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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

15 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 2: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

From Leofoo to JingAn station (景安站) is about an hour journey.  When we reached the station, it had past 6pm.  Jerlene and Javier felt a bit hungry so we bought them a donut each.  As it's still early, we decided to visit one of Taipei's night market.  Since Shilin (士林夜市) Night Market is one of the more well known one, we took out our map to see how we can reach there.

Note that Shilin Market is not at Shilin station.  It is located at Jiantan station (剑潭站) instead.  From the station, it's just a few mins walk to the night market.  Just follow the people and you'll reach the place.
Within the above building were hundreds of food stalls and it was very crowded, considering it's a weekday.
All the food on display looked so delicious.  We decided to try some of the more popular Taiwanese local food.
We were fortunate to find a seat just outside a popular stall (忠城号).
 And below were what we ordered:
1.  鲁肉饭
2.  蚵仔煎
3.  基隆天妇罗
4.  生炒花枝焿

Outside of the building are rows of shop selling non food items.  I understand that businesses here continue well past midnight.
Before leaving the place, we bought a cup of white bittergourd juice (白苦瓜汁).  Jerlene loves it very much but Javier said it's "disgusting".....hahah......  We also bought each of them their favourite strawberries with sugar coating.

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