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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

21 Dec 2014 - Taiwan Trip Day 8: Dan Shui (淡水)

From Beitou station (北投站), we took the MRT to Danshui station (淡水站).  Danshui is a small town north of Taipei.  It is popular with visitors from Taipei and boasts many historical attraction.  It is also popular location for viewing sunset.
As it's already pretty late when we reached Danshui, our main objective was not to visit places of attraction.  We were here to look for good food.  Jerlene and Javier were not bored here because there are many game stalls to keep them entertained.  And look at what they have won from the games.  They were overjoyed.
We first explored those stalls along Danshui River.
Following are some of the street food that we tried.
Across the Danshui River lies Mount Guan Yin (观音山).
As night falls, the lights from Bali district (八里) across the river get reflected on the water.  It's so beautiful, especially when the surrounding is clear.  Tonight is considered a little bit misty.
Since we came to Danshui mainly to look for good food, there are two things that we MUST try.  First is the famous 阿婆铁蛋.  We took a while to locate the shop, which is along the old street.
The other MUST try is Danshui A-Gei (阿给).  We found this shop calling itself 阿给老店, so we went in to try it out.
We ordered a bowl of fish balls, a plate of fried bee hoon and of course a bowl of A-Gei.
A-Gei is actually a piece of deep fried tofu that has been stuff with flavoured crystal noodles and sealed with fish paste (surimi). It is often served with a spicy sauce.
A few shops from the A-Gei stall is Hong Ma Sour Plum Soup.  I ordered a cold one and realized it's just normal sour plum drink.  However, it's very refreshing.
We were surprised that Jerlene and Javier were still very active by this time and never asked to go back to our hotel room.  Probably they were excited about going home tomorrow.
That's right, tonight will be our last night in Taiwan.  Wonderful time is always short lived....sigh.....

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