Growth Chart for My Little Ones

Friday, January 30, 2015

30 Jan 2015 - School Dental Centre (Health Promotion Board)

Last year when we brought Jerlene to her school dental clinic, we asked the dentist regarding dental checkup for pre-schoolers.  She said that we can actually make an appointment with School Dental Centre, which is under Health Promotion Board (HPB).  As such, we had arranged for an appointment today for Javier to check on his tooth.

Last year, when the dentist at Q&M told us that Javier's decayed molar tooth requires a root canal treatment, we had been procrastinating whether to put Javier through that.  So now, we wanted a 2nd opinion from another dentist.  After the visual checks as well as X-rays taken, the dentist said that the decay was quite bad and root canal may not help now.  Which means the only option is to extract it.  In fact, both the molar at each side had already decayed.  If we leave it there, the main worry is that it may affect the permanent tooth, which is already developing in his gum.

So we made an appointment 2 weeks later for the extraction on one side.  The dentist said if Javier cannot "cooperate" during the extraction, there are 2 options.  Either General Anesthesia (GA) or we hold his hand down and push through.  I am very wary about GA.  So I really hope that Javier is brave enough to get through it smoothly.

25 Jan 2015 - Jerlene turns 8 today!

Jerlene is 8 years old now!  Oh my.......really?!?  8 years have passed just like that!  But this 8 years have been an amazing journey for us.  I am sure there will be more wonderful moments for many years to come.  I've consolidated a list of Jerlene's photos over the past 8 years below.  These images will always be in my memory.  :-)










15 Jan 2015 - A question that I have no answer

When I was driving home with Javier today, he suddenly asked me a very "tough" question.

Javier:"Papa, where does a baby come out from?"
Me:"That's easy, from mommy's stomach."
Next question is the tough one......
Javier:"But at the beginning when there is no people, where the first baby come from?"
I think and think, finally I said.......
Me:"You go ask your teacher tomorrow, ok??"


10 Jan 2015 - Great swim, Jerlene! Keep trying, Javier!

Jerlene is getting better in her freestyle swim while Javier still need a lot of practice.  Having said that, both of them are now very comfortable in the water.  At least they have both discovered their own ways to have their head staying above the water, though sometimes they still give me a shock!  Here's a video of their swimming lesson today.

4 Jan 2015 - Sembawang Park Playground

This morning, we decided to bring the kids out to have some fun.  Sometimes ago we came across a playground in Sembawang Park which looks fun.  As such, there's where we are heading to.  Unfortunately, part of the playground was under maintenance today.  Having said that, both Jerlene and Javier were still having a lot of fun there.
We left the park around lunch time and we had our lunch at Prata Place along Sembawang road.

2 Jan 2015 - School term starts today

Today the first day of school in the year 2015.  Jerlene and Javier have been "promoted" to P2 and K2 respectively.  One big difference starting this year is that we all got to wake up early because Jerlene is in morning session.  In fact, Rosyth has started single session this year,  Initially I thought that I will have a hard time waking my little angels up.  To my surprise, they woke up earlier than me.  They are probably excited about school after a long break.

I knew that the traffic to the school will be bad but I never expected it to be THAT BAD!  It took us about half an hour to reach the school by car.  If we chose to walk, we'll probably reach in 15-20mins.
Javier was glad that he can reach school early because it means he will be able to have playtime before breakfast.  :-)
When Jerlene came home in the evening, she told me excitedly that she has been appointed class monitor for the first half of this year.  :-)

1 Jan 2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Another year has passed and I am into the 9th year of blogging since 2007.  I hope I can continue with the same discipline to constantly post interesting updates of my little princess and prince.

For my first post of this new year, I just want to wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2015!  :-)