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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 7: PingXi (平溪), Sky Lantern (放天灯)

Pingxi (平溪) is another town rich in culture and history.  It is special for its unique architecture and design as its market area, Pingxi Old Street (平溪老街), is built into a hill with a railway track going overhead right through the middle with shops around selling local food and gifts.  Quite a number of scenes from the popular Chinese movie 《那些年我们一起追的女孩》were taken in this town.  Also, every year around Chinese New Year, there is a Sky Lantern Festival where massive crowds gather in this town and release their lanterns together.

We first arrived at a lane whereby the walls were nicely painted with pictures by children.  Walking further down the lane is the old street.
You can see both old and new buildings along the street.
See what Jerlene and Javier were holding?  Yes, it's candy floss, courtesy of 潘先生.
As planned, our main objective here was to set up a sky lantern to the sky.  潘先生 brought us to a shop at the end of the street where proper table was provided for us to write down our wishes on the sky lantern.  Different colors of sky lanterns means different things as follows:
We chose a sky lantern with four different colors on all four sides.  Jerlene and Javier started writing and drawing on the purple side of the lantern.
Now let's see what they have drawn.
Final touch up on one side of the lantern.  Three more sides to go.
Oh my god, see what Javier drew on this side of the lantern!  He drew a treasure map!!!!  Not sure what's he's thinking of then.  Maybe he hopes to find a treasure map and start looking for treasures
Jerlene started drawing on the third side of the lantern.  Of course those Chinese words were written by me.
Finally we came to the last side where yellow symbolizes wealth.  As such you can see $$ signs everywhere.
Wow.....look how many zeroes Javier had written on the lantern!!!  Haha....the more the merrier!
 After we were done with all our wishes written on the sky lantern, it's photo taking time.
潘先生 then led us to the railway track where we will set our sky lantern up into the sky.
Let's hope all our wishes will come true.
It's an amazing feeling to see our sky lantern rose up to the sky.  What a great experience for my whole family.
With 潘先生 around, you can be assured that your kids will be well taken care of.  :-)
Below is the railway track that goes above the ground.
We took a slow walk along the railway track to Pingxi station (平溪车站).
Soon one train left the station and it traveled right in front of us.  The exterior of the train was very colorful.
 Our next destination is JingTong (箐桐).

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