Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Sunday, November 30, 2014

29 Nov 2014 - New sport for my angels: Badminton

Jerlene had a first taste of a badminton game during her student care holiday program in the past few weeks.  She was excited to share it with Javier and he seems interested after that.  So far, all Javier knows about badminton is through the Wii games.  I decided to bring both of them downstairs to let Javier try out the real badminton.  They still need A LOT of practice as they were picking up the shuttlecock most of the time.....haha...........

28 Nov 2014 - Princess Elsa Dress

Mommy bought Jerlene a beautiful Princess Elsa (from Frozen) dress and she was overjoyed!  It even comes with a nice princess tiara.  Jerlene can't wait to try it out and be my model!  :-)

25 Nov 2014 - Certificate of Academic Achievement 2014

We received a letter from Ministry of Education (MOE) today.  To our surprise, it's a certificate of academic achievement 2014 presented to Jerlene for being in the top 25% in terms of academic performance and good conduct in school.  It's really a surprise to us because we didn't know that MOE will issue such certificate to students nowadays.
This is Jerlene's first academic certificate.  Well done!  :-)

23 Nov 2014 - Setting up the Christmas Tree

Jerlene and Javier were getting excited when I took out our Christmas tree.  It's a once a year event for them and unlike previous few years, this year I totally leave the tree to them to decorate by themselves.
Most of the decoration were done by Jerlene.  Javier was mainly helping to hang up the angel bears.
Although the end product is not fantastic, at least it's their own effort and I must give them thumbs up!  Well done, children!  Nice work!

23 Nov 2014 - My angels love KWAY CHAP (粿汁)!

This afternoon, we were looking around in a Hawker Centre to decide what to get for lunch.  As most of the stalls were already closed, we bought Kway Chap, which we were not sure if Jerlene and Javier would like it.  To our surprise, they don't just like it, they LOVE it!

Javier loves mixing the egg yolk into the soup before consuming it.  To me, it's pretty "disgusting" to see the Kway Chap soup in this colour (below: light yellow).  But I don't care as long as he likes it and finishes his lunch.  :-)
The Fat Meat, Tao Pok and Braised Eggs are their favourite!  I had to order a second plate upon their requests.

22 Nov 2014 - Jerlene swimming freestyle

Jerlene had improved quite tremendously in her swimming skill.  She's now able to swim almost half a pool length using freestyle.  That's a great achievement to me after just 6 lessons.  Great work, Jerlene!  You will be able to swim better than daddy in no time.  :-)

15 Nov 2014 - 感谢, a performance at home

My little angels love the song called "感谢" and they sang it almost everyday.  Jerlene had learnt it last year when she performed on stage during her K2 graduation concert.  As for Javier, he just learnt it recently in childcare.  While the K2 students were practising for the year end concert, the teacher observed that Javier had shown a lot of interest.  As such, she decided to let Javier join them in the practice, even though he's not performing.
Following video is the full song, with action of course.  :-)

15 Nov 2014 - Sembawang Park Revisit

After bringing Jerlene to ChongFu School for her Chinese Dance exam, we decided to drive to nearby Sembawang Park while waiting for her.  We used to come here when we were staying in Woodlands.  It has changed quite a bit.  While we were walking towards the centre of the park, we saw the below pretty flowers.
And see where it grows on.......
As we walked further into the park, we came to a playground which wasn't there previously.  The whole structure is like a battleship.  I'm sure my two little angels will like it.  Will bring them here one of these days.

14 Nov 2014 - Jerlene's overall P1 results

Jerlene brought her report book home today and her results are pretty good.  Considering that she's not attending any tuition class and very minimal coaching from me, I must really say that she has done herself proud.  However, one thing that pleased me most is that she told me her English result was not too good and requested me to buy her some English assessment books.  That's really sensible, Jerlene.
I think I'm one of the most "Bochap" parent around as I did not even know when her exam started and ended.  I still remember there was one day I asked her:"When is your exam?"  She said:"Last week finished already!"   Sigh.......fortunately Jerlene got self discipline and is able to achieve good results all by herself.

Congratulation Jerlene!  You are now promoted to P2.........  Keep up the good work!  Hope you will continue to work hard, and not forgetting to play hard as well!  Love you!  :-)

14 Nov 2014 - Last day of P1 education

Time really flies and today is the last school day of Jerlene's P1 education.  About 5 students in each class were chosen and given a badge which they can wear to school.  When I asked Jerlene what's the significance of the badge, she said she doesn't know.....sigh......  Anyway it's a Care and Share badge, so I guess it's probably for good behavior and helpfulness in class.  :-)

13 Nov 2014 - Manga Arts

In today's art lesson, Jerlene attempted her first manga (漫画) drawing.  It's pretty good, don't you think so?  :-)

9 Nov 2014 - Final Chinese Dance Practice before the Exam

Jerlene had her final Chinese Dance practice today before the exam in a week's time.  As Rosyth School is closed today, the children went to ChongFu School for the practice.  It was a good practice session because the actual examination will also be held in this school.
The dance teacher invited all the parents to watch how their kids practice in the dance studio.  I really love to watch Jerlene dance as every move or step that she takes is so graceful.  Most of the children at this age usually will just go through the motion.  I can really sense that she has a huge passion for dancing.  Below is a video of her Chinese Dance routine.
Well done, Jerlene!  :-)

8 Nov 2014 - Javier can swim? Really?

Javier has surprised everyone today during the swimming class.  Even Jerlene came to us and asked:"How come Javier can suddenly swim so well?"

We do not have an answer.  Probably it is his "cannot lose" attitude that led him to some "secret" self-training after lesson in the past 2 weeks.
He can at least make 2-3 freestyle strokes as can be seen in the following video.

1 Nov 2014 - Javier's tremendous improvement in the water

Javier is getting better in doing the mermaid exercise during the swimming lesson.  Previously, once the instructor let go of him, he will immediately struggle to get to the surface of the water.  Now, he's able to stay still with his head down for 10-20 secs.  Good work, Javier!
The following video shows the great difference between two weeks ago and now.