
Javier:"Rose, Ixora, Tulip, Chrysanthemum and Bo Gei Gin Na!"
I was stunned when I heard that.  I thought I heard wrongly and asked Javier to repeat.
Daddy:"What is the last one again?"
Javier:"Bo Gei Gin Na!, purple colour one"
To me, Bo Gei means No Teeth and Gin Na means Kid in Hokkien.
So Bo Gei Gin Na means No Teeth Kid!
Then Jerlene saw my blur look and clarified.....
Jerlene:"Javier, it's Bougainvillea!"
Daddy and Mommy:"Orh......" and laughed until our jaws dropped.......

3 Jul 2014 - Self made horse costume

In the past few weeks, Jerlene had been asking for empty tissue boxes and said she wanted to use it to make a horse costume.  She managed to collect enough tissue boxes today and started on her own "project".  Below pic shows her final product.  I personally find it pretty creative.
When Javier saw the horse costume, he requested Jerlene to make one for him.  Jerlene gladly agreed and within the next hour, Javier got his own horse costume.
I find the below pic very cute as both of them showed me the horse tail!  Haha........
The whole night I saw Jerlene and Javier galloping around the entire house.  Aren't children adorable?  :-)

1 Jul 2014 - My first rainbow loom

I received my first ever rainbow (or rather black and white) loom from Jerlene today.