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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 7: ECFA Hotel Kunming Branch (愛客發時尚旅館) at Ximending (西门町)

We stayed in ECFA Hotel Kunming Branch (愛客發昆明馆) for the last two nights in Taiwan.  The hotel had actually reserved their largest room for us where we need to take the stairs up one level.  However, after seeing that we got two kids, he asked if we would like to change to a smaller room but do not need to climb up the stairs.  We decided to view both the rooms first and after viewing, the decision was unanimous.  The largest room it will be!  Once Jerlene and Javier saw this room, they love it and immediately shouted:"We want this room, we want this room!".
Below is the Ximending map that shows our hotel's location.  Although the location is not as good as Diary of Taipei Hotel which we stayed previously, the room is so much more comfortable.  Anyway, it's actually just a 5mins walk from this hotel to Ximending walking street.
Once again, Jerlene and Javier refused to follow us to the street, especially now that the room was so comfortable.  So be it...... :-P

We did not try out 阿宗面线 previously due to the long queue.  As we left with two more days in Taipei, we decided to try it out tonight no matter what.  Though the queue was long, the serving was actually pretty fast.
Finally got to try this well known Taiwan mee-sua.  Yum yum yum......
At the northern exit of Hanzhong Street (汗中街), there is a stall selling white bittergourd juice.  This one tastes a lot better than the one we tried at Shilin night market as it is very refreshing and not too bitter.  I too fell in love with it.
After trying out a few more street food, we decided to walked back to our room for our legs to rest.  There was too much walking done today.

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